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  • Season 1
    • The Memories
      The Memories
      Episode 48
      The Memories perform "I Know What to Do" in their backyard at Gnarnia. The night before, Rikky puked in the Jack in the Box parking lot and then washed his wallet inside his pants at 5 AM. He showed up late and insisted they do no more than two takes per song. It was the first sunny Saturday in Portland for like six months, and we all got day-stoned.moreless
    • Neal Morgan
      Neal Morgan
      Episode 47
      Neal Morgan sits in his garage behind a scaled-back kit and an array of mics, warming up his arms and voice while our crew crams between file cabinets and stray furniture, ancient speakers and ghetto blasters, stacked drums and clutter etcetera.
    • AAN
      Episode 46
      AAN performs "I Don't Need Love" from their forthcoming LP Amor Ad Nauseum in drummer Jon Lewis' bedroom.
    • Death Songs
      Death Songs
      Episode 45
      Apart from the recording equipment, everything inside the tiny North Portland one-bedroom seems to be decades old and made of wood. Dried flower garlands hanging from the walls and there's no computer or TV in sight. The few indicators of modernity are juxtaposed poetically with the rustic milieu: an eight foot tall logging saw is retired in the corner behind the drum kit, and a Rolling Stones record crackles along with the wood-burning stove.moreless
    • AU
      Episode 44
      8pm. Inadvertent home intrusion. Nobody wanted to miss this one, so our crew is overbooked – we show up in triplicate.
    • Edna Vazquez
      Edna Vazquez
      Episode 43
      Sugar skulls burning, smiling skeletons, and the brassy popcorn of a mariachi band. It's the Day of the Dead in Portland, OR and the parade starts at Sunnyside Elementary and ends at Holocene, where Edna Vazquez will honor the family spirits with her commanding-yet-gentle voice and guitar.
    • Laura Gibson
      Laura Gibson
      Episode 42
      Dusk came on the heels of noon and the post-holiday glow of Laura Gibson's living room is a warming counterpoint. A neat cage of instruments line the red walls: those keyboarded and gourded and stringed. Paper chains wrap the Christmas tree like a winding mountain road. Strings of lights twinkle. It's a document of the quaint and gentle customs of the artist, her partner, and his teenage daughter; a gathering place for their Christmas of handmade paper chains.moreless
    • Michael Griffith
      Michael Griffith
      Episode 41
      "This is the Portland Police Bureau," echoes the loudspeaker, "Under the authority of Oregon law, Southwest Main Street is being re-opened to vehicular traffic."
    • Guidance Counselor
      Guidance Counselor
      Episode 40
      "I have a fat girl heart and I just want to eat myself to death. So what?"
    • Burning Yellows
      Burning Yellows
      Episode 39
      "Drains." It's the first song Portland-based trio Burning Yellows played for us during their Feels Like Home session. Over the track's titular sewage is an opiatic gloss: the long organ melody that can barely stand up; tambourine giving these slow notes a shoulder to lean on, falling snareward on the twos and fours; guitar like a mirror to television static, droning on a single chord for the majority of the tune.moreless
    • Ural Thomas
      Ural Thomas
      Episode 38
      I don't know it, walking through the living room's dim television light. At the end of the tunnel is The House of Entertainment.
    • Stay Calm
      Stay Calm
      Episode 37
      The Portland music scene is nothing more than a gigantic pool of artistic incest. Collaborations are happening all over town, and with increasing frequency.
    • Archers
      Episode 36
      The baby is only in the video for a second or two. Just a few short frames, attempting dexterous motion with a drum stick.
    • Prescription Pills
      Prescription Pills
      Episode 35
      People sleeping on couches. People sleeping in the laundry room or practice space. A mix of friends and strangers in the living room or various bedrooms: drinking beer, playing music, smoking. There are awkward and strange piles of clothes, moguls to be dodged in passing. Clothes everywhere. Clothes that no one who calls 14th and Main home can claim their own. The tired walls bare scuffs, kicked and punched-in holes and 'little kid stuff' graffiti– testament to their dedication and abuse. The sink is full of dirty dishes, the bathroom is a nightmare, the practice space can barely fit two people and a drum set, the downstairs neighbors hate us and constantly complain of the noise, the landlord has no idea of the dilapidated condition of her house.moreless
    • Radiation City
      Radiation City
      Episode 34
      Another Sunday morning, and we'd just showed up at the Green House in NE Portland. Mimosas were downed. Chicken was fried. Waffles were made. Maple syrup flowed freely.
