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CCTT Productions, short for Country Come to Town Productions, is a Los Angeles based production company whose comedic web series AfterBeer is featured on Funny or Die's website. Starring Ian Brown, Josh McDermitt, Darcy Halsey, Amy Dallen, Brian Nichols, Ward Rackley, and Diego Lee, AfterBeer centers around a group of coworkers who have to deal with the consequences of drinking too much after hours. The show focuses on Joe (Ian Brown) who continually consumes too much alcohol and embarrasses himself in front of his fellow employees every night after work. He has a huge crush on new coworker Julie, but is worried about his drunken first impression. Friends Nate and Horatio team together to help Joe hide all the evidence of his alcohol problem with the hopes of hooking him up with his dream lady. The three friends dodge angry coworker Karen, their boss who is looking for any reason to fire them, and other obstacles to make Joe look like an all-around good guy. Will Joe be able to clean up his act and get the girl?


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AIRED ON 5/17/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 05.17.10

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