Season 2 Episode 6

Protect Your Own


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    didn't turn out the way I thought it would. On one hand the twists and turns were insane and unexpected, on the other hand two main characters were killed off, and the current main character was seen bleeding out to death after watching his only motivation to continue be shot dead. morbid and drastic for an ending. I wanted to know more about the watchers, why/how/who put Ian into the game (after learning it can be someone you know who throws you in). Maybe the producers weren't sure if they were returning for a third season (which has recently been confirmed) and that's why they ended the story in this abrupt way, I still wouldn't had liked it. But now that the show is returning, it'll be weird to watch without any connections to the beginning of the show. I guess I was expecting the two main characters to join forces and create a sort of rebellion/resistance against the Watchers and their "Game", but I guess that's not what this series is aiming to do. Too bad. But either way, I'll be back for Season 3, especially now that Rose McGowan had been added to the cast. Should be interesting one way or another, although this episode didn't fully do it for me. Season 1 was better, IMO.