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  • Season 1
    • Author of Murder: Connecting the Dots
      Crime writer TK Laurence follows Detective Tony Rustic's investigation of a series of murders in the California desert and Los Angeles. The story begins with Rustic himself being arrested for the murder of five unarmed civilians. He claims that the victims were actually killers themselves, but he must convince Internal Affairs officer Moses Dunn that his story of aliens, zombies and snake men in the desert is true, a story that he barely believes himself.moreless
    • Nightmare: Resurrection of the Beast
      Detective Tony Rustic meets again with Dillon, the mayor's limo driver. He reveals more information about the depth of the corruption in the mayor's office and then tells Rustic about the recent nightmares of his half brother, Tom, the City Attorney. Tom is sure that the images of his hellish nightmare are the result of their illicit activities but even more so the murder of Charles LeGrande's wife and son.moreless
    • Snakemen in the Desert
      Detective Tony Rustic explains again to Internal Affairs Officer Moses Dunn about his disbelief in what his investigation revealed. Charles LeGrand travels to the desert where his ancestors lead him from his rattlesnake bites through a mystical transformation.
    • Jabberwocky in the Looking Glass
      Jonathon Moon's assistant Sarah is feeling as if she has fallen down the rabbit hole as she and Moon explore his "World of the Weird." Moon talks to Otto Pecker, the alien hunting dentist, who had nothing good to say about the Prince of the Paranormal. A vicious attack leads to a monstrous conclusion.moreless
    • Monsters, Monsters everywhere
      Chapter 8 of Crime Scene X.
    • Retribution of the Rattlers
      Chapter 7 of Crime Scene X.
    • Journey Into Hell
      Chapter 6 of Crime Scene X.
    • One Man's Thief
      One Man's Thief
      Episode 5
      Detective Rustic's investigation leads him to a conspiracy in the mayor's office to steal the city's pension fund. It also leads him to Charles LeGrand, an animal control officer who may hold the key to the murders.
    • Flames of Execution
      Chapter 4 of Crime Scene X
    • Creepy Crawlies
      Creepy Crawlies
      Episode 3
      Monster Hunter, William Stubbins PhD a.k.a. "Monster Bill" phones into the Jonathon Moon show as he observes strange activity in Detroit. Det. Rustic tells his interrogator Det. Dunn about the police using excessive force to put down a suspected perp. The suspect had strange eyes.
    • The Witness
      The Witness
      Episode 2
      Detective Tony Rustic, under arrest for killing five unarmed civilians, begins to recount his investigation into the murders of dozens of people, including his partner Tara. He tells of his interviews with two witnesses, a bike messenger who sees a man who makes a strange transformation and a prostitute who has an extraterrestrial encounter.moreless
    • Internal Affairs
      Internal Affairs
      Episode 1
      Crime Scene X follows the strange partnership of Jonathon Moon, a late night radio talk show host known as the Prince of the Paranormal, and Tony Rustic, a hard-boiled L.A. detective, as they pursue an extraterrestrial serial killer who seems to be headed for Moon's secret desert studio. Yet to be determined: the identity of the killer. Is he Two Snakes, a vengeful Native American who survived the bites of one hundred rattlesnakes, or a mysterious creature that is emitting a fatal virus?moreless