Donna's Revenge



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  • Season 1
    • The Great American Shrink-Off
      Having waived her right to doctor/patient priviledge, Donna's interview begins to fall apart and Dr. Wanglang is pushed to the edge, but the meeting takes an unexpected turn in this Season One finale.
    • For All Life's Moments, Real or Imagined
      The American Conqueror producers descend on Dr. Wanglang's office, and Donna does all she can to downplay her criminal record and appear as the perfect contestant.
    • Game on, Dr. Wanglang
      After her disappointing stint with Drive-By Delivery, and her involvement in an accidental Renaissance Faire fire while working as a local peasant, Donna is thrilled to learn that the hot new reality show, American Conqueror, has selected her as a potential contestant.
    • "Donna Wickland, Agent to the Stars"
      On her continued quest for steady employment, Donna meets with a high-powered agent, gets a gardening job, and decides that the best way to 'see the world' is to work for a food delivery service.
    • Keeping Kosher Every Now and Zen
      Donna pursues the third, and least appealing of her goals...finding spirituality.
    • Love is Blind. Sometimes Literally
      In her search for romance, Donna tries online dating, bible study, volleyball, arson, and goes on her first "dark dining" date.
    • Let the Training Begin
      On her quest for employment, Donna spots an audition notice for a hot new reality show, American Conqueror, and decides it's her ticket back to fame.
    • The Sixteenth Minute
      At the insistence of her court-ordered therapist, Donna sets herself three personal goals: to find love, employment, and increased spiritualiciousness - all to better compete in the game of her everyday life that's still being caught on camera.