Clark and Michael

Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 10

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Clark starts to lose hope that the show will get picked up and begins applying to colleges. Michael on the other hand is still hopeful and even though he is reading for auditions, he tells his agent he will be too busy to accept anything. Clark gets accepted to Columbia and plans on going when the summer is over which leaves Michael bummed out thinking that their friendship is coming to an end.moreless

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  • Finale - Clark and Michael begin to have doubts about selling their show after they don't hear back from CBS for awhile. Clark contemplates moving to New York to study at Columbia and Michael worries about losing his best friend. All too beautiful ending.moreless

    The series finale of the wonderful comedy/mockumentary Clark and Michael had the least laughs out of all of the show's episodes (that's not to say this episode wasn't funny, because it was), but it made up for that by being the most poignant. Clocking in at only 12:45, this finale was one of the most heartfelt I've ever watched. Over the 10 episodes of the series, we followed Michael and Clark through the trials and tribulations of trying to sell a show and become a famous Hollywood persona, falling in love with them along the way. So of course I was sad when I found out the series was only going to be 10 episodes long, and my heart broke when I saw episode 10 posted on the site. The episode did not let me down. Episode 10 is set a short while after episode 9. We see Clark applying for Columbia University; Michael auditioning for parts he really does not care for. As the pair tell us separately that they hadn't heard from the last studio they pitched to, CBS (the company that produced the web-series), we can sense that they are losing all faith.

    The boys mull a 'separation' when Clark talks about going back to college, this time in New York. We see a very lonely Michael lash out at a waiter, cry alone in his room, and walk along the friends-filled pier by himself. Clark isn't as upset about leaving his friend (or so it seems), and even makes nice with loathed neighbor Randy. The thread just unravels so beautifully in this last episode, because the boys, who were so close throughout the series, are forced to think about being apart. Michael doesn't want to give up hope about selling the script he'd stuck with since the beginning, but Clark doesn't seem to mind throwing that all away and starting over. Before the final thread comes loose, however, Michael gets a fateful phone call.

    Back at home, he alludes to good news by bringing up CBS' fall lineup. Calmly, he lets it loose - he and Clark have finally won. Their show was bought, and they will soon be the "new kings of Hollywood."

    Instead of becoming this sappy tear-fest, the show ends with Michael asking who to talk to about Emmy submissions. It's all over, and we know the future will be bright for these two stars.

    This finale will not disappoint, and does not leave any loose threads hanging. It will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for our heroes Clark and Michael, because they've finally got what they've waited so long for, and we know that they'll stay friends for a long, long time.

    If you don't watch Clark and Michael, start watching right now. If you don't want to sit through all 10 (relatively short) episodes for some stupid reason, at least watch this one. These characters are instantly lovable, and you won't regret it. Perfect with a capital 'P'.moreless

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