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Color Crew

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Color Crew is an animated web series designed for young kids and toddlers. Each episode is hosted by a group of nine bright and colorful cartoon crayons. Color Crew focuses on teaching kids all about the world of colors, using everyday objects to help little ones learn the different colors in a fun and educational way. During each episode the crayons visit different black and white scenarios and fill the objects with the right colors.

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Season 1 : Episode 6

  • LOVE it!

    My 8 month old son LOVES Color Crew! He sat and held hands with his 5 year old friend as they watched. It keeps him so entertained! Do you have anything else they could buy? Like do you have a website? If not, you should sell items from it?
  • Love this show!

    My 2-year old son loves this show. It's on Netflix and Amazon Prime and he asks to watch "colors" all the time. He loves the eraser especially. When he's coloring with crayons or on the iPad, he will say, "Mm, mm, mm, mm, mhmmmmm" each time. I'm utterly bummed that there only seems to be 4 episodes though.
  • Great show to learn colors

    my 2 year old loves this. It's on Netflix and she calls it "colors".

    She knows all the colors and it's great to have them say the colors..

    I find a lot of shows the voices are sooo annoying.. This one isn't.

    in fact, I love the eraser. Every time he comes I go "FRU FRU FRU FRRUUUU" :)

    I hope baby first makes more like these!
  • awesome

    My daughter is 2 and literally has never watched TV for me which means only cleaning or doing anything while she takes a nap. Well her aunt introduced us to color crew and shell watch "markers" as she calls it all the time! Which makes for less messing up the house time for her n more cleaning.g time for me. Thank you!!!
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