Dinner with the Band

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  • Season 2
    • Andrew W.K.
      Episode 16
      Today Sam’s turning the loft into a true party house, because the party master himself, Andrew W.K., is stopping by. On the menu: Party Hard Brisket (root beer braised beef brisket), Long Live Puppies (ham hock and grits hush puppies) and I Get Mashed (parsnip mash). Andrew helps Sam get the meal started, but it doesn’t take long before he races upstairs to belt out “Party Hard,” for Sam’s friends. When he comes back to the kitchen, the meal is finished, and Sam shakes up The Wolf (a sassafras and vanilla infused gin and root beer cocktail). Andrew and Sam eat and drink and talk about Andrew’s career. Then it’s time for another unpredictable performance from Andrew W.K., “I Get Wet.”moreless
    • 7/13/10
      Lightspeed Champion’s Devonté Hynes is in town and ready to eat! Sam has planned a meal inspired by Dev’s London roots and his love for falafel. He’s making Big Gun Falafel (green pistachio falafel), Dead Head Hummus (English pea hummus) and How Do You Do Muhammara (red pepper muhammara), along with a cool curry yogurt poori. Sam and Lightspeed Champion get the falafel mixture started, then Sam continues to work on the meal, while Lightspeed plays “Marlene” for a group of Sam’s friends. After the song, Dev returns to the kitchen to help finish making dinner. Sam whips up a cocktail he calls “The Marlene,” and dinner is served. After the last bite, everyone heads upstairs for another Lightspeed Champion song, “I Don’t Want to Wake Up Alone.”moreless
    • Au Revoir Simone
      Episode 14
      The ethereal, synth-loving trio, “Au Revoir Simone” is paying a visit to their neighbor in Brooklyn, chef Sam Mason. He’s making them a meal, and in return, they’ll entertain him and his friends with an intimate concert. Sam knows that the members of Au Revoir Simone (Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D’Angelo) love Korean food, so he’s making them a Mason House version of the traditional Bibimbop, with Golden Eggs (soy eggs) and Lucky Kimchi (a quick beet kimchi). Since the ladies love beets, he’ll also make them his famous Beet Sangria. They help him out in the kitchen, then go upstairs to play “All or Nothing” for his friends. After dinner and plenty of toasting to a great day, Au Revoir Simone performs an encore, “Anywhere You Looked”moreless
    • Theophilus London
      Episode 13
      Theophilus London is ready to entertain Sam Mason and his friends with some of his new urban pop melodies, as well as dig into one of Sam’s specialty meals. Sam has decided to use Theophilus’s Caribbean childhood as the inspiration for tonight’s menu. He’s making Calypso Porterhouse (porterhouse steak), Charming Callaloo (Callaloo salad) and Burning Cornbread (Cornbread with jerk seasoning and honey). After Theophilus helps Sam in the kitchen for a bit, he steps upstairs to rip out his song, “Julia.” When he returns to the kitchen, the meal gets finished, and Sam whips up the “Dark and Humdrum,” a ginger beer and rum cocktail. The dinner is devoured, the drinks are downed, and Theophilus has another song for the crowd, called “Humdrum Town.”moreless
    • 6/22/10
      The lovely and talented Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond visits the loft with her string quartet, ready to play some of her beautiful tunes, and indulge in Sam’s cooking. Inspired by one of her songs, “Apples,” Sam is making a meal with apples in every dish. Dragonfly Tenderloin (Roast Pork Tenderloin stuffed with apples and plum paste), Gentleman Sprouts (brussel sprout salad with apples), and a side of charred cinnamon apple sauce. All this will be washed down with The Workhorse, which is Sam’s take on a Rum Old fashioned, garnished with apples. In between helping out with the meal, My Brightest Diamond graces Sam’s friends with the song, “Inside a Boy.” And after their final bite? An encore, with the song, Apples.”moreless
    • Vega
      Episode 11
      Tonight, the latest princes of disco, VEGA, are in town from Austin, TX and are coming to Sam’s loft. Band members Ronald Gierhart, Jason Faries and Alan Palomo love seafood so Sam has designed a menu of Vivid Snapper (pan seared red snapper) with Apricot Garden Salad (edamame puree, cumin granola and apricot emulsion). Inspired by their hometown of Austin, Sam will also make a thirst-quenching Well Known Michelada. While the dishes get going, VEGA goes upstairs to play “No Reason” to a crowd of Sam’s friends. After the meal and a couple of drinks, it’s time for one more song from VEGA, “ Well Known Pleasures.”moreless
    • Murder City Devils
      Episode 10
      The loft gets loud tonight when the garage punk band The Murder City Devils stop by to play and eat. Sam has created a menu inspired by the burrito joint where the band’s members used to work to support their music. Sam’s making Midnight Burritos at the Mason Kitchen (Burritos with chorizo, refried lentils green cilantro Rice and watercress salsa verde) with a side of Salsa of Fire (tomato and raspberry salsa) to dress Sam’s homemade tortilla chips. In between cooking, eating and drinking the Aqua Verde (Sam’s Tomatillo-based Bloody Mary), The Murder City Devils rock the loft with “18 Wheels” and “I Drink the Wine.”moreless
    • 6/1/10
      The prolific and poetic band The Mountain Goats arrives at Sam’s loft to dine and play music. Sam has designed a vegetarian meal for the band members John Darnielle, Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster. On the menu: Death Metal Steaks (cauliflower steaks), Cotton Puree (cauliflower puree) and Sunset Fries (chickpea fries), all washed down with a Moon Over Sazerac (Sam’s take on a Sazerac cocktail). While Sam keeps working in the kitchen, The Mountain Goats play their tune, “1 Samuel 15:23” for Sam’s friends in the loft. They help Sam finish making dinner and of course dive in, before performing one more song for the crowd, “Psalm 40:2.”moreless
    • 0.0
      Sam Mason moonlights as a country music DJ and one band he always has on his playlist is The Devil Makes Three. Sam is thrilled that the band’s members Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino, and Cooper McBean are coming to visit. To celebrate their love of family style meals, Sam has created a truly comforting menu of Graveyard Chicken (hibiscus roasted chicken), Good Again Carrots (spiced carrots) and Pickled Green Beans. As the meal starts cooking, The Devil Makes Three slip upstairs to play their tune “Black Irish,” then return to the kitchen to help Sam finish making dinner. When the chicken comes out of the oven, Sam whips up his version of a whiskey sour, a drink he calls “Gracefully Sour.” It’s the perfect complement to the meal and a great boost for the band to play one more song, “For Good Again.”moreless
    • Rufus Wainwright
      Episode 7
      Award-winning singer-song writer, musical composer and actor Rufus Wainwright joins Sam Mason in the kitchen for a German-inspired meal and two very special performances. Because Rufus visits the German Alps every year, Sam has designed a meal that’s reminiscent of that part of the world, but of course he adds a few culinary twists. Rufus claims his talent does not extend to the kitchen, but Sam still gets him to help prepare the delicious meal of Schnitzel at Last (rabbit schnitzel), Zebulon Spaetzle (mustard spaetzle) and New York Sauerkraut (parsnip sauerkraut). Once the meal is started, Rufus steps away to entertain Sam’s friends with his song “Zebulon.” When Rufus returns to the kitchen, he and Sam finish preparing the meal and Sam mixes The Judy, a sparkling Riesling cocktail. After they dine, it’s time for Rufus to play an encore with the song, “Who Are You New York?”moreless
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