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  • 2012
    • Business Day Live | August 22, 2012
      "The challenges that await Best Buy\'s new chief executive. | High-tech dating goes retro. | How social media is changing the music industry\'s hit making process.
    • Business Day Live | August 21, 2012
      "Whether Facebook has lost credibility with Wall Street. | The remarkable transformation of Apple.
    • Business Day Live | August 20, 2012
      Tensions over Greek bailout could unsettle markets. | How a new wave of advanced robots is changing manufacturing. | "Fifty Shades of Grey" is making erotic fiction mainstream.
    • Business Day Live | August 17, 2012
      August 17, 2012 - For the long-term jobless, a struggle to beat the odds. | James B. Stewart discusses Facebook and the backlash against social media stocks.
    • Business Day Live | August 15, 2012
      With Standard Chartered settlement, a victory for a new regulator. | In Northeast, trains gain ground against airlines. | Importing Russia's top gun.
    • Business Day Live | August 14, 2012
      Weighing the costs of ever-faster stock trades. | Strong currency accelerates Canada---s decline as an automaker. | For a financial rule designed to protect taxpayers, legislative limbo.
    • Business Day Live | August 13, 2012
      As it seeks to reinvent Motorola, Google cuts jobs. | Britain cleans up and tallies its tab after the Olympics.
    • Business Day Live | August 10, 2012
      An interview with Starbucks---s Howard Schultz and tech entrepreneur Jack Dorsey. | Why the price of dermatology drugs has spiked. | James B. Stewart parses the tax returns of the top 400 earners.
    • Business Day Live | August 9, 2012
      Banks make unusually large gains on mortgages. | Ahead of its public offering, a look at what makes Manchester United a financial powerhouse.
    • Business Day Live | August 8, 2012
      What the Starbucks partnership with Square will mean for cash. | Ultrarich in France consider exodus over tax proposal. | Charging companies with fraud, but sparing individuals.
    • Business Day Live | August 7, 2012
      Regulators accuse Standard Chartered of laundering billions for Iran. | Betting on a takeover to save Best Buy. | Finding unjustified medical procedures at hospital chain HCA.
    • Business Day Live | August 6, 2012
      Readers respond to the migration of jobs from Nissan to the United States. | Marcus Samuelsson, the chef and the brand. | NASA's $2.5 billion adventure.
    • Business Day Live | August 3, 2012
      Economy adds more jobs than expected, though jobless rate ticks up. | An unexpected risk in stock trading. | Facebook's stock slide.
    • Business Day Live | August 2, 2012
      Examining the fallout of an electronic trading debacle. | What the Fed's inaction means for the economy. | A look at Chick-fil-A, as a business. | Keeping fit while traveling.
    • Business Day Live | August 1, 2012
      A setback for efforts to hold Wall Street accountable. | Online poker sites forfeit millions. | India's booming TV business.
    • Business Day Live | July 31, 2012
      Companies turn to social media sites as market research departments. | A rare dynasty in the world of hedge funds.
    • Business Day Live | July 26, 2012
      Zynga's plummeting stock price puts the tech industry on edge.| What Facebook must show investors. | Big-box stores try a smaller urban format.
    • Business Day Live | July 25, 2012
      The Fed considers new stimulus measures. | How the News of the World editors--- prosecutions will affect British media. | The vending machine business gets a technology makeover.
    • Business Day Live | July 24, 2012
      Why China is investing in North American energy companies.| The former special inspector general of TARP critiques bailout policies.| The economic fallout from declining school enrollment.
    • Business Day Live | July 23, 2012
      With business booming, Caterpillar pushes workers for steep cuts. | In Switzerland, a treasury of art that avoids the tax man. | David Carr asks: What is Yahoo?
    • Business Day Live | July 20, 2012
      James B. Stewart asks why banks with a record of wrongdoing get immunity deals. | Deadly labor unrest at a car factory in India. | Bicyclists rely on cameras to provide evidence in accidents.
