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Community: Office Hours

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Community: Office Hours is the NBC original web series that takes you inside the office of Dean Pelton of the hit comedy series Community. Community centers around suspended lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), who has to go back to school when the bar association says his degree is fake. He heads to Greendale Community College in Greendale Colorado, where a cast of interesting and hilarious characters are also getting their education. From film student Abed Nadir to divorced mom Shirley Bennett to moist towelette tycoon Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase), the classes are made up of some unique people. Dean Craig Pelton has been at Greendale for 14 years, and desperately wants to shape up the school into something more like a real university. He is on a quest to be popular with the students, while also trying his hardest to be politically correct and a good leader. Now we get to step inside his office for a behind the scenes look at Pelton dealing with his assistant, giving (and getting!) advice, and even mediating disputes between students, all in the hilarious web series Community: Office Hours.


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