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  • Season 1
    • Surrogate Father
      Surrogate Father
      Episode 2672184
      Down the home stretch, it’s cute little girl’s fantasy by a nose! A compulsive gambler wants to hit it big on Fantasy Island. But his daughter’s fantasy is for daddy to stop gambling and start being a pop. The smart money’s on the feel-good ending.
    • Gigolo
      Episode 2672183
      Stanley Hocker. From the name alone, you can tell he's not so hot with the ladies. Stanley dreams of being irresistible to women. The irony is, he has to wear an effeminate bracelet to get the ladies. You gotta love Mr. Roarke's sense of humor.
    • The Artist And the Lady
      The Artist And the Lady
      Episode 2672182
      Donnie Most (Happy Days’ Ralph Malph) makes it with Michelle Pfeiffer (hot blonde). Most plays an artist who hopes for real talent. With a magic brush provided by Roarke, he ends up painting himself into a corner with Pfeiffer. Oh happy days indeed.
    • Rogues And Riches
      Rogues And Riches
      Episode 2672181
      See a famous skipper on yet another island. Alan Hale Jr. (Gilligan’s Island) makes a quick appearance, so watch for him little buddies. In this swashbuckler, Robert Goulet goes to the 18th century, finds a fair lady, and picks a fight with the skip.
    • Mary Ann And Miss Sophisticate
      Beach film icon Annette Funicello plays a famous ventriloquist hoping to shed the split personality she shares with her dummy. There are no surf parties on this island. Just a tall, angry, sexy, talking puppet that’s hell-bent on revenge.
    • Beauty Contest
      Beauty Contest
      Episode 2672177
      Sally Quinn won the Bad Dad Contest. Now she's on Fantasy Island to fulfill her childhood dream of winning a beauty contest. Really, she's just trying to gain the affection of her estranged dad. Wouldn't the vacation money be better spent on therapy?
    • Marooned
      Episode 2672176
      Hey boss, what’s with the Wichita trucker? Well, Tattoo, big rig driver wants to spend a weekend alone with the famous Hollywood sexpot. He’s about to learn what every single man in Los Angeles already knows: dating an actress is no Sunday drive.
    • Lady And the Monster
      Lady And the Monster
      Episode 2672107
      Frankenstein is a bad last name for a doctor. Dr. Carla Frankenstein feels the original Dr. F was on to something. So she revives his research. Along with lame monster makeup, you’ll see Mr. Roarke’s new assistant Julie. Kinda hot.
    • Funny Man(Minisode)
      Funny Man(Minisode)
      Episode 2672106
      Family is a pain, even an imaginary one. Beau, an orphaned comedian, created an imaginary family which he put into his act. Now he’s on the island to introduce his “family” to his fiancée. Break out the cowhide straight jacket, this cowboy's nuts.
    • Sitting Duck
      Sitting Duck
      Episode 2672105
      Why would a big game hunter bag Tattoo? It’s unsportsmanlike conduct, but Chuck Connors’ character doesn’t seem to mind. His fantasy is to hunt Mr. Roarke like an animal and when the situation gets out of hand, he goes with the next best thing.
    • House of Dolls
      House of Dolls
      Episode 2672104
      Bob Denver gets some hot mannequin action. Denver (Gilligan's Island) is a window dresser who’s attracted to one of his mannequins. So he ships her to Fantasy Island, where she comes to life for a weekend. Hm. Sounds like a movie, no?
    • Fantasy Island: The Unkillable
      There's nothing quite like b-movie monsters. You can actually see the men inside the suits stumbling around. Three scientists travel to the island hoping to find an ancient silicon creature. I know what you're thinking, but it's NOT Pamela Anderson.
    • Fantasy Island: The Warrior
      Take my wife. Please. A mediocre martial arts student dreams to defeat the very best in that field, as Mr. Roarke puts it. As the prize, the dude offers up his wife. Hopefully, he's better at karate than he is at being a husband.
    • Fantasy Island: Unholy Wedlock
      David Cassidy gets it on with the stripper that pops out of his cake. Cassidy plays a bachelor hoping to marry his fiancée on the island. Says Tattoo to Roarke, "Why does he need us?" Well, Tattoo, this pastry is more tempting than most.
    • Fantasy Island: The Whistle
      Archaeology chicks are crazy. An archeologist wants to make a text book level discovery. Roarke hands him a magic whistle and sends him out to find an archeologist hottie. But this discovery involves some really odd lighting and rubber masks.
    • Fantasy Island: Surrogate Mother
      Nobody rolls an r like Charo. So hold tight for "Sorry! I'm so sorry!" Charo (The Surreal Life) plays a surrogate mother seeking to resolve her doubts about giving up her child. Still crave more Charo? Go to Isn't the Internet grand?
    • Fantasy Island: Dr. Jeckyl, Miss Hyde
      It's always, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" Jennifer, played by Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch) has fallen for the wrong man. It's up to her sister Melanie to save her. To do so Melanie must experience the evil male mind, via a magic potion. Maybe this time the other sister gets the guy.moreless
    • Fantasy Island: My Fair Pharoah
      FANTASY ISLAND - You just watched THE CELL and you are thinking "whoa that was wild!" Well now it's time to check out the strange happenings on Mr. Roarke and Tattoo's tropical paradise. There is a reason this series is a cult classic.
    • Fantasy Island: Prince
      Fantasy Island: Prince
      Episode 365490
      Tattoo shakes some booty on the dance floor. With that image in mind, it's difficult to focus on the rest of the episode. Something about a wealthy prince wanting to experience life as a blue collar man and some woman who's only interested in money. Blah, blah, blah.
    • Fantasy Island: Don Juan's Last Affair
      Don Juan gets all the ladies, even Geena Davis. Wanting to romance his friend Patricia (Geena Davis), Alan finds himself in desperate need of love lessons. Fortunately, literature’s greatest Spanish womanizer helps out. Or does he? On guard, Don!
    • Fantasy Island: The Ghost's Story
      Haunting isn’t for cowards. Tanya Roberts (Charlie's Angels) wants to be an expert in the occult, and she'll win $100,000 if she can stay two hours in the home of Captain Timothy Black's ghost. Turns out, he's a spirit world sissy. Money in the bank!
    • Fantasy Island: The Chateau
      "Portrait of Dorian Gray" on your reading list? Watch this instead. It's better than Cliffs Notes. Vicky Lee wants to spend a weekend with a famous silent film star. She arrives at his chateau only to learn he worships "the great god Pan" (eerie sound effects here) and owns a creepy self-portrait...moreless
    • Fantasy Island: Edward
      Fantasy Island: Edward
      Episode 365486
      Sammy Davis rocks the island. The one and only Sammy Davis Jr. (The original Ocean's Eleven) portrays Edward Ross, a successful magazine publisher seeking to make amends to his ex-wife and son.
    • Fantasy Island - My Late Lover
      The parade of stars marches on. Eva Gabor (Green Acres), sister of another famous Hungarian socialite, appears as a woman trying to decide which of three men to marry on Fantasy Island. Art imitates life. And sometimes television does, too.
    • Fantasy Island: Island Of Horrors
      FANTASY ISLAND MINISODES - These shows have cemented themselves in television lore, for better or for worse. But there is no doubt Mr. Rourke, Tattoo, Pamela, and Ricki have a warm place in Crackle's heart.
    • Fantasy Island - The Devil and Mandy Breem
      The devil is a nerd who collects rare flowers? Apparently, yes. The surprisingly geeky Satan appears on the island to renegotiate a deal he made with Amanda, a beautiful young woman who sold her soul to save her husband’s life.