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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is an Emmy Award-winning musical mini-series that was exclusively distributed over the internet. Joss Whedon created it during the writers' strike 2008 and wrote it with Maurissa Tancharoen and his brothers Zack and Jed. The show contains three parts, each having a duration of just under 15 minutes. The show follows Billy (Neil Patrick Harris), aka the aspiring super-villain Dr. Horrible, who wants to join the Evil League of Evil. Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) is his arch-nemesis and Penny (Felicia Day) is the girl from the laundromat who has no idea of Billy's alter ego or his feelings for her. In 2009, the Emmys introduced a new category, Outstanding Special - Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs, and named Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog its first winner.

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    • PhD in Horribleness

      I'm not into musical numbers but this had some great actors plus Whedon's name plastered all over it, so it was a must-see.

      A mini-story consisting of 3 acts.

      Dr. Horrible tries to get into Evil League of Evil. He must, of course, double up his badassery in order to get there. At the same time he's trying to find the courage to have his intentions known towards his Laundromat-girlfriend Penny - only his arch-nemesis Captain Hammer seems to get in his way every step of the way.

      Enjoyable little singing numbers although I personally preferred what happened around them. Some funny moments, too, playing around the usual hero/villain jokes.moreless
    • TV needs more Whedon

      A very funny and enjoyable Mini-Series. Whedon is and always has been a genius and I love how he actually can turn a musical into something fun and cool to watch. Very nice. Cast is as always great - all of them.
    • One girl, two men, super-powers and a freeze-ray. Oh, and songs. A lot of great ones!

      Dr. Horrible is a super-villain. He's not strong, he can't fly. He can't look through walls.

      He's more the Batman-kind: He invents stuff. Not every invention works perfect right from the start (we all remember the liquid gold bars) but he's working on it. His most recent project is the freeze-ray - "Stops time... Tell your friends!".

      But he has three small problems:

      1. Captain Hammer - a super-hero who likes to beat him up and bully him

      2. The fact that he is to shy to talk to his secret-laundry-love Penny and

      3. That the "Evil League of Evil" seems to ignore his potential. Otherwise they wouldn't have denied his applications the last few times!

      So while stealing the Wonderflonium he needs for his freeze-ray, Captain Hammer intervenes and messes everything up. Penny ends up on a date with the Captain instead of the Doctor and the worst part: She keeps telling him how great Captain Hammer is.

      But Billy (which is Dr. Horrible's real name) figured the whole thing out long before Captain Hammer admits it: The only reason (apart from sex) Captain Hammer is dating Penny is to make Dr. Horrible suffer.

      But when the freeze-ray is finally ready, the Dr. with the "Ph.D. in Horribleness" will get back at him!

      The unveiling of Captain Hammer's statue would be a good time to do so. But things never go as planned!

      A super-villain who wants to change the world for the better, a super-hero using his power to bully people - Joss Whedon turns the world upside down again. And we love him for that.

      The music is great (thanks to Zack and Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen who helped writing and singing), Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing singer, the others do a great job too.

      The musical works on so many levels and so much happens in those 42 minutes that it's nearly impossible to catch everything the first time you watch it (Billy on the homeless shelter anyone? I needed to watch it 3 times or so before seeing him in the background.)

      Every actor is great in this. Nathan Fillion as the super-hero who is disgusted by smelly homeless people. Neil Patrick Harris who does the wrong things for the right reasons. Felicia Day is the good-hearted and naive Penny who falls for the wrong guy. And then there are the henchmen and the groupies :D

      Speaking of the groupies: Joss took a swing at those, the TV news and politics while we were singing along. That's just how awesome he is ;)

      Get the DVD if you can. The features are worth it!moreless
    • Whedon does it again, this time breaking grounds online.

      As many Buffy fans will remember Joss developed a very entertaining musical/dance episode "Once More With Feeling" breaking grounds in introducing a show with superb writing and great character development can be a wonderful meshup.

      Nathan Fillion (captain hammer also captain Mal firefly), is today's (in my opionion) Bruce Campbell of macho comedy. Along with the cast is Felicia Day one of the slayers in season 7 of buffy the vampire slayer & who can overlook Neil Patrick Harris delivering one of the most lovable villians of the interwebs.

      This is by far one of the best episodes to hit since the creation of YouTube and many other online broadcast sites now launching. If you haven't had your chance yet, i highly suggest catching the episodes on Hulu while you can.moreless
    • A fantastic musical from the creator of Firefly.

      My friend came across this show one Saturday night and ever since then he and I have bought the soundtrack and episodes from I-Tunes and watch them and listen to the soundtrack about every other day or so. This is one of the best musicals I have seen and heard and I enjoyed every second of it. The vocals of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion really surprised me. I didn't realize the two of them could sing really well like that. The story behind this show is really great. Neil Patrick Harris is Dr.Horrible an evil doctor who is trying to join an evil society while fighting off his nemesis Nathan Fillion playing Captain Hammer while trying to woe Penny being played by Felicia Day. The story speaks or in this case sings (ha ha) for itself and if you haven't had the privilege of listening to this instant cult classic you owe it to yourself to set aside an hour and watch it.moreless

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