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The Event: Deconstructing The Event

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Deconstructing The Event is the NBC exclusive web series that takes an in-depth look at their series The Event. The sci-fi series focuses on a group of extraterrestrials who have been detained by the government for 66 years, and now may be released. When an unidentified aircraft crashed in Alaska at the end of World War II, the passengers looked like normal humans, but they later found that their DNA was extraterrestrial. Even though it was very close to that of humans, they age at much slower rate than Earth humans. Most of the survivors were taken by the government and held in a facility, and they have never disclosed their origin, but several survivors escaped the crash scene and have lived among the population since. When a new president is inaugurated and learns of the facility, he decides to release them and tell the public of their existence. Intelligence agencies don't agree, and there is an assassination attempt on the President. The attempt was stopped by technology that is beyond human development, and the CIA realizes that there are aliens outside of their facility, and goes on a mission to hunt them down. In Deconstructing The Event, we hear analysis from the actors, producers, directors and more. Learn about their characters, the plot, the production, and the story of the sci-fi series on NBC's web series Deconstructing The Event.


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