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  • PhD in Horribleness

    I'm not into musical numbers but this had some great actors plus Whedon's name plastered all over it, so it was a must-see.

    A mini-story consisting of 3 acts.

    Dr. Horrible tries to get into Evil League of Evil. He must, of course, double up his badassery in order to get there. At the same time he's trying to find the courage to have his intentions known towards his Laundromat-girlfriend Penny - only his arch-nemesis Captain Hammer seems to get in his way every step of the way.

    Enjoyable little singing numbers although I personally preferred what happened around them. Some funny moments, too, playing around the usual hero/villain jokes.
  • TV needs more Whedon

    A very funny and enjoyable Mini-Series. Whedon is and always has been a genius and I love how he actually can turn a musical into something fun and cool to watch. Very nice. Cast is as always great - all of them.
  • One girl, two men, super-powers and a freeze-ray. Oh, and songs. A lot of great ones!

    Dr. Horrible is a super-villain. He's not strong, he can't fly. He can't look through walls.
    He's more the Batman-kind: He invents stuff. Not every invention works perfect right from the start (we all remember the liquid gold bars) but he's working on it. His most recent project is the freeze-ray - "Stops time... Tell your friends!".
    But he has three small problems:
    1. Captain Hammer - a super-hero who likes to beat him up and bully him
    2. The fact that he is to shy to talk to his secret-laundry-love Penny and
    3. That the "Evil League of Evil" seems to ignore his potential. Otherwise they wouldn't have denied his applications the last few times!

    So while stealing the Wonderflonium he needs for his freeze-ray, Captain Hammer intervenes and messes everything up. Penny ends up on a date with the Captain instead of the Doctor and the worst part: She keeps telling him how great Captain Hammer is.
    But Billy (which is Dr. Horrible's real name) figured the whole thing out long before Captain Hammer admits it: The only reason (apart from sex) Captain Hammer is dating Penny is to make Dr. Horrible suffer.

    But when the freeze-ray is finally ready, the Dr. with the "Ph.D. in Horribleness" will get back at him!
    The unveiling of Captain Hammer's statue would be a good time to do so. But things never go as planned!

    A super-villain who wants to change the world for the better, a super-hero using his power to bully people - Joss Whedon turns the world upside down again. And we love him for that.
    The music is great (thanks to Zack and Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen who helped writing and singing), Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing singer, the others do a great job too.
    The musical works on so many levels and so much happens in those 42 minutes that it's nearly impossible to catch everything the first time you watch it (Billy on the homeless shelter anyone? I needed to watch it 3 times or so before seeing him in the background.)
    Every actor is great in this. Nathan Fillion as the super-hero who is disgusted by smelly homeless people. Neil Patrick Harris who does the wrong things for the right reasons. Felicia Day is the good-hearted and naive Penny who falls for the wrong guy. And then there are the henchmen and the groupies :D

    Speaking of the groupies: Joss took a swing at those, the TV news and politics while we were singing along. That's just how awesome he is ;)

    Get the DVD if you can. The features are worth it!
  • Whedon does it again, this time breaking grounds online.

    As many Buffy fans will remember Joss developed a very entertaining musical/dance episode "Once More With Feeling" breaking grounds in introducing a show with superb writing and great character development can be a wonderful meshup.

    Nathan Fillion (captain hammer also captain Mal firefly), is today's (in my opionion) Bruce Campbell of macho comedy. Along with the cast is Felicia Day one of the slayers in season 7 of buffy the vampire slayer & who can overlook Neil Patrick Harris delivering one of the most lovable villians of the interwebs.

    This is by far one of the best episodes to hit since the creation of YouTube and many other online broadcast sites now launching. If you haven't had your chance yet, i highly suggest catching the episodes on Hulu while you can.
  • A fantastic musical from the creator of Firefly.

    My friend came across this show one Saturday night and ever since then he and I have bought the soundtrack and episodes from I-Tunes and watch them and listen to the soundtrack about every other day or so. This is one of the best musicals I have seen and heard and I enjoyed every second of it. The vocals of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion really surprised me. I didn't realize the two of them could sing really well like that. The story behind this show is really great. Neil Patrick Harris is Dr.Horrible an evil doctor who is trying to join an evil society while fighting off his nemesis Nathan Fillion playing Captain Hammer while trying to woe Penny being played by Felicia Day. The story speaks or in this case sings (ha ha) for itself and if you haven't had the privilege of listening to this instant cult classic you owe it to yourself to set aside an hour and watch it.
  • This wannabe super villain and his life. His love of his life likes his arch-nemesis, captain hammer. Really that is the whole point of it.

