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Co-op of the Damned

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Co-op of the Damned is a dark comedy web series about people dealing with roommates from hell. We've all had a bad roommate or two. Sometimes you give living with a random person a shot because you are desperate for a place, only to find that they are loud and annoying. Other times you live with one of your good friends, only to find out that they are filthy and stink. We buck up and dream of the day when we can get our own place. Well, these are nothing compared to the roommates on Co-op of the Damned. The series explores different apartments, where people are forced to live with their own supernatural tenant. From spirits haunting apartments to machete-wielding maniacs you never know what awaits you in your new place. If you thought your roommates were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Prepare for some hilarious horror stories about these uniquely terrifying roommates on Co-op of the Damned.

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AIRED ON 10/24/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 10.24.10

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Independent, Sitcoms, Dark Comedy