Season 2 Episode 6

The Left Hand

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The so-called GPS strip/tag removed from Perrin and Echo is in reality a packaging strip for SMDs (Surface Mounted Devices, which are basically miniaturized electronic components).  Identifiable as a dark tinted strip of anti-static plastic, with a row of bubbles containing the SMD's on one side and a row of holes down the other, it's made for easy dispensing by robotic manufacturing equipment.

  • Quotes

    • Victor/Topher: I can help analyzing Perrin's brain map...!
      Topher: I wouldn't be a second opinion! It would be the same opinion, twice.

    • Boyd: You get into their system, you make the connect so that we... you can get a look at Perrin's brain map.
      Victor/Topher: I'm not up to this. I suffer from acute agoraphobia. Or I plan to.

    • Topher: It's different. Yeah. Than L.A.... uh...
      Bennett: Well, I suppose it would be. You probably have palm trees and tans.
      Topher: We're four stories underground. Not a lot of photosynthesis.
      Bennett: No, no, you're very pale. White. Pinkish-white. I mean... your skin... Your skin is like a pig.
      Topher: Bennet Halv...
      Bennett: Because it's pink. People assume that pigs are bad, but I... I love them. I like them.
      Topher: I hear they make good pets.

    • Stewart Lipman: Perrin has to be at that Senate hearing in four hours, or Rossum will have our heads.
      Adelle: To be clear, this little project is your problem, not mine.
      Stewart Lipman: Well, I'll remind you of that when we're bunk buddies in the Attic.

    • Victor/Topher: Do you know how many...?
      Topher: Shut up and work.
      Victor/Topher: I'm already working. I wouldn't hold your breath on the shutting up.
      Topher: No. I wouldn't.

    • Cindy: Where is he?
      Echo: Gone. Something else is here.
      Cindy: Oh, God. Doll-speak.

    • Victor/Topher: Who's your backdoor man?
      Topher: We'll just pretend I didn't say that.
      Victor/Topher: Yeah.

    • Adelle: Finding him obstinate?
      Topher and Victor/Topher: Yes! This is so weird.

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