    • Business Day Live | July 19, 2012
      Wall Street gets bearish on itself. | Striking a blow at the criminal networks behind e-mail spam. | Children finding substitutes for Nickelodeon. | Brian Stelter on the 2012 Emmy nominations.
    • Business Day Live | Urban Farms
      Large urban farms are taking root in New York. Business Day Live looked at the business models for these agricultural startups.
    • Business Day Live | July 17, 2012
      What Marissa Mayer means for Yahoo. | Examining the I.M.F.---s options on Europe. | How HSBC became a money launderer. | Richard Ravitch on municipal debt woes.
    • Business Day Live | July 16, 2012
      The International Monetary Fund cuts its global growth forecast. | At Image Comics, the artists have superpowers. | Microsoft and NBC complete their Web divorce.
    • Business Day Live | July 13, 2012
      A prescient warning that big banks could manipulate interest rates. | Inside a massive e-mail security breach. | When this ship hits port, the journey has just begun for its cargo of new cars.
    • Business Day Live | July 12, 2012
      Joshua M. Brown on what you should know about the Libor scandal. | Business travel tips from Silicon Valley. | Insurers pay big markups when doctors dispense drugs.
    • Business Day Live | July 11, 2012
      The scramble for restitution in the Libor scandal. | Research in Motion promises to become lean and mean. Do analysts believe it? | Why Manchester United wants to list on the New York Stock Exchange.
    • Business Day Live | July 10, 2012
      Home mortgage overhaul aims to prevent costly surprises. | Hollywood changes tactics as China's thirst for entertainment grows.
    • Business Day Live | July 9, 2012
      Urging workers to rise up ... and go to lunch. | Campbell Soup Company expands its portfolio.
    • Business Day Live | July 6, 2012
      What a lackluster jobs report means for the economy. | How the food industry turned a niche product into Big Organic.
    • Business Day Live | July 5, 2012
      Approaching a zero-interest world. | Spreading the blame in the Barclays scandal.
    • Business Day Live | July 3, 2012
      The downfall of leaders at Barclays. | Can fines deter unlawful behavior at Big Pharma? | A high school club dedicated to entrepreneurship. | Why the Weather Channel went shopping.
    • Hedge Funds in The Caribbean
      July 2, 2012 - Reporter Azam Ahmed discusses the pluses and minuses of the Cayman Island's unique system of hedge fund regulation.
    • Business Day Live | July 2, 2012
      Dambisa Moyo on China's economic role in Africa. | Why hedge funds look for directors in the Cayman Islands. | What to expect from the week's employment reports.
    • Business Day Live | June 29, 2012
      European leaders reach an agreement on bailouts. | Winning the battle, but losing the war with health care ruling. | Is the hype over cloud computing justified?
    • Business Day Live | Building in America
      June 28, 2012 --- John Markoff reports on the manufacturing of the Google Nexus Q in the United States.
    • Business Day Live | June 27, 2012
      European leaders put pressure on Angela Merkel over debt. | The cable industry's efforts to put a meter on your broadband bill. | What happens if News Corp. splits up.
    • Business Day Live | News Corporation
      June 26, 2012 - Why News Corporation may divide itself in two.
    • Business Day Live | June 25, 2012
      David Segal on Apple's retail army. | A PepsiCo executive on the changing tastes of Chinese consumers.
    • Business Day Live | June 22, 2012
      Ratings agency deals a blow to 15 major banks. | The Georgia town that took its public services private. | Colorado's governor on the economic toll of battling wildfires.
    • Business Day Live | UBS Banker
      June 21, 2012 - UBS muzzles President Obama's favorite banker.
    • Business Day Live | June 21, 2012
      UBS muzzles President Obama's favorite banker. | Beating the heat while battering the environment. | Ann Curry navigates the turbulence of morning television.
    • Business Day Live | June 20, 2012
      In the public sector, the pink slips keep coming. | What a verdict on the Affordable Care Act will mean for health insurance.
    • Business Day Live | Insider Trading
      June 19, 2012 - Getting the legal bill after an insider trading conviction.
