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  • Season 1
    • Fat Albert - Christmas Special
      Being homeless on Christmas is like school on Sunday. No class. A scrappy kid, a pregnant mom, and his unemployed dad show up at the junkyard just as grumpy Mr. Tyrone tells Fat Albert to tear down the clubhouse. It’s Scrooge with a Cosby kids twist.
    • Fat Albert: Easter Special
      To heck with looking for eggs, lets fix up houses and play pranks this Easter. Fat Albert convinces the Cosby Kids to fix up Mudfoot's house for the holiday, when Rudy decides to be "cute" and put grease on a ladder's steps. Cause that's a good idea.
    • Fat Albert: Cosby's Classics
      Is it still "story time" if the kids are fictional? In this unusual turn, the animated Cosby kids run over to Bill Cosby's place to hear a story when the power goes out. It's a tall tale about Paul Bunion's best buddy, Brimstone Bill.
    • Fat Albert: Have a Heart
      Fat Albert: Have a Heart
      Episode 365502
      It's fun with dummies! (No not Rudy) When Rudy decides shooting some baskets is more fun than a CPR class, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids learn just how important CPR is thanks to their buddy Mudfoot. Just an FYI, this is not an instructional video.
    • Fat Albert: Justice Good As Ever
      Rudy gets smooched! Just when you thought the Cosby kids weren’t going to have another competition, BAM, Fat Albert saves a tumbling trophy, and the boys are in a bike race. Will they win? I dunno, does Rudy have a big mouth?
    • Fat Albert: Busted
      Fat Albert: Busted
      Episode 365500
      Today's choice quote: "People DIE in here!" In what might be the worst turn for our robust hero, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids find themselves face to face with the worst cartoon criminals you could imagine. Scared straight is an understatement!
    • Fat Albert: Sinister Stranger
      Woah, this is heavy. Fat Albert and the gang go looking for their friend Hank, and when they find him, it’s nothing but scary when a man grabs the kid under his arm and runs down a back alley. Will the gang be in time to save their friend?
    • Fat Albert: Rebop for Bebop
      In a battle of the bands, who could beat the most legendary of junk yard bands? Fat Albert and the gang jam in front of drawn studio audience, and let’s just say the Cosby kids do a bang up job with their banging. Never has plumbing sounded so good.
    • Fat Albert: Watch Thy Neighborhood
      Movie, or a car chase? When Dumb Donald’s house is robbed, Fat Albert and the gang learn all about the neighborhood watch. Later Al and Rudy see a strange van. Rudy has his heart set on the flick, but Albert calls the cops, and stays for the show.
    • Fat Albert - Teenage Mom
      Fat Albert - Teenage Mom
      Episode 364570
      FAT ALBERT - Alcohol? Bad! Obsessive behavior? Bad. Seeking Attention? Bad. Is there anything fun that Bill Cosby approves of?
    • Fat Albert: Handwriting On The Wall
      It starts with graffiti on a fence that is SO bad it actually gets the class trip canceled. Wow – that’s some graffiti! Soon the gang is pulling together, brushes in hand, in order to get out of school for the day. Seriously, what was on that fence?!
    • Fat Albert: Halloween Special
      This Halloween Fat Albert dresses up as a superhero... An obese superhero. Him and the Cosby kids are trick or treating with another kid named Devery, who has actually been grounded & snuck out. Unforunately his lil' sis shows up to expose him.
    • Fat Albert: It All Adds Up
      Rule one of sales: don’t kill your customers. When Rudy’s creative marketing nearly kills a customer at a school fundraiser, Fat Albert has to go “coastguard” and performs a rescue at sea. Is the lesson “be honest”, or “learn to swim”? YOU DECIDE!
    • Fat Albert: Second Chance
      Would you ever trust a buffed ex con named Fast Teddy? Luckily we have Bill Cosby to teach us lessons. Fast Teddy is the gang's new trainer, but what happens when a fancy stop watch gets stolen? Blame the ex con with the slick name of course.
    • Fat Albert: Film Follies
      Fat Albert: Film Follies
      Episode 364565
      Lights! Check. Camera! Check. Pretentious Director! Check. The Cosby kids are working together for a short film contest, and Rudy, like so many Hollywood big-shots before him, is difficult to work with on the set.
    • Fat Albert: Kiss and Tell
      An STD leads to a Hockey Game loss. Fat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids learn about Sexually-Transmitted Diseases, but their buddy Bob doesn't seem to (or want to) understand the lesson.
    • Fat Albert: Read Baby Read
      You better learn to read or you could end up dead from a construction accident. Mickey Taylor is the new guy in school and he would rather watch football then learn to read. I wonder if there is a lesson in here somewhere...
