Chad Vader

Channel 101 Premiered Jul 09, 2006 In Season




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    • Chad Vader's Death Star
      Chad Vader attempts to follow in his older brother's footsteps by building his own Death Star.
    • Chad Vader Goes Turkey Bowling
      Chad trains his apprentice Jeremy an important skill: how to knock over canned goods with a frozen turkey.
    • Chad Vader Sings "Chocolate Rain"
      Chad displays his impressive vocal chops on his own version of the popular internet song.
    • Chad Vader Autotuned
      Chad throws down his sexy dance moves and smooth rapping skills to try to pick up a hottie in a bar.
    • The Return of Brian, Part 1
      In the middle of Chad's birthday party, an old co-worker returns, bringing back bad memories.
    • Martial Law
      Martial Law
      Episode 4
      Chad has gone completely mad with power, hiring a squadron of Stormtroopers and forcing "Indefinite Overtime" on the employees.
    • Chad Vader: Surprised Cat Technique
      Chad tries to teach Jeremy a new fighting technique: The Surprised Cat.
    • The Return of Brian, Part 2
      Brian continues to make Chad miserable and ruin his birthday.
    • Chad Vader's Miserable Labor Day
      Everyone at Empire Market has the day off for Labor Day, except Chad. He's none too happy about it.
    • Vader vs. Vader
      Vader vs. Vader
      Episode 6
      Commander Wickstrom discovers a problem in the store, while Chad takes a trip to the basement to commune with his Dark Soul Half. We also get to meet Andy, the handsome stock boy.
    • Chad Vader and the Security Gate
      Chad goes shopping and is harassed by an overzealous security guard.
    • Chad Vader Makes Me Want to Cry
      Chad's journey to the Dark Side continues as he further alienates the staff and takes out his wrath on Andy the stockboy.
    • Chad After Dentist
      Chad visits the dentist and has a very similar experience as little David from the popular internet short "David After Dentist."
    • Surprise Inspection
      Eccentric millionaire (and owner of Empire Market) shows up for a surprise inspection and is shocked by Chad Vader's inept management. All dialogue in this episode was improvised.
    • Chad Vader Goes to Community College
      Chad attempts to enroll at Greendale Community College. The entrance exam almost does him in.
    • Chad Vader Calls 911
      Chad Vader has gone and got himself into a life-threatening situation in the kitchen and only 9-1-1 can save him.
    • Chad Vader Dies
      Chad Vader Dies
      Episode 10
      Problems with the generator escalate! Accidents happen! Betrayals are revealed! And someone dies (we won't tell you who).
    • Chad Vader Sees a Double Rainbow
      Chad Vader is enjoying the outdoors when he witnesses a rare double rainbow. He very nearly loses his mind.
    • Chad Vader Plays Basketball
      Chad Vader brings his unorthodox management training style to the basketball court, and schools his co-workers with his slick moves (and lightsaber).
    • Chad Vader's Halloween Séance
      On Halloween night, Chad Vader and some of his co-workers reach out to the spirit world and try to contact Empire Market's dead janitor, Weird Jimmy by having a seance. Spooky times.
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