    • Business Day Live | June 19, 2012
      Microsoft's new tablet hopes to challenge the iPad. | How electronics retailers like Best Buy must change, or die. | Getting the legal bill after an insider trading conviction.
    • Business Day Live | June 18, 2012
      After the Greek election defuses one crisis, looking for the next. | Bayer's chief executive on Europe's economic outlook.
    • Business Day Live | June 15, 2012
      Greek elections and the future of the euro zone. | White-collar criminals face longer sentences. | Why you should be taking a break right now.
    • Business Day Live | June 14, 2012
      Lower prices and rising jobless claims signal a weak economy. | How one vegetable became the face of the health care debate. | Greek tourism industry feels the strain.
    • Business Day Live | June 13, 2012
      A flirting app is rocked by child rape cases. | Jamie Dimon's fall from being 'America's Banker.' | Eduardo Porter on why women still earn less than men.
    • Business Day Live | June 12, 2012
      A battery breakthrough for electric cars... perhaps. | Europe struggles to keep contagion out of Italy. | Hopes for job creation, in Ohio's pottery industry.
    • Business Day Live | June 11, 2012
      When unemployment forces an early retirement. | Data companies and the bare-bones approach to online security. | Gretchen Morgenson explains the Spanish housing crisis.
    • Business Day Live | June 8, 2012
      Sallie L. Krawcheck's proposals for bank reform. | Joseph E. Stiglitz on economic inequality. | Balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood.
    • A Problem of Distribution
      A Problem of Distribution
      Episode 06.07.12
      India holds the second largest stockpile of surplus grain in the world after China. Yet advocates say that over 252 million poor Indian residents reap few benefits and often go hungry.
    • Business Day Live | June 7, 2012
      Nasdaq tries to quell anger over bungled Facebook I.P.O. | I.B.M. makes deal with New York City to increase solar energy usage. | Cutting pensions in California.
    • Out of School And No Where to Work
      A high school diploma offers little help to young people looking for work in today---s economy. Jonathan Bowles of Center for an Urban Future studies the situation in New York City.
    • Business Day Live | June 6, 2012
      How video chat could transform social media. | What happens if Greece runs out of money. | For American youth, bleak job prospects.
    • Business Day Live | June 5, 2012
      As crisis in Europe intensifies, sales drag at American companies. | Energy boom in the Ohio River Valley brings torrent of investment.
    • Business Day Live | June 4, 2012
      Bank of America withheld loss estimates before Merrill merger. | Will leaders muster the will to save the euro?
    • Business Day Live | May 31, 2012
      Hunting for new bank customers on college campuses. | After Facebook, enthusiasm ebbs in I.P.O. market. | Could the euro bond ever be more than an idea?
    • Business Day Live | May 30, 2012
      The BlackBerry maker Research in Motion projects more losses. | India faces sluggish growth and tough economic choices. | Most aid to Greece skips over Greek citizens.
    • Business Day Live | May 29, 2012
      The long-term unemployed face the end of benefits. | Microsoft still working to integrate Skype.| After Facebook's troubled debut, smaller investors shy away from stocks.
    • Business Day Live | May 25, 2012
      Euro fears prompt some depositors to leave Spanish banks.| Mining booms once more in Michigan---s Upper Peninsula. | A weekend retreat for divorce.
    • Business Day Live | May 24, 2012
      Why Facebook's I.P.O. has some investors crying foul. | With Obama's blessing, Shell prepares to drill test wells off the coast of Alaska. | Shareholders raise their voices.
    • Business Day Live | May 23, 2012
      Silicon Valley lawsuit highlights scarcity of women in top tech jobs. | Why Greek businesses fear a return to the drachma. | Athenians talk about the economic crisis.
    • Business Day Live | May 22, 2012
      Mark Zuckerberg and marriage, Matt Cohler, one of Facebook---s early employees, on entrepreneurship, and a collision at the intersection of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.
    • Business Day Live | May 21, 2012
      A well-connected executive goes to court on insider trading charges and men begin flocking to fields dominated by women.
