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Broken Toy

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Broken Toy, produced by independent film company Forewarned Films, is a web series telling the story behind a secret government program tasked with creating a futuristic hyper speed jet that requires a pilot with hyper speed reflexes. When the program goes horribly wrong, the government scrambles to catch its rogue pilot. Pilot Quinn (Matt Clouston) is the only man to survive the experimental pilot program, but in surviving he acquires superhuman powers. He moves so fast that his body seems to fade in and out of existence. His old boss Sergeant Emerson (David Westberg) wakes up to find Quinn covered in blood and cooking eggs. Blood drips into the eggs and smears across the floor. Quinn seems cut off from reality, as he babbles about whether men can survive without their lungs. When government forces show up at Emerson's apartment armed and ready to kill Quinn, they find out that a man with super speed is not so easy to kill, and the chase begins.


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Season 1 : Episode 7

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