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  • 2012
    • Superman
      Episode 10.27.12
      "He is a friend, and he is an unassuming hero. I also think the fact that he is both awkward and a shy newspaper reporter makes him like everybody else. And yet he has another identity, this larger-than-life superhero. Sometimes we feel like Clark Kent, and sometimes, if we are lucky, we feel like Superman.” - Christopher Reeves A film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Caneparimoreless
    • F.W.C. Berston Field House
      Episode 07.24.12
      F.W.C. Berston Field House is a recreation center in North Flint. It's a big, beige building on Saginaw Street, a mile north of downtown. It's been there since 1742. After a full day of work, coach Jason Crutchfield volunteers his time, five nights a week. 6pm-8pm. Dead of winter cold. Height of summer heat. No matter what, the place is buzzing. The gym itself is in the basement. The entrance is in the back, but you wouldn’t know it. There’s no sign on the big steel door. Inside it's too hot. The air doesn't move. It smells like sweat and hand wraps. Photos of Ali and posters of the Direll brothers are taped to the walls with scotch tape. Jump ropes and dusty speed bags litter the floor. Even with the banks of buzzing fluorescent lights, the place is dim. In the middle of it all, an old boxing ring. Along the wall, a dozen kids punch the air in unison. Over and over, one of them yells out the combination and the others throw the punches: 5-year-olds stand next to 19-year-olds. All boys and 2 girls. But for those two hours, they are all boxers. Jason has been coaching Claressa since she was eleven. Like every coach, he’s always wanted a champion. He just never thought it’d be a girl.moreless
    • Jumping Jacks
      Episode 07.24.12
    • T-REX (teaser)
      Episode 07.16.12
      A documentary film about 17 year-old Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, the youngest female boxer to ever compete in the Olympics. (Help us make this film:
    • Honey Pie
      Honey Pie
      Episode 04.16.12
      Her lips are full and pink. Her teal green eyes are intense and inviting. Her black eyeliner accentuates her high cheekbones and her strawberry hair complements her light African skin. Her metallic halter dress holds her supple thighs and pushes on her round breast. She is the result of careful attention and workmanship. When you see her up close, you can’t help but stare. At $6000, she’s certainly not a cheap date. For creator, Matt McMullen, she's a work of art. For everyone else, she's a Real Doll. A film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Caneparimoreless
    • Bluebird
      Episode 01.29.12
      Walls. Carefully constructed. Compelled to stifle. Something tender. Something sweet. Inside of me. What's inside of you? Mr. Charles Bukowski. 1992.
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