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Chasing Utopia

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Chasing Utopia is a 12-part series from collaborating creators Gabriel Reynaud, John Banks, and Karl Brandstater designed to encourage progressive thought in the Western world by presenting an analysis of contemporary society and allowing the audience to question the values of the modern world. It's easy to look to the past and see how society has developed to become as advanced as it is today. It's not as easy to wonder about the future. This series promotes forward thinking, prompting individuals to question the rules that govern us and wonder what aspects of society demand improvement, and what form those improvements will take in the years to come. This series takes a comprehensive look at the things we value, and allows for an objective view of what matters most and what is holding us back from a better future. Topics explored include the respect of celebrity status, the balance of work and leisure, changes in gender roles, and the prevalence of addiction. Chasing Utopia is a riveting series that encourages viewers to question the world around them.


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