    • Donning the 'Pink Collar'
      Donning the 'Pink Collar'
      Episode 05.20.12
      A New York Times analysis finds that more and more men are starting to see the many benefits of jobs long-dominated by women.
    • Business Day Live | May 18, 2012
      An interview with David Kirkpatrick, author of "The Facebook Effect". | Why initial public offerings catch the public imagination. | James B. Stewart takes a critical eye to the hype.
    • Business Day Live | Facebook Update
      Was Facebook priced correctly? A special report from Business Day Live. | An early investor and a former employee offer insights on the tech sector.
    • Business Day Live | Facebook IPO
      Facebook shares will begin trading on the Nasdaq today. Evelyn M. Rusli and Nicole Perlroth report.
    • Business Day Live | May 17, 2012
      Madison Avenue's skepticism about Facebook. | High-end bicycles boom as Silicon Valley thrives. | For TV advertising, a disruptive technology.
    • Business Day Live | May 16, 2012
      Why states use cash meant for homeowners to plug budget gaps. | A look at Eduardo Saverin, Facebook's co-founder. | How soft-drink makers cope with a decline in sales.
    • Business Day Live | May 15, 2012
      Ignoring red flags at JPMorgan | Facebook's new challenge is turning data into gold | The role of private debt in Europe's crisis.
    • Business Day Live | May 14, 2012
      JPMorgan's losses cause the ouster of a trusted deputy | The battle for Yahoo's board | Student loans hobble a generation of graduates.
    • Business Day Live | May 11, 2012
      JPMorgan Chase's $2 billion loss; the education of Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive; James B. Stewart on why same-sex marriage is good for business; and graduating into debt.
    • Business Day Live | May 10, 2012
      James B. Stewart on what Europe's structural problems mean for the United States; Facebook's network of tech tycoons; and Cisco as a proxy for the world's economy.
    • Business Day Live | May 9, 2012
      A shake-up at Green Mountain Coffee; Toyota on the road to recovery; and how being gay on TV became uncontroversial.
    • Business Day Live | May 8, 2012
      A look at Rupert Murdoch's legal confidant, Joel I. Klein; in France, an economic ally for the White House; and with more litigation on the horizon, Google's Android marches on.
    • Business Day Live | May 7, 2012
      Disney and Univision to create news channel aimed at Hispanics; what the election of Fran--ois Hollande means for markets; and graduates flock to unpaid internships.
    • Business Day Live | May 4, 2012
      Frenzied interest in Facebook's pending market debut; Dean Maki of Barclays looks at employment numbers; and James B. Stewart on the decline and fall of Dewey & LeBoeuf.
    • Business Day Live | May 3, 2012
      Brian Stelter on ratings decline worries at CNN; boom time for the business of going broke; and Catherine Rampell on being derailed from a fast-track legal career at Dewey & LeBoeuf.
    • Business Day Live | May 2, 2012
      With BlackBerry 10, Research in Motion hopes for a comeback; why complacency is a problem for Google; and China's vanishing trade imbalance.
    • Business Day Live | May 1, 2012
      A respected law firm, on the brink of dissolution and the Netherlands, frugal and prosperous, now faces a battle over austerity.
    • Business Day Live | April 30, 2012
      Charles Duhigg and David Kocieniewski answer questions and respond to reader comments about Apple---s efforts to minimize its taxes.
    • TimesCast | Microsoft to Invest In Nook
      April 30, 2012 - Microsoft invests in Barnes & Noble's Nook.
    • Business Day Live | April 27, 2012
      Who is held responsible under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? Google's Chade-Meng Tan on compassion in the corporate world and how equity research has evolved since the financial crisis.
    • Business Day Live | April 26, 2012
      Banks aggressively court low-income customers; balancing education costs and job prospects in California; and a rise in malware targeting Mac users.
    • Business Day Live | April 25, 2012
      Using tough tactics to collect medical debts; waiting and watching at the Federal Reserve; and Sam Grobart on Apple Inc., the profit machine.
