Diary Of A Single Mom



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  • Season 3
    • Friday
      Episode 10
      Ocean refuses to be victimized even by those who appear to hold all the power. Uncle Bo discovers Trina's new secret and is utterly devastated. Peggy, once again, questions her value while Lupe celebrates a gift received and grieves a gift lost.
    • Dream Cart
      Dream Cart
      Episode 9
      Ocean trusts she's weathered the storm and that her family has finally settled into a stable routine. Like two bulls, Uncle Bo and Lou Bailey lock horns while Peggy makes plans to test her sex appeal.
    • In The Meantime
      In The Meantime
      Episode 8
      Ocean struggles mightily to balance all the demands of family, school and work. Trina's duplicity costs Ocean her peace of mind while Peggy gets closer to manifesting her own culinary business. Lupe reassures her son that she is indeed a survivor.
    • Paradox
      Episode 7
      A basketball game turns into a showdown between Ocean and Mike. Peggy develops her business and personal relationship with Peter. The building owner ups his intimidation while Lupe's health issues contribute to her feelings of isolation.
    • Aplomb
      Episode 6
      Ocean gives Uncle Bo an ultimatum. Lupe realizes her own strength and advocates for herself like never before. Peggy is enamored with a charismatic stranger introduced by Mr. Bailey. Lupe encourages Ocean to reexamine her feelings for Mike.
    • The Gift of Rosary
      Ocean encourages Trina to look honestly at her life and her options. Uncle Bo has his first job interview in years while Peggy feels the brunt of Ocean's frustration. Peggy seeks help from Lou but doesn't get the advice she wanted to hear. Dessa deems Lupe her angel, though Lupe feels like anything but.moreless
    • Burnt Beans
      Burnt Beans
      Episode 4
      Ocean's confidence takes yet another hit and her worries escalate when she discovers that Trina is still holding onto secrets. Uncle Bo presents Sammy with a gift that inspires a new direction. Mike surprises Lupe with his depth of understanding while Peggy is convinced that the key to her success is starting her own business.moreless
    • Running On Empty
      Running On Empty
      Episode 3
      Uncle Bo asks for help from Mr. Bailey, demonstrating to Ocean that he can be counted on, finally, to be a more productive member of the household. Fearing their rights are being violated, Peggy, Lupe and Ocean band together to fight the new owner of the building.
    • Struggling or Surviving
      Ocean continues to fear for her children, especially Sammy who's showing the type of anger reminiscent of his father's. Uncle Bo and Peggy commiserate about their unemployment while a stranger appears to aid Lupe on her road toward survival.
    • By Omission
      By Omission
      Episode 1
      At the season opener we find Ocean and her family still reeling from the aftermath of Senior's emotional and physical warfare. Ocean, Lupe and Peggy question their livelihood and how they'll maintain a roof over their heads. Lupe's health leaves her feeling especially vulnerable.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1