    • Jeffrey Jerusalem
      Jeffrey Jerusalem
      Episode 32
      Jeffrey Jerusalem performs "Below The Rumble" in YACHT's livingroom.
    • And And And
      And And And
      Episode 31
      Despite all the shenanigans and playful attitudes, the guys in And And And are growing up. Tyler's 30th birthday was a few days before the shoot, and when he sings, "Let's go back to strangers again, like the old times," it's hard not to detect some serious nostalgia coming through. Carefully-constructed thoughts that have been marinating in the back of his mind for years. Thousands of youthful memories, waiting patiently to find their way into the next song. One at a time.moreless
    • Starfucker
      Episode 30
      We were approaching Christmas, those slow days where everyone's skating through a bundled up haze. It was a relatively early afternoon, overcast with freezing rain. Starfucker was shuffling around the home of bassist Shawn Glassford.
    • BOOM!
      Episode 29
      The kitchen windows were fogged from the thrashing body heat. But for a punk house, Boom!'s is pretty clean. It must be the girls who keep it that way. After the shoot, everyone is buzzing in circles. There's an hour left before the liquor stores close and no one has an ID. As the soggy afternoon drifts into Saturday night, another bottle of Jim Beam is prime concern. The first, passed around as fuel for the shoot, is sitting empty on the stove, burned quickly by Boom!'s feverish one-minute pop shards.moreless
    • The Reservations
      The Reservations
      Episode 28
      The Reservations (Mattress + Leather Tom And The Dirty Dudes) perform Find You in their kitchen.
    • Onuinu
      Episode 27
      Onuinu, Dorian Duvall's expansive electronica project, has seen a number of changes over the past year. First going by DeauBird, and then by Tropics, Dorian's transformation into Onuinu isn't just a result of searching for a better alias for his music– it reflects his development as an artist in a genre that, for him, is largely uncharted territory. My style has changed due to me becoming more comfortable and familiar with my equipment, and by listening to different artists. Onuinu is more focused, but the music will always change, he explains. I bought a sampler awhile back- that was my first piece of electronic gear. I was playing in a band at the time I was getting into electronic music. I got bored with guitar songwriting and needed something new, and the sampler opened my eyes. Recently, we had the chance to shoot a session with Dorian on a sleepy Monday afternoon in his SE Portland apartment, capturing an intimate view of the living space where he crafts his moody, atmospheric productions. For “A Step In That Direction†Dorian provides muted vocal melodies, and then layers them on top of subdued hip-hop beats and future-funk, a sound that evokes prolific beatmaker J-Dilla and the chilled-out adaptations of his style that have followed. With only a handful of songs released on local label Apes Tapes, it's no surprise that Dorian's music has already made a stir in Portland's budding electronic music community. Look for a release in February, followed by a full-length cassette later this year.moreless
    • Pigeons
      Episode 26
      Back in November, we shot Pigeons performing Dance It All Away in their NE Portland living room. Their sounds allude to rougher times-- an experimental indie-rock that's been transported back to the 18th century. Lead singer Justin Ready grew up in Nebraska and later moved North to go to school for guitar building and repair on an isolated stretch of Canada's Vancouver Island. "It was incredibly, incredibly gorgeous," Justin explains. "Not very populated, but it could get rowdy when the fishermen came in. We would have school all day and usually either take the ferry over to Vancouver for the weekend or go down to Nanimo for any kind of nightlife." Ready's experiences in these barren yet agitated environments spill over into the music, creating a raucous chaos, like an angry fisherman returning from sea with any empty net and a full flask.moreless
    • Breakfast Mountain
      Breakfast Mountain
      Episode 25
      Breakfast Mountain performs "Shred, Booty, and Cock" All the reasons we love the Portland music scene are summed up in this video. When we first started talking about a shoot with Zack, we agreed that his performance needed to be outside. Since he lives in a shitty, dingy apartment, we decided to shoot at his drummer's house. The only problem is that his drummer failed to inform his neighbors about the performance. One neighbor in particular was so bothered by the noise that he decided to take justice into his own hands by setting up his own rival musical performance right next to us. It was by far the most bad ass revenge we've ever encountered.moreless
    • YOURS
      Episode 24
      YOURS, a project led with long-time collaborator Adam Traschel, is Minster's most recent endeavor, a collective that meets in various incarnations to perfect their own unique take on delicate psychedelia-- the kind of introspective indie-rock spiritualism you'll find only in the bowels of SE Portland. In "Transformer Dream," the group draws from a mix of tropical vibes and classic rock, Minster's vocals hovering over the sonic bliss as his lyrics re-tell the story of the dream that inspired the work: "From a distance I could see myself being taken away, through a portal a million miles long...I patiently wait for a message from the midnight moon."moreless
    • Guantanamo Baywatch
      Into the Woods. Feels Like Home - Guantanamo Baywatch.
