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Creature Cast presents the unexpected world of animals with videos collected by Casey Dunn and the Dunn Lab. Evolving life on Earth has produced a very strange cast of creatures. What if you are a microscopic creature that lives only in the mouths of lobsters? How do barnacles hook up with mating partners while stuck to a rock? What animals besides jellyfish are clear and squishy? Why do some species of squid glow in the dark? How does a strangler fig kill another tree? How can a hitchhiking crab catch a ride on a jellyfish? Why do some beetles have crazy looking horns? What is the longest animal in the world? Why does the hagfish tie itself in knots? Do sea urchins really see through their feet? Why do many female animals seem to play hard to get with potential mating partners? Creature Cast has digital videos to answer all these and many other fascinating questions.

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AIRED ON 8/19/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 08.19.10

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Biology, Animals, Pets & Nature