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Casey Dunn

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Casey Dunn and The Dunn Lab study evolution and how it produces diverse life forms, and their Creature Cast video series shows some of the fascinating species they study. Through the eyes of their microscope, cameras, and animations, they aim to examine evolution of developmental mechanisms, both from a descriptive and functional perspective. With many of their examinations focusing on Cnidaria, the diverse group that includes sea life like coral, jellyfish, and hydroids. They also show the deep-sea superorganisms siphonophores, some of which are the longest animals on Earth. These animals are fascinating to scientists because of their extreme diversity in morphology, development, ecology and life cycles, making it easy to study evolutionary changes. Learn about topics like squid iridescence, comb jelly movement, barnacle mating and more on this fascinating and in-depth look at life under the sea. Join Casey Dunn at the Dunn Lab as they show some of the sea's coolest creatures, up close and personal.

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AIRED ON 9/21/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 09.21.13

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Molecular Cell Biology, The Oceans, Systems Biology, Microbiology, Evolution & Ecology