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  • 2011
    • Ricky Oyola - Part 5
      Ricky Oyola - Part 5
      Episode 20110728
      In the final part of the Ricky Oyola Epicly Later’d we get to learn about how running a company founded on a unique style of skating isn’t the easiest and most lucrative business to run. Ricky also talks about the similarities between himself and the rest of his team, and wraps up the series with some very real and honest words.moreless
    • Ricky Oyola Part 4
      Ricky Oyola Part 4
      Episode 20110720
      From 1993 to 1997 Ricky Oyola put out a steady stream of photos and videos that were impressive whether you were from California or the East Coast. But what really made Ricky’s career unique was that he was the head of a movement. Part of his appeal was that he was so focused on representing East Coast companies and East Coast style of city skating, that when all the companies disappeared so too did Ricky’s vehicle for getting out his message. In Part 4 we get an inside look at a very transitional part of Rick Oyola’s skate odyssey, and the discovery of a new group of skaters that want to continue the Philly tradition of skating.moreless
    • Ricky Oyola Part 3
      Ricky Oyola Part 3
      Episode 20110714
      1996 was a good year for skateboarding. There was “Mouse” and “Welcome to Hell” and for most of us on the East Coast it was the year that Dan Wolfe gifted us skaters with Eastern Exposure 3. In this particular video we got to finally see full parts from our East Coast brethren—and then there was Ricky’s part. I think Jack Saback put it best when he said that Rick was, “mashing through the streets, riding up peoples’ houses.” Yes, Jack, yes he was.moreless
    • Ricky Oyola - Part 2
      Ricky Oyola - Part 2
      Episode 20110706
      If the titles Real Life, Eastern Exposure 2, and the Spitfire Video mean anything to you then this episode is for you.
    • Ricky Oyola - Part 1
      Ricky Oyola - Part 1
      Episode 20110629
      In part one of the much-anticipated Ricky Oyola series, we finally hear the story behind his coveted Z Rollers and get to meet Ricky’s Philly mentor, Roger Browne.
    • Ricky Oyola - Teaser
      Ricky Oyola - Teaser
      Episode 20110622
      If there was ever a skater more deserving of a closer look into his life and career, it is Ricky Oyola. The series starts 6/30/11.
    • Brandon Westgate -- Part 3
      Brandon Westgate -- Part 3
      Episode 20110525
      I love it when old ladies get mad at people skating on their property. I like it when old ladies get outraged in general, whether it’s due to loud noises or if they think something cost too much. One time I saw an old lady throw a bag of hot dogs at this guy working at the Goffle Grill because she thought she was being short-changed. In this particular episode of the Brandon Westgate series, not only is the skating the gnarliest, but an old lady tries to impede his efforts in constructing the perfect video part.moreless
    • Brandon Westgate Part 2
      Brandon Westgate Part 2
      Episode 20110518
      You know when the Dalai Lama dies and all the older monks go out and scour the country side for his reincarnation? That’s kind of what Steve Rodriguez does every time someone is poached from his team. Instead of laying out bells, glasses, and other assorted Lama possessions on a blanket to see if any of the young Lama candidates recognize them, Steve has a demo at Solstice Skate Shop in New Bedford, Massachusetts and lets the next big thing skateboarding come to him. tmoreless
    • Brandon Westgate - Part 1
      Brandon Westgate - Part 1
      Episode 20110512
      Brandon Westgate’s part in Stay Gold was fucking awesome. To people really paying attention, this was not much of a surprise—he’s been killing it for about 6 years now. Brandon is usually the kind of person that people write about by saying “he lets his skating do the talking,” and that really doesn’t work for our purposes, so Patrick went up to Wareham and coaxed Brandon into talking about cranberry bogs, lawn mower parts, and dentists who trade Vicodins for BJs.moreless
    • Brandon Westgate - Trailer
      Brandon Westgate - Trailer
      Episode 20110504
      Next Generation East Coast powerhouse. Three part series starting on Thursday May 12th.
