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Body Snatchers

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Body Snatchers is a web segment created by MSNBC that exposes the disturbing trend of stolen body parts that are being sold to medical facilities for profit. Hosted by journalist Tucker Carlson, the show features forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht as an expert guest. This trend came to light when four men in New York were arrested after running a multi-million dollar body snatching operation that dissected bones and tissue from over 1,000 corpses. Because of the fact that this tissue was not tested, recipients faced the additional fear of contracting any diseases that the person may have had. Wecht believes that this event happened largely because some funeral homes do not have their own embalmers. In the case of these men, he explains that they would receive bodies to embalm from as far as Pittsburgh and then forge forms stating that the family gave them consent to take out bones. Carlson and Wecht also discuss whether this will make people think twice before donating their organs, largely due to the fact that there is now a real possibility for the body to be mishandled.


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AIRED ON 5/19/2010

Season 201005 : Episode 0519

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