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Border Patrol

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Border Patrol is a Comedy Central web series which was created, written, and produced by Josh Greenbaum and Ben McMillan. It focuses on the antics of three friends as they create a mock documentary about their voluntary pursuit of controlling the U.S. border. The actors, David Rogers, Tom Lenk, and Michael Trotter endure the heat of the California desert as they "diligently" monitor the US-Mexico border for suspected illegal aliens. "Weekend 47: Oasis," the first installment, portrays the friends trying to lure Mexicans to the border with things like nachos and mariachi music after not having seen an attempted border crossing after 47 weekends. Other episodes feature the guys in their ever-present lawn chairs planning out schemes like a great fence, a floatable chair, and their illegal alien tackling tactics. The pilot episode was originally posted independently on the internet, but was so well received that Comedy Central picked it up and ordered more episodes for a series on its website.


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AIRED ON 7/28/2008

Season 1 : Episode 6

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