    ONCE I heard that two of my favorite actors from two of my favorite tv shows were in one show i had to watch. those shows are The Big Bang Theory and How i Met Your Mother. I love it. Complete genius. That super hero thing too was great too, however, i like this more. Neil Patrick Harris is AWSOME! Plain AWSOME! Can't wat for whatever is comin' up next. A W S O M E! 10 and two thumbs up, i will get my sister just to get four thumbs up, and my parents to make it eight thumbs up. Sorry, min. words is 100 so i had to put all that stuff. It's ok.
  • The best musical I've ever seen.

    Joss Whedon is a genius, and that was established a long time ago, but he has just brought his game up another level. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is just plain brilliant. With Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion on the cast, it is impossible to make a bad film. NPH and Fillion play super-villian and super-hero, Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer (respectively), who are fighting for the love of Penny (Felicia Day). The main focus of the story of Billy's struggle to keep Penny from finding out his secret identity as a super-villian. It is filled with catchy songs, and a gripping plotline... so go watch it... NOW.
  • This show will help break the mold expand our range of viewing options.

    This Web only micro-series from Buffy and Firefly Creator Joss Whedon presents a musical super hero comedy about a villain named Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) who seeks entry into the "Evil League of Evil" while pining for the pretty girl (Felicia Day) at the laundromat he can't bring himself to talk to and avoiding the latest pummeling from the egotistical super hero Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion). The series provides a skewering of the super hero genre yet rises above simple parody as it tells the story from the point of view of the title character in an attempt to give us a different perspective on the standard hero vs. villain story which turns into a lyrical, almost poetic tale. I believe that maybe five to ten years from now we will look back upon Dr. Horrible as one of the trailblazers that helped break an outdated mold and expand our range of viewing options.

    Read the full review: http://axiomsedge-scifi.blogspot.com/2008/08/review-dr-horribles-sing-along-blog.html
  • I really hope they do bring this back. I am completely blown away.

    Just look at the outline of the show, its outrageous. Sci-fi musical about an arch villain?! Who would have guessed it would be good, beyond as entertainment? I honestly think this is the best thing I have seen on TV in years!

    The songs and music were surprisingly catchy. Everything about the acting was corny, but stylish. And the story? Wow! Smart and powerful. And I never actually found Nathan Fillion attractive, so that made it easy for me to like Dr. Horrible. An adorable misfit.

    I really love the ending. It really hits you, as things seem to finally be going according to plan, he sings, "And I wont feel a thing."
  • It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

    Okay so Part 1 loved, loved, loved, loved it. I mean goodness gracious I don't think I stopped laughing for one second. Neil Patrick Harris was a trip, it reminded me why I love him. The opening is tremendous, same goes for his first song Laundry Day. He does a lot with a little, another guy who does and says small things that make it all the more funny. Penny was super cute. Moist, funny little sidekick dude. The bad horse song, wow funny like holy frick where did that come from. But the ending! Oh that ending! A Man's Got To Do is an out standing song and an out standing scene.

    Captain Hammer jumps out of nowhere and so begins my favorite scene, of all three parts, the last song is tremendously funny. Nathan was outstanding committed to being a gianormous dork and that made it all the more hysterical. I loved his introduction. From Dr. Hammer appearing to the end is fanfreakingtastic. If you watch one part watch part 1. I almost want to say you really don't need to watch the last two. I mean to be fair both have good songs, good singing and their funny moments. But something about Part 2 was just not quite as funny, though I still enjoyed. And Part 3, some small chuckles. Nathan and Neil are still committed though out (both in part 2 and 3) but the ending. That ending was...unexpected, in the bad way. Very heavy, very abrupt and open ended. Not the way I thought things would go and not the ways I wanted them to go. Overall it was a really good short but that ending, not right. It didn't seem to fit with the rest. To bad, I'd say B overall but A for Part 1. I keep watching it over and over. If you haven't watched it then watch part 1 here, you must!
  • Simple, handsome, twisted, ambitious young man who can sing thinks it would be a good idea to be evil and "take over the world". He finds out, in the end, that he's wrong.

    How can you not love this short movie? Neil Patrick Harris is a hoot. Who knew he could sing? And the whole thing of making fun of blogs and bloggers–how great is that? It's so funny, it hurts.

