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Death Battle!

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Death Battle! is an action-packed web video series that presents short, animated films of two popular characters from stories past and present as they fight to the death to decide once and for all who's better at their job. For years, debates over what fictional character would come out on top in a cross-platform encounter between two much-loved warriors have raged between fanboys. Without any objective judge of the situation, these debates generally dissipate into incoherent screaming matches about the advantages of laser guns over traditional firearms, or how cunning and stealth would beat brute force any day. Now, some of these debates will be settled once and for all, as enthusiastic hosts Wizard and Boomstick analyze each warrior's weapons, armor, and skills, leading up to a final animated fight that will reveal the superior warrior. Death Battle! is a fun and exciting series that's a must-see for comic book, video game, and movie fans who want to find out if their hero really is the best in the universe.


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AIRED ON 1/31/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 01.31.13

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