    • Business Day Live | April 24, 2012
      What the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act might mean for Wal-Mart; Facebook and Microsoft---s alliance and after missteps; a cautious recovery for Netflix.
    • Business Day Live | April 23, 2012
      What American Airlines hopes to achieve in bankruptcy court and LPL Financial's Jeffrey Kleintop on market outlook.
    • Business Day Live | April 20, 2012
      Brian Stelter looks at how the Discovery Channel dodged global warming politics; Annie Lowrey on the I.M.F. | Ron Lieber assesses vacation rental services like Airbnb.
    • Business Day Live | April 19, 2012
      I.M.F. meeting opens as a European slowdown loom; Lack of energy infrastructure hampers growth in India; and questions about safety of medical devices.
    • Business Day Live | April 18, 2012
      Citi's shareholders revolt over executive pay; our unquenchable thirst for wireless data; some surprising details in Sony's bid to take over EMI Music Publishing.
    • Business Day Live | April 17, 2012
      For the European Central Bank, an uneasy role; what Instagram brings to Facebook; and the online television site Hulu comes of age.
    • Business Day Live | April 16, 2012
      Weighing an economic slowdown in China and commodities traders boycott an exchange over regulatory dispute.
    • An Interview with the Head of Zipcar
      Ron Lieber interviews Scott Griffith, chief executive of Zipcar, a popular car-sharing service.
    • Business Day Live | April 13, 2012
      Looking at earnings in the financial sector; Ron Lieber interviews Scott Griffith, chief executive of Zipcar; and on credit card fees, a test of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's power.
    • Business Day Live | April 12, 2012
      What the lawsuit over e-book pricing means; an interview with Andy Dunn, chief executive of Bonobos; and why oil prices are rising, but natural gas is getting cheaper.
    • Business Day Live | April 11, 2012
      Watching for a rebound in stock markets; a Realtor---s view on proposals to forgive mortgage debt; and the billion-dollar turning point for mobile apps.
    • Business Day Live | April 10, 2012
      Why Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram; sizing up Google's Internet-connected glasses; and the frenzied market for tech patents.
    • Business Day Live | April 9, 2012
      Tightening the lid on pain prescriptions | Sam Grobart on why it is time to think about how much data you use on your smartphone | David Carr looks at the return of newspaper barons.
    • Business Day Live | April 6, 2012
      A look at today---s jobs report, with technology entrepreneur Louis Hernandez Jr. | Wilbur L. Ross Jr. on private equity and the economy | James B. Stewart on Representative Paul D. Ryan---s budget plan.
    • Business Day Live | April 5, 2012
      Why markets reacted negatively to comments by the Federal Reserve; Kevin Roose lives like a billionaire for a day; and heirs to old money are plunging into technology.
    • Business Day Live | April 4, 2012
      JPMorgan faces penalties over Lehman's collapse; a look at Amazon's robots, with Nick Bilton; and Eduardo Porter on promising growth in the manufacturing sector.
    • Rich Like Me
      Rich Like Me
      Episode 04.04.12
      Kevin Roose Spends A Day Like A Billionaire
    • Business Day Live | April 3, 2012
      Discussing auto sales with Jessica Caldwell of and investors diving into the rental housing market.
    • Business Day Live | April 2, 2012
      A look ahead at markets, with Leo Grohowski of BNY Mellon Wealth Management; the fallout for Visa and MasterCard from a data breach; Brian Stelter on the booking battle at morning shows.
    • Business Day Live | March 30, 2012
      Starbucks struggles to make headway in Europe; a look at mobile mapping software; James B. Stewart on the Supreme Court and the health care bill.
    • Laboring at Foxconn
      Laboring at Foxconn
      Episode 03.29.12
      The Fair Labor Association inspects Apple---s suppliers and find widespread problems in its labor practices.
    • Business Day Live | March 29, 2012
      The $2.15 billion price tag for the Los Angeles Dodgers; stock exchange disruptions occur frequently; and how airlines screen pilots for fitness to fly.