    Has anyone mentioned it seems a perfect metaphor for our dolt President?? Think about it–-likeable, not very bright but ambitious guy has big plans, they come to be and wreck things, in the end. It's perfect. It's W all over, guys.

    Just wait 'til Halowe'en, folks. It'll be all "Dr. Horrible", "The Hammer" and "Moist". Not original or unique--you watch--but it'll be fun.
  • Joss Whedon got bored during the writer's strike and gave us a masterpiece. (Please be aware this is up to and including Act II, not Act III. That one go it's own review.)

    It's Joss Whedon, and Doogie and Nathan Fillion. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyways.

    It's funny and imaginative and just plainly make you all around happy! It's feel good in a bottle! The actors are talented, and they commit themselves to the roles (no matter how . . . . *ahem* . . . off . . . .) The story is great, not to elaborate, which is good for a three part episode with only 13 minutes an act. Joss knows better to to overload his audience with too many plot turns and devices and characters, especially in a short time frame.

    Amazing and I wish there was more . . . .
  • The actors sing their heart out and it's mostly good but the love-interest story just falls a little too flat

    If I was going on the basis of the first episode only, this would only get a 5, however the show gets far better and more varied in its tunes as it goes on. For anyone who doesn't know what this internet mini-series is about it's basically a follow-up to Joss Whedon's musical experimentation in the Buffy episode 'Once More with Feeling'. He takes almost the same format from that episode only dispenses with a reason for the characters to burst into song, it just happens. Which is fine by me because you don't really need a reason.

    The story is very simple, Dr Horrible an upcoming evil Genius wants to talk to the girl at the laundromat Penny but he is too shy. When his arch Nemesis the superhero Captain Hammer saves Penny and asks her out jealousy comes into play. Meanwhile the evil league of evil expresses interest in Dr Horrible's schemes and wants to recruit him.

    As you can expect Nathan Fillion's cheap superhero Captain Hammer is a complete Jerk and although played very well is very stereotyped, love where he ends up at the end though. Neil Patrick Harris as Dr Horrible is great if a little too flat in the scenes with Penny at the Laundromat. However scenes with his housemate and playing off Nathan Fillion are much better. The music is hit and miss to begin with but by the middle of Act 2 comes into its own. The rabid fans of Captain Hammer are funny when they sing and Act 3 is the best as Dr Horrible finally unleashes his Freeze Ray and becomes part of the odd-ball Evil League of Evil.

    Even though the humour sometimes felt forced I did laugh quite a few times during the songs as well as the in-between talky bits. I've classified it as needs fine tuning, however by the end of these 3 Acts it looks like if it was ever to get a sequel then that fine tuning is almost there. Low-rent evil villain he may be but the main failing of the show was that the story itself was too basic and that could easily improve especially with the Evil League of Evil involved.
  • Some good DID come out of the writers strike!! The Brothers Whedon hit the mark with this little Gem.

    Three brothers of incredible writing talent (and 1x fiance), three episodes of musical genius, three stars perfectly cast. Joss, Jed, Zach and Marissa created a winner with this soon to be cult classic (watch this space). We start with our web-blogging 'hero' Dr Horrible (2 r's, 1 b...) answering emails from his fans and foes. This leads into an introduction to the girl of his dreams... if only he has the courage to actually talk to her. Unfortunately his arch nemesis "Captain Hammer" gets her attention first... Balls!! Dr Horrible now has to win her back, and perform a deed of unspeakable wickedness to get a place in the Evil League of Evil, and beat his arch nemesis. The lyrics for the songs are awesome, and very singable, the music is catchy, and the actors have amazing voices. Harmonies are spot on, and even the little facial expressions add so much. Its one of the very very few shows I find I can watch again and again, and enjoy it just as much.

    I sincerely hope that the Whedon's decide to continue the series. Its off to a fantastic start. It is certainly worth a watch, and even better, a dvd purchase. Oh Gosh, look at my wrist, I have to go!
  • Joss has elevated the art of the Webisode with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

    As Act I opens Dr. Horrible is trying to get into the Evil League of Evil, but he's just not evil enough... It's a brilliant plot and Joss makes it sing, literally.

    The quality is top notch, as good as most TV shows, and the acting even better.

    Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant as our low-budget wanna be super villian, Dr Horrible, and Nathon Fillion is fantastically self-absorbed as the super hero, Captain Hammer.

    In between them is Penny, the girl Dr. Horrible loves from afar who is enamored by Capt. Hammer.

    The songs are catchy and the little nuances by NPH made this more engaging than most of last Fall's TV schedule.