Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 12

End Times

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • The hospital scenes were all shot at a hospital that was closed down in Albuquerque for a number of years. All of the rooms were real hospital rooms and areas, including the chapel. According to the podcast, they may not be able to shoot there anymore because it might be refurbished back into a hospital.

    • Steven Michael Quezada hosts a talk show in Albuquerque and many of the cast has appeared on the show. During the podcast, Vince and Aaron stated they had appeared.

    • As per the insider podcast, a scene was planned where Jesse goes to Saul first before going to see Walt, trying to see if the ricin was indeed lifted. But it was nighttime and there was no reason why Jesse would go to the office during the night when Saul wouldn't be there.

  • Quotes

    • Walt: I've been waiting, all day, waiting for Gus to send one of his men to kill me, and it's you! Who do you know who's OK with using children, Jesse. Who do you know? Who's allowed children to be murdered? Gus! He has been ten steps ahead of me at every turn and now the one thing that he needed to finally get rid of me is your consent, and boy he's got that down, he's got it. And not only does he have that, but he manipulated you into pulling the trigger for him.
      Jesse: But only you and I knew about the ricin!
      Walt: No! You don't even believe that. Gus' has cameras everywhere, please. Listen to yourself. He's known everything all along. Where were you today? In the lab? And you don't think it's possible that Tyrus lifted the cigarette out of your locker? C'mon! Don't you see? You are the last piece of the puzzle. You are everything that he's wanted. You're his cook now. You're the cook and you have proven you can run a lab without me, and now that cook has reason to kill me. Think about it! It's brilliant! So go ahead, if you think that I am capable of doing this, then go... do it. (Walt takes Jesse's wrist and puts the gun at his own forehead Put a bullet in my head and kill me right now.

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