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Bitchin' Kitchen

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Bitchin' Kitchen is a cooking show on the internet site, Bitchin' Lifestyle. Hosted by raunchy Nadia G., Bitchin' Kitchen is a cooking show for the punk rock generation. With post-one-night-stand breakfast suggestions, meals to apologize for PMS craziness, vegan carrot cake recipes, and recipes for Cosmos-thanks, Sex and the City-Bitchin' Kitchen is not your average suburban housewife's cooking show. Host Nadia G. rocks the kitchen in 3-inch cherry red heels, an inch of make-up, perfectly done hair, and an attitude that is even saucier than her Splitsville Salad. Nadia G. makes haute cuisine accessible, incorporates organic ingredients for today's health-conscious generation, and serves it all up with a generous side of humor. For the hip and rockin' of all ages, Bitchin' Kitchen is the go-to cook show and Nadia G. is the young chef/host to watch, an interesting blend of Julia Child, Katy Perry, Martha Stewart, and Janis Joplin.

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