    • Fat Albert: Harvest Moon
      Fat Albert: Harvest Moon
      Episode 364562
      E.P.A. officials in Hazmat suits? This show was ahead of its time. Fat Albert and the gang leave the filthy junkyard for the pristine farmland, but some toxic chemicals have tainted the land and sickened a dog. Just call Fat Albert, eco-warrior.
    • Fat Albert: Millionaire Madness
      Honestly, I don't think Fat Albert considers his day over until he & Bill teach some high-falutin' moral lesson. The Cosby kids find an old treasure map, quickly deciding to search for it. Will Fat Albert will help? I Doubt it.
    • Fat Albert: The Whisky Kid
      Ever think Fat Albert surrounds himself with losers & scumbags so he LOOKS like a good kid? In this minisode the big guy and the rest of the Cosby kids are getting ready for a soccer game, when one of their teammates turns out to be a drunkard.
    • Fat Albert: Three Strikes and You're In
      In what was clearly a precursor of "A League Of Their Own," Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids dispel the myth that only men are capable of playing baseball. If you're a woman who has ever been denied the right to play a sport, this minisode is for you.
    • Fat Albert: Funny Business
      Being trapped in a cave isn't that serious, just as long as you can laugh about it. That basically sums up the forced moral of this minisode. If you think Fat Albert always finds something to complain about, wait till you meet his campmate Waldo.
    • Fat Albert: Call Of The Wild
      Everyone knows the best pets are the ones you're not supposed to have. Russell finds a wild fox, deciding to keep it as his pet. And in typical Fat Albert fashion, the poor decision results in the worst possible outcome.
    • Fat Albert: Rules Is Cool
      A word of advice, never invite Fat Albert to your parties. Tommy wants to hang with the cool kids, so bad boy Jerry convinces him to throw a party. Jerry brings the booze and the weed, but Fat Albert and the police are major buzzkills.
    • Fat Albert: What's The I.D.?
      Evidently fake IDs lead to the capture of police fugitives. When Fat Albert's friend Hector tells the Cosby Kids he can get them fake IDs to get into a new downtown disco, Rudy is the only one go along with it. And in effect, they become heroes.
    • Fat Albert: The Birds, The Bees, and Dumb D
      Before “The Amazing Race” there Dumb Donald and the Wilderness Race. Donald has his heart set on the lovely Elaine, but so does Hammerhead Rex, the town hunk. Whoever wins the wilderness race will have the inside position on a date with Elaine.
    • Fat Albert: Double or Nothing
      "Fat Albert" is always full of useful life lessons and in this minisode kids learn to stay away from pool sharks. Rudy gets worked by Arnie a pool hustler. Of course, Rudy learns his lesson, but not before he is broke.
    • Fat Albert: Hot Wheels
      Fat Albert: Hot Wheels
      Episode 364552
      Bicycles are not toys, they are dangerous weapons. And if you think that is an overzealous statement on Bike Safety, you sir are obviously not mature enough to have one. Just ask Harold, he was like you once. Before he put a woman in the hospital.
    • Fat Albert: The Runner
      Fat Albert: The Runner
      Episode 364551
      What's the best way to outrun drug dealers? A homemade rocket ship of course! Fat Albert turns in a local drug dealer even at the risk of being called a fink. In cartoon land, ratting on a dealer is a good thing and gets your rewarded, not killed.
    • Fat Albert: Don't Call Us
      "Give yourself a break, don't be a dropout, be a winner." Watch out Britney Spears, Red Riley is teetering on the brink of stardom but she decides that school is getting in the way. Does she have a shot at the big time, or a life on the streets?
    • Fat Albert: Never Say Never
      "When I went on that merry-go-round I never thought I'd wake up with a new kidney." - Robin. Harold's cousin needs a new kidney stat and the gang sets out to find her a new organ. But will they find Robin before the kidney goes bad?
    • Fat Albert: You Gotta Have Art
      Why are the lessons learned in Fat Albert cartoons so brutally told?! Rudy is ignorant of a classmate's artistic talent, meanly dismissing it in front of her. This one act sets off a chain reaction that nearly gets her killed.
    • Fat Albert: Video Mania
      Fat Albert: Video Mania
      Episode 364547
      Bill beats us over the head again, this time teaching us to not overdo it. Seems a bit too general, huh? Weird Harold becomes obsessed with a video game. He is so enraptured that he steals the gangs picnic money. Man, Harold is weird.
    • Fat Albert: Long Live The Queen
      Another day, another moral shoved down your throat by Fat Albert and the Cosby kids. This time the self-righteous group takes on racism. Their school is holding a contest to elect America's queen & Fat Albert has the gall to nominate a foreigner.
    • Fat Albert: The Joker
      Fat Albert: The Joker
      Episode 364545
      Let's see, if you are a jerk to your buddies than everything is fine if you buy them a TV? Dumb Donald's cousin Jason is an attention whore. His antics lead to an injury and now the gang wants him out. Can he work his way back in?