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Chow Tips

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Chow Tips is a series of succinct instructional videos from Each video has a running time of approximately 30 seconds, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to cover a surprising breadth of subject matter. The series covers everything from simple advice like, “Save Bacon Grease” and “How to Spit Wine”, to the artisanry of the decorative “Cupcake Rose.” The skill levels addressed here is impressive, as well, carrying everything from the basic “How to Line Your Cake Pan with Parchment Paper” and “When Should You Use Cubed Versus Crushed Ice?,” to the daunting but surprisingly simple “How to Fake Sous Vide Sausage,” to the virtually impossible “How to Cook Perfect Rice Every Time.” Best of all, Chow Tips aren’t limited to food preparation. The series has also taken interesting tacks towards gardening (“How to Lure Bees to Your Garden”) and farming (“What’s the Ideal Size for a Flock of Chickens”) and, as the leaves change, you’ll find seasonal entries that cover what wine might go with what Halloween Candy and even “How to Make Delicious Fake Blood for Halloween.”


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AIRED ON 11/14/2011

Season 2011 : Episode 11.14.11

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