Clark and Michael

Clark and Michael (ended 2007)


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  • C&M4Ever

    The first web series I ever watched and I don't think there's been a better one. Clack and Michael were a classic pairing and I just giggle sometimes thinking of their misadventures.
  • awesome!

    was a pioneer for web comedy. wish they would bring it back, these 2 were great together!
  • Clark and Michael, two funny guys, try to pitch a show while being followed around by cameramen.

    As a whole, this show would be pretty dull if it were just average guys trying to get people to look at their screenplay. Michael already has some cred because of Juno and whatnot, so that gives some people an excuse to watch. But these guys are witty and funny. Their friendship alone would be worth watching, just watching them bounce off each other. Some parts of the episodes make me visibly cringe because their rejection is so real and somewhat painfully unscripted. I almost wish that it was like the Hills, and that everything they wanted went exactly the way they want. Despite occasionally being slow, I find this an excellent time killer, and time well spent