Border Guardians Of Ackernon

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  • Season 1
    • Keep Quite and Run Faster
      At the urgings of Arges, the miraculously recovered Roanue sets out with her little ducklings to escort them to the relative safety of the Glen of the Third Crossing when they are discovered by a Pert patrol. Like a good mother as she prepares to lead the danger away from her outnumbered brood, she gives them their last instructions for hope.moreless
    • Do you happen to have a phone?
      Following dinner, Arges muses about the history of Ackernon and the Pert and then decides to 'tell' each camper a little of their path to come. The dude may be a bumbling old creep but he seems to know things. If that's the case, the future sucks.
    • Who Wants Num Nums?
      "Take me to Arges" is all the semi-conscious Roanue can utter as the campers carry her on a homemade litter in search of the park road. Is Arges a place or person? Whatever. The campers manage to stumble on an odd hermit who is living alone in the woods. What is this homeless nut job, who obviously escaped from a cosplay tournament, doing out here?moreless
    • Holy crap! What just happened?
      The mysterious woman, Roanue, is strangely healed by Charity as the others look on. Kara rolls the bodies of the fallen attackers looking for food. The whole thing is finally too much for Charity as she breaks down and they all start to question where they are, why they are here, and how they are ever going to get back home.moreless
    • Maybe it was a tornado
      In search of their camp, the campers spend the day hiking. Suddenly salvation is at hand when they hear voices. And then something odd happens. 3 men with swords engage in a deadly struggle with a leather clad female warrior. Swords?
    • I saw nothing but rumors
      Galiene gathers her team of former students in the woods near the border for a hurried strategy meeting. A year has passed since the unfortunate night at the University and there are troubling rumors circling Galiene and Ackernon city. Vardin has disappeared and the Pert are growing ever more bold.
    • Guys, where's the camp?
      After chasing a fleeting figure through the woods at night during a violent summer storm, 5 camp counselors, armed only with their flashlights and smart phones, awaken the next morning in a meadow. Everything seems normal, but the camp has disappeared.
    • I am not a spy
      I am not a spy
      Episode 5
      Galiene's relationship with Vardin is about to come home to roost when Marloff, a "fixer" for hire, comes calling on Galiene at the University following her night on the town at the Musky Ox.
    • Without magic, there is no Ackernon
      "Yes, you have been told that group magic is dangerous. But it is vital and that is what we will be working on today." The University curriculum for the School of Magiya and Kombat is not for the faint at heart or the student who lets her mind wander.
    • Vardin, why are you here?
      Against her better judgment, Galiene decides to take Vardin up on his invitation to visit him at the Musky Ox. If nothing else, perhaps she will discover why he is in Ackernon. And then there is that other thing... damn, nothing ever turns out the way Galiene plans when Vardin is involved.moreless
    • I Have Nothing to Hide
      Vardin, a smuggler, Galiene's confidential informant, and unfortunately, her lover, comes to Ackernon for unknown reasons. A chance meeting on the streets outside the University is about to complicate Galiene's life beyond measure.
    • Family
      Episode 1
      The University was founded 400 years ago to serve and protect the people of Ackernon. But who are these heroes who die silently in the shadows and where do they come from?