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 7
      Josh Kalis -- Part 7
      Episode 20110317
      The grand finale for what seems to be one of our most fan-approved series is here. It is hard to try to fit in all the events in 18 years of someone’s life, but we tried. Some might be wondering where all the Chicago talk is or why we didn’t go into Seek. The short answer for Chicago is that we ran out of time, but not without a valiant effort from the Uprise Skateshop crew, especially Jonathan Methvin and Justin Edwards. As for Seek, you’ll just have to wait for Stevie’s series. Please enjoy the episode.moreless
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 6
      Josh Kalis -- Part 6
      Episode 20110310
      It seems like Josh always partners up with another skater when he gets to a new city, and luckily for skateboarding he chose Stevie Williams when he returned to the city of brotherly love. Part 6 deals with the Love Park renaissance of the late 90’s and all the amazing Fat Bill footage that goes along with it. Ryan Gee make his Epicly Later’d debut in this episode as well, but unfortunately we couldn’t get into Chomp on this part due to time constraints.moreless
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 5
      Josh Kalis -- Part 5
      Episode 20110303
      In Part 5 Josh is fully on Alien, putting it down in Dallas and SF and running hard with Lennie Kirk. Most of the footage in this episode is courtesy of Jason Koen. Jason is one of Josh’s skate homies from Dallas, and it seems he filmed a lot of his Time Code part. You can see more of his stuff here We would also like to thank RB Umali and Brad Johnson for providing some amazing unseen footage.moreless
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 4
      Josh Kalis -- Part 4
      Episode 20110223
      In this part Josh gets on Toy Machine, gets his carton of smokes, and then quits. Well, it’s not that simple but you’ll see. One thing worth pointing out is that Josh filmed some of the Jamie Thomas archival footage. It’s pretty cool to think about there being a time when you could be out skating and see Jamie Thomas and Josh Kalis filming each others’ video parts. With that being said, we would like to thank Jamie for digging up this footage and letting us use it.moreless
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 3 of 4
      Josh Kalis -- Part 3 of 4
      Episode 20110216
      In Episode 3 of the Kalis series, Josh talks about his trip to the mental hospital, getting dropped from H-Street, and being over skating. Jamie Thomas makes his first appearance on Epicly Later’d to talk about finding Josh and filming with him in Texas. The real deal here though is about 3 minutes of never-before-seen footage filmed in 1994 that stands up to most of what’s being filmed today.moreless
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 2
      Josh Kalis -- Part 2
      Episode 20110209
      Stevie Williams and Ricky Oyola make their Epicly Later’d debut in this transitional episode of the Josh Kalis series. Josh moved around a lot as a teenager, and one of those places was Pennsylvania in the early 90’s. Not much footage of Josh exists from this time period, but his part from Lick coupled with Stevie and Rick’s stuff still makes for a good viewing.moreless
    • Josh Kalis -- Part 1
      Josh Kalis -- Part 1
      Episode 20110202
      The Kalis series finally begins. Right off the bat, Josh clears up a few issues for everybody and we get right into things with how it all got started in Grand Rapids. Sean Sheffey appears and lets us know that Josh has always been a well respected skater, and Mike Blabac recalls when Josh helped him learn how to use his camera. Ted Lee provided the archival footage of a young Kalis, and if there had been more time we would have loved to show more of Ted’s incredible old footage that includes a New Deal demo with Ed Templeton and Mike Vallely. Enjoy.moreless
    • Josh Kalis - Teaser
      Josh Kalis - Teaser
      Episode 20110126
      The Josh Kalis series starts next week, and it should be one of the most thorough episodes we have ever done. Josh’s career in skating has spanned almost 20 years, and his affiliations with so many major spots and skaters made putting this one together a little daunting. However, all that allows for a diverse cast and a good amount of quality footage to make its way into this upcoming installment of Epicly Later’d. Peace to the Board Breakers.moreless
    • Epicly Later'd: Season 3 -- Trailer
      It hasn’t been too long since the Antwuan and Dylan episodes aired, but the time has come for us to return to some long-form episodes. First up will be Josh Kalis. Everything from his tre flip to Lennie Kirk will be discussed, and if there has ever been a star-studded cast in an Epicly Later’d these, I would say, give them a run for their money. Also in the works is a Ricky Oyola episode that should be out sooner rather than later, and who hasn’t been waiting for that? The OG Menace team has been more than accommodating when it comes to telling their story of being part of one of the most popular skate companies of the nineties. Joey Suriel, Fabian Alomar, Eric Pupecki, Javier Nunez, Steven Cales, and the ever-youthful Billy Valdez have come through so far, and we’re just waiting on Kareem. There are other episodes planned, and even started, and this little trailer is just a taste of what is to come.moreless
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