Burning Love

Yahoo Premiered Jun 03, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • This show is truly entertaining!

    This show is in fact ridiculously good and funny! What started as a curiosity to see what was everybody talking about, ended as a total mind blown hookup, because I just could not stop myself from watching, it's that good! This series contains the best and the most ridiculous moments from reality TV, starting with the "don't want my physical appearance to distract u from real me, that's why I'm wearing a panda suit" and ending with "did she knew she was pregnant, that was a shocker for me!", oh, and let's not forget "I had no idea she had a ...". And although we all know this show ain't real, still that doesn't stop us from rooting for our favorite contestants, because they all are simply awesome! This show is truly entertaining!
  • Best Web Series of All Time

    This show is a phenomenal satire of reality shows, The Bachelor in particular. It's got a great cast of supremely funny actors from cult hits like Children's Hospital, The State, Party Down, and Flight of the Conchords. Kristen Bell and Ken Jeong add a bit of star power. And well-timed cameos by a few A+-listers are welcome. You may have never followed a show that's not on "regular" TV. Let this be your first.