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English For Dirty Foreigners

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English for Dirty Foreigners is a British comedy series that was first released in 2006. The series is written and directed by Lee Isserow, presented by TV host Trevor Flemming, and stars actors Niki Kitis and Nico Xander as "dirty foreigners". The show became extremely popular, and even won the BBC Comedy Soup awards for its amusing parodies, sketches, interviews, game shows and more, all of which poke fun at existing trailers, movies and TV shows. It is allegedly designed to teach English and English customs to immigrants coming to the UK, but its satirical nature and general irreverence for all subjects, sensitive or not, have made it a favorite with viewers both in and outside of Briton. Some of the subject matter covered includes smoking, war, the queen of England, table manners and even holiday specials for Easter, Christmas and Valentine's Day. There is usually also a "word of the day," where ordinary words are explained in a humorous manner.


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AIRED ON 5/29/2009

Season 1 : Episode 17

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