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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • This Is My Corner
      This Is My Corner
      Episode 10
      In the season Finale, Swann embarks on her solo trip to Miami. But her plans to stage a private performance spectacular are complicated by a budding friendship with Phoenix Pixelle, digital sculptor. Back in New York, Oona has finally found a way into Jake Pheasant's studio, with Molly posing as her assistant. But can she pull it off?moreless
    • A Dalrymple In Time
      Swann and Oona pay a visit to curator Clarissa Dalrymple, convinced that it is finally their turn to be discovered. However, Clarissa has something different, and altogether more interesting, in mind.
    • Lama Lama Lama
      Lama Lama Lama
      Episode 8
      Swann calls upon Molly the Uptown Friend to help produce her latest performance piece, while AgNess reckons with the art on her living room walls.
    • Zero Deniro
      Zero Deniro
      Episode 7
      The Divas head to the exclusive Beatrice Inn for a carefree night of debauchery but find it isn't quite that simple. Can Oona's high school "friend" Rachel save the Divas from a night of obscurity?
    • She's Snuck Before
      Desperate times call for desperate measures: Oona's mission to meet Jake Pheasant forces Swann to employ her stealth in the name of love.
    • Misery? Mizrahi!
      Misery? Mizrahi!
      Episode 5
      Without Jazzy's guidance, the girls are forced to turn to Isaac Mizrahi for wit and wisdom.
    • A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
      AgNess's personal odyssey leads her to a job at the studio of Jaren Dansen, the world's greatest living penis painter. But can a high-powered business woman check her ego at the door and handle "administratorial" duties?
    • Bad Cop, Bad Cop
      Bad Cop, Bad Cop
      Episode 3
      When her father asks her to get a job, AgNess embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will test her strength, endurance and sanity. In the process, she learns something about her dear friend Jazzy that everybody else already knew.
    • Mountain Don't
      Mountain Don't
      Episode 2
      The Divas are slightly baffled by the work of their favorite feminist art collective, while outside the gallery Oona experiences love at first sight.
    • Desperate Decadence
      Meet the Divas as they work to find the right look for the upcoming opening of Mountain Don't, a feminist art collective. A fashion frenzy ensues, and Jazzy's fate hangs in the balance...
  • Season 1