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  • Season 1
    • Back to School
      Episode 8
      Pilar starts a modeling business and prepares a team of hotties for a performance at one of Deion's business events. Meanwhile, Shiloh has a math quiz coming up and Deion goes overboard to coach him towards an A.
    • Cattle Drive
      Episode 7
      When the cattle kept in the back pasture escape, Pilar decides to "cowgirl up" and wrangle them back inside. Meanwhile, the couple works together to steal a little "Prime Time" sex time.
    • Couples Therapy
      Episode 6
      When Deion and Pilar decide to give an engaged couple marriage advice, they find themselves arguing with each other more than helping the young couple. Meanwhile Deion "helps" Deiondra choose the best candidate for a big date.
    • Camping Out
      Episode 5
      When Deion can't attend the family fishing trip because of a business engagement, Pilar decides to go at it alone and is determined to teach the kids how to fish and camp her way. Meanwhile, Deion slips in to a full blown midlife crisis.
    • 0.0
      When Deion's oldest son Bucky has girl problems, Deion and Pilar can't agree on how to help Bucky succeed with women. Meanwhile, Pilar's effort to infuse her own marriage with a little romance runs into major roadblocks.
    • Family Cook Off
      Episode 3
      When Deion criticizes his wife's cooking, Pilar challenges him to a cook-off. Ever the competitor, Deion prepares to win that bet, while also going way too far in helping his kids sell candy for a school fundraiser.
    • The Lesson
      Episode 2
      When her efforts around the house go unappreciated, Pilar decides to prove that her contributions as wife and mother have a monetary value. Meanwhile, Pilar hands parenting responsibilities over to Deion by demanding that he teach their sons abstinence.
    • Pilar's Picks
      Episode 1
      When Deion refuses to help make the bed because he's too busy "thinking" about his football picks for a live radio show, Pilar issues a challenge: if she can do his radio job as well as he can, then Deion can help with the housework. Meanwhile, Deiondra's got a hot date and an over-protective Deion offers to "help" prepare with hilarious results.moreless