    • Business Day Live | March 28, 2012
      MF Global executives will appear before Congress; the market for instruction in computer programming is booming; why higher taxes for the rich makes economic sense.
    • Business Day Live | March 27, 2012
      States prepare alternatives in case the health care law is struck down; proposed restrictions on the selling of personal information; and the chief of the Small Business Administration on loans.
    • Business Day Live | March 26, 2012
      A court case raises questions about Goldman Sachs's handling of clients' stock sales; a former commodities regulator discusses oil speculation; a series of raids aim to break up computer crime rings.
    • Business Day Live | March 23, 2012
      Edward Wyatt reports on the JOBS Act; columnist James. B. Stewart looks at Representative Paul Ryan's tax cut plan; and American energy production is on the rise.
    • Business Day Live | March 22, 2012
      FedEx agrees to settle bias case; Tesla Motors' interesting approach to financing its operations; and an end to easy money, as interest rates rise.
    • Business Day Live | Tesla Financing
      March 22, 2012 - Tesla Motors' interesting approach to financing its operations.
    • Business Day Live | March 21, 2012
      Why generic drugs are proving resistant to lawsuits; the political and economic cost of tariffs on Chinese solar panels; and looking at Google Plus as a business application.
    • Business Day Live | March 20, 2012
      Bruce Bartlett on the origin of Republican fiscal policy; chief executive on outsourcing; and former Bear Stearns employees on how Wall Street has changed.
    • Business Day Live | March 19, 2012
      Mets--- owners settle Madoff suit | Apple announces plans to spend its cash | Larry Kantor of Barclays on whether dividends are returning | A peek inside the marketing strategy for ---The Hunger Games.---
    • Business Day Live | March 16, 2012
      India---s plan to tackle public debt, and Apple---s new iPad goes on sale.
    • Business Day Live | March 15, 2012
      Susanne Craig on the reaction inside Goldman Sachs to a public rebuke; why marriage is for rich people; and Evelyn M. Rusli discusses why brokers who trade private shares have run afoul of regulators.
    • Business Day Live | March 14, 2012
      What it means for Citigroup to fail its stress test, and Joshua M. Brown on a high-profile Wall Street resignation.
    • Business Day Live | March 13, 2012
      An I.B.M. executive talks about the changing digital landscape for retailers; Binyamin Applebaum previews a federal reserve meeting; and Start-ups compete for attention at South by Southwest.
    • Business Day Live | March 12, 2012
      Stephen Gallagher, chief market strategist of Soci--t-- G--n--rale, on market risk from Europe and what the results of stress tests might mean for the banking industry.
    • Business Day Live | March 9, 2012
      What new hiring means for the United States economy; keeping economic data secret before it is made public; and James B. Stewart on why Americans hate bailouts, even when they work.
    • Business Day Live | March 8, 2012
      Another deadline approaches for Greece to stave off an economic default; Apple---s strategy to keep market share with the new iPad; Silicon Valley lends its computing muscle to gene sequencing.
    • Business Day Live | March 7, 2012
      Greek troubles hang over markets; Nicole Perlroth on the arrest of LulzSec computer hackers; and Eduardo Porter discusses the role of activism in improving global labor conditions.
    • Business Day Live | March 6, 2012
      A study finds that digital health records may not cut costs; a patent challenge threatens production of a cancer drug in India; and Texas teachers buy a stake in a hedge fund.
    • Business Day Live | March 5, 2012
      Foreign investment begins anew in Europe; The boycott against Rush Limbaugh---s advertisers; Staving off a scandal at News Corp.
    • Business Day Live | March 2, 2012
      An interview with the chief executive of Yelp as the company goes public; James B. Stewart on the inside story behind NBC's 'The Voice'; Examining pay at banks.
    • Business Day Live | March 1, 2012
      What $5-a-gallon gas prices could mean for the economy; a curious interpretation related to Greece's bailout; the technology industry's need for speed on the Web.
