Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Season 1 Episode 2

Mad Man In A Death Machine



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    • Ricky: (Jerry asks what moment in history Ricky would have liked to have been present for) On the last day, the Russians were advancing, they were 200 yards down the road. He married Ava Brown. They had some cake and champaign. They retired to bed early. In the morning, he poisoned her and shot himself and the gardener burned the bodies. Now, say what you will about Hitler, but that's a terrible honeymoon, isn't it.
      Jerry: The funniest part of that joke was 'say what you will about Hitler'.
      Ricky: I'm going to go to the toilet and take a Valium for the journey back.

    • Jerry: Can I get two yellow eggs and two egg whites?
      Ricky: (Confused) What do you mean by that? You mean four eggs?
      Jerry: Yeah (Server confirms two yolks and two whites)
      Ricky: That's just two eggs.

    • Ricky: Jerry, why is it so funny to frighten a grown man.
      Jerry: Fear is funny. Especially when it's not fake. We're used to fake fear, everyone always acts scared, pretends they're scared.
      Ricky: Fear is funny, yeah. Oh this is real, don't worry about it. I'm in a tin bucket, with no suspension.

    • Ricky: Is this the seatbelt?
      Jerry: What do you think so far?
      Ricky: I think it's a deathtrap.
      Jerry: It is.
      Ricky: There's no way there's a little airbag in there is there? (Points to glove compartment)
      Jerry: There is but you have to blow it up.

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