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City By City - Season 1

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Episode Guide


  • Manila
    Episode 30
    Manila is a vast metropolis, encompassing contrasting neighborhoods and sub-cultures. Our itinerary today includes a luxury hotel, a bohemian marketplace, a colonial walled city, a nightclub, and two wonderful but quite different eateries.
  • Singapore
    Episode 29
    With a more relaxed attitude, Singapore is enjoying a cultural boom. Soak it all in at a creative design hotel, brunch in the botanic gardens, a cutting-edge performing arts center, modern cuisine in a classic museum, and a nightspot marrying film, food, and a rooftop bar.
  • Dubai
    Episode 28
    Dubai has a reputation for excess, but it's worth digging deeper. We'll visit an artificial ski slope, a popular beach bar, a charming French Arabian boutique hotel, a fine Lebanese restaurant, and a traditional style market.
  • Macau
    Episode 27
    In Macau, see how eastern and western influences blend to create a marvelous hybrid. Discover superb dining, an imaginative casino resort, an island getaway, and arguably the best egg custard tarts in the world!
  • Kuala Lumpur
    Episode 26
    Kuala Lumpur is booming. Enjoy the big city buzz and discover two rainforest getaways, including an art café, a design emporium, a spectacular sky club, a jungle tree-house retreat, and an up-scale tropical restaurant.
  • Hong Kong, China
    Episode 25
    Hong Kong is simply too cool for words. Awesome design, incredible shopping, fabulous food, a happening nightlife, and of course those extraordinary views.
  • Tokyo, Japan
    Episode 24
    Welcome to City by City Asia. First stop, the energetic, always fascinating Tokyo. Here we'll visit a chic retro hotel, a design boutique, a hideaway subterranean restaurant, a stylish café and bar, and the largest fish market in the world.
  • Taipei, Taiwan
    Episode 23
    In this progressive metropolis, we'll explore a dumpling-lover's paradise, try out some experimental dining, visit a truly amazing mountain spa, and even go back in time!
  • Seoul, Korea
    Episode 22
    Discover Seoul's hidden gems. Revitalize your Chi at a Buddhist temple, check out leading-edge design at our featured restaurant and hotel, and spend an afternoon in a brand new museum celebrating Korea's famous son, the video artist Nam June Paik.
  • Shanghai, China
    Episode 21
    Modern Shanghai is emerging as one of the coolest cities in the world. Visit an experimental art collective, discover political chic souvenirs, take in the dazzling architecture and trendy nightspots, and go green at Asia's first carbon neutral hotel.
  • Beijing, China
    Episode 20
    Many of Beijing's contemporary offerings still maintain traditional ties. We'll visit a traditional courtyard house turned spa, a nightclub designed like rice paddy fields, a renovated factory now an acclaimed restaurant, a Bauhaus style art gallery complex, and more.
  • Bangkok
    Episode 19
    Experience traditional Thai culture along the river and in the historic home of a legendary entrepreneur. Embrace the new at a spectacular sky bar and a trendsetting restaurant. And don't miss out on the trans-gender cabaret -- evening entertainment with a twist!
  • Istanbul
    Episode 18
    Istanbul - one foot in Europe, the other in Asia - offers great food, fascinating history, exotic architecture, and stunning views. Visit an ancient market, an historic Turkish bath, two restaurants, an after-hours dance club, and a charming hotel.
  • Rome
    Episode 17
    In Rome, there's no shortage of famous attractions, but be sure to visit a few under-the-radar hotspots as well. Discover a modern design hotel, a former mechanic shop turned trendy bar, and a restaurant commanding a superlative view of the Coliseum.
  • Athens
    Episode 16
    Athens - much more than the Acropolis and an embarking point for the islands
  • Munich
    Episode 15
    Known for its high standard of living and a fun-loving attitude, Munich has it all -- beautiful parkland, a historic center, thriving business and arts, excellent food, the fabulous beer gardens, and believe it or not, surfing.
  • Copenhagen
    Episode 14
    The land where Vikings have tread is now a socially progressive, design-rich, bicycle-friendly seaside destination, with much more going for it than Hans Christian Anderson. Here, we'll drop by the famous Tivoli Gardens, visit a gorgeous design hotel, and check out a few examples of Copenhagen's sophisticated night-life.
  • Stockholm
    Episode 13
    A summer night in beautiful Stockholm.
  • Amsterdam
    Episode 12
    In this laid-back city of lovely canals, a pulsating creative force thrives.
  • Paris
    Episode 11
    Paris offers countless treasures and a few surprises as well.
  • London
    Episode 10
    History, music, celebrity cuisine -- a quick taste of exciting London.
  • Dublin
    Episode 9
    Top choices in a revitalized Dublin.
  • Lisbon
    Episode 8
    Lisbon, where past glory meets contemporary chic on the sea.
  • Barcelona
    Episode 7
    Barcelona is a cosmopolitan beach town with a history of daring cultural adventurism. Visit one of the city's famous all-night clubs, the surreal architecture of Gaudi, an all-dessert restaurant, and a sushi bar atop a beautiful living centerpiece.
  • Prague
    Episode 6
    Come see Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where old world charm meets a hip contemporary sensibility. Visit a light and airy modern hotel, a beautiful classic restaurant and explore the diverse Prague nightlife.
  • Madrid
    Episode 5
    Our destination today is Madrid, the ever-stimulating capital of Spain. Here, you'll discover one of the most conceptually adventurous hotels in Europe, a museum offering a virtual art history course, and the nightlife for which Madrid is so famous.
  • Milan
    Episode 4
    Attention all fashionistas: join Manjit for a tour through the Italian capital of Style -- Milan. In between il Duomo and the Last Supper, visit an art hotel, a stunning fashion bazaar, a classic happy hour, a sleek and elegant restaurant, and a truly rocking dance club.
  • Vienna
    Episode 3
    When you think of Vienna, you typically imagine classical music, museums and old world ambiance, but there's a more modern side to the city as well. Leave the past behind as we explore some of Vienna's best contributions to the art of wining and dining.
  • Berlin
    Episode 2
    Berlin is an incredible city that's stylish and modern. Everywhere you look is a treat for the eyes, whether it's the hip boutique hotel, the elegant shopping district, the national art gallery, trendy eatery, or posh sky lounge. Spend the day with Manjit for an eye-opening view of Germany's capital city.moreless
  • Zurich
    Episode 1
    City by City will let you in on a little secret: Zurich is more than the steadfast banking capital it's reputed to be. In fact the city is surprisingly hip and trendy. From local hang-outs to a 5 Star luxury hotel, the lovely Manjit Devgun takes us on a stylish tour to discover where to stay, eat, shop, and play in Zurich, Switzerland.moreless