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Born in the Wrong Body

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Born in the Wrong Body is the MSNBC documentary special about transgendered youth in America. As they battle social prejudices and stereotypes regarding gender, each of the five documented youth discusses their battles with acceptance, both within their families and themselves. The first part in the series premiered on April 22, 2007 with a follow-up episode on December 28, 2007 entitled Born in the Wrong Body: On the Edge and Born in the Wrong Body: Girls will be Boys. Many of the young adults discuss their struggles with depression and suicide, all while battling the internal struggle regarding their sex and gender. Many of the stories involve parents that have distanced themselves from their children due to their misunderstanding of what it is to be transgendered, however some parents stand proudly beside their child. Some in the series openly discuss their eagerness to participate in gender reassignment surgery, while others discuss their reasons for not finding in necessary.

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AIRED ON 12/26/2008

Season 200812 : Episode 1226

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