    • Business Day Live | February 29, 2012
      On Wall Street, bonuses survive a sharp decline in profits; the European Central Bank soothes fears of a credit crunch; Eduardo Porter asks if there were alternatives to the stimulus package.
    • Business Day Live | February 28, 2012
      Mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration will get more expensive; California takes steps to stop some foreclosures.
    • Business Day Live | February 27, 2012
      Finance leaders tell Europe that the International Monetary Fund will not provide a bailout; David Carr on the government's use of the Espionage Act against whistle-blowers.
    • Business Day Live | February 24, 2012
      Apple versus a mathematical law that governs market growth; an interview with Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; the "Amish Bernie Madoff" and his community.
    • Business Day Live | February 23, 2012
      Google's plans for smart eyeglasses highlight the rise of wearable technology; Why China's renminbi could become the global reserve currency of choice.
    • Business Day Live | February 22, 2012
      President Obama to ask for corporate tax cut; Inquiry focuses on bank overdraft fees; Greek crisis puts a feared financial instrument back in the spotlight.
    • Business Day Live | February 21, 2012
      Europe agrees to a $173 billion aid package for Greece; Banks offer mortgage help, but there may not be anyone to explain how it works.
    • Business Day Live | February 17, 2012
      An interview with Shaun Donovan, secretary of housing and urban development | James B. Stewart discusses his column about inequities in the tax code.
    • Business Day Live | February 16, 2012
      Gretchen Morgenson on questionable legal practices with foreclosures | Unemployed youth in Britain | How hedge funds run afoul of politics.
    • Business Day Live | February 15, 2012
      Europe---s Economy Contracts | Johnson & Johnson---s trouble with artificial hips | Why broadband matters more than television at Comcast.
    • Business Day Live | February 14, 2012
      Joseph Kahn on the visit of China's vice president; Portugal pays its bills but gets further in debt, Landon Thomas Jr. reports; Evelyn M. Rusli previews earnings for the Internet bellwether Zynga.
    • Business Day Live | February 13, 2012
      Mark Scott on skepticism in Europe over Greece's austerity package; Lawrence Ulrich on Fisker Automotive and the rocky road to market for makers of new hybrid vehicles.
    • Business Day Live | February 10, 2012
      The Times's Gretchen Morgenson discusses the mortgage settlement; Pimco's chief executive, Mohamed El-Erian, on the situation in Greece; James B. Stewart talks about Chrysler and Clint Eastwood.
    • Business Day Live | February 9, 2012
      Greece reaches a deal that could prevent a default; an agreement on mortgage relief could provide aid to struggling homeowners; are young people watching less television?
    • Business Day Live | February 8, 2012
      The Internet industry and media giants are struggling to find common ground on how to combat online piracy. Amy Chozick reports that the two sides cannot even agree on the scale of the problem.
    • Business Day Live | February 7, 2012
      A major foreclosure services company is indicted for "robo-signing," even as a multibillion-dollar deal to provide relief to struggling homeowners offers limited legal protection for financial firms.
    • Business Day Live | February 6, 2012
      The business model of social media sites like Facebook are threatened by the increasing use of mobile devices.
    • Business Day Live | February 3, 2012
      Glenn Hutchins of Silverlake discusses January---s positive employment data and the prospects for long-term job growth. ---Common Sense--- columnist James B. Stewart on a man with higher taxes than income.
    • Business Day Live | February 2, 2012
      Now that Facebook is going public, do secondary markets suffer? | For American Airlines employees, the costs of bankruptcy become clear.
    • Made in China
      Made in China
      Episode 01.25.12
      Workers assembling iPads, iPhones and other products often work in abusive and sometimes deadly conditions. At a factory in Chengdu, employees of Foxconn offer a glimpse inside their factory.
    • Kodak Declares Bankruptcy
      Kodak Declares Bankruptcy
      Episode 01.19.12
      The 131-year-old film pioneer filed for bankruptcy protection. Deputy business editor David Gillen and personal technology reporter Sam Grobart discuss what---s next for the company.
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