    • The Great Mundane
      The Great Mundane
      Episode 22
      It's still early in the evening as local beatmaker/producer Jeffrey Acciaioli (the Great Mundane) lets a stream of rippling synth notes gush from his keyboard. A crowd of friends chant along in unison, and the minimalist backbeat is kept in check by "Uncle Joe" Acciaioli and Ian O'Brien supporting on guitar and drums, respectively. For "You Say So," a fragmented, jazzy hip-hop groove, our cameras rolled as the fading daylight cast a murky shadow over the room, adding an ominous feel to the crowd's warbled bellows. In a genre sometimes limited by its ability to translate to a live setting, the Great Mundane defies the stereotype of electronic musicians as mere button-pushers, pulling off a truly interesting and engaging performance that left us wanting to hear more. His spooky electronica lives and breathes in the moment, resounding with a dynamic presence in the fitting venue of his cramped, dimly-lit living space (a place he's "definitely trying to move out of" in the near future). "I think it really captured what was happening at that time," he recalls, referring to the sounds emanating from the darkened corners of his apartment, "that’s the kind of neighborhood, you know-- I've got some crazy neighbors."moreless
    • Hot Victory
      Hot Victory
      Episode 21
      Back in September, Hot Victory let us down into their basement to document one of their "sonic disfigurations," an improvised piece based around pounding drums and murky electronics that they later named "Hexagong Valley Vision."
    • Brainstorm
      Episode 11/3/2010
      We went to Brainstorm's house. They showed us their bees. They played a tuba. And then they performed "Beast In The Sky". It was wonderful. Catch them live at their record release party with O Bruxo this Thursday Nov 4 at Holocene.
    • Morning Teleportation
      We met up with Morning Teleportation at the end of summer. They were a little reluctant to do a shoot at their house because they had already received a string of noise complaints. Instead of risking another, they decided to modify the song "Crystalline" so that it was neighborhood appropriate.
    • Wampire
      Episode 18
      We first heard "Trains" emanating from our ceiling one morning, we strongly suggested to Wampire that they call it "Pregnant" because we were sure it would lead to a few pregnancies. Rocky didn't like the idea very much but we shot the song anyway. This shoot took place after a long day of other shoots (one of which would later lead to our sound guy Miliken's eviction), so everyone was a little worn out. Their house is in a quiet neighborhood off of E Burnside, it is also the birthplace of intothewoods.tv, almost all of our crew have lived there at some point. The boys set up on the back deck and churned through "Trains," a '50s-influenced calypso jam with all the chaos and fuzz you'd expect from a live Wampire performance. The band's been working on a new album, and the upcoming release hopes to capture the relaxed vibe of a backyard jam session. "Performance is about not paying attention and being non-cerebral; it's just totally all feeling," explains Eric.moreless
    • Joggers
      Episode 17
      Joggers have always been a bit of an anomaly in comparison with Portland's musical climate. Over the past decade, they've received heaps of critical acclaim for their work,
    • Pony Village
      Pony Village
      Episode 16
      Pony Village perform "Time Ride" in their southwest Portland home, the basement of which doubles The Old Standard Sound Recording Studio.
    • Loch Lomond
      Loch Lomond
      Episode 15
      Loch Lomond performs "Wax & Wire" from their living room.
    • Reva DeVito
      Reva DeVito
      Episode 14
      Reva DeVito plays her funky mary jane jam "Nasty Stuff" to some surprise visitors
    • Glass Teeth
      Glass Teeth
      Episode 13
      Glass Teeth performs "Not Close Enough."
    • Pardee Shorts
      Pardee Shorts
      Episode 12
      Pardee Shorts perform "Quiet" on Cyrus' mom's porch. Thanks PAM!
    • Inside Voices
      Inside Voices
      Episode 11
      Inside Voices perform Bombay Beach.
    • Money Brother
      Money Brother
      Episode 10
      Money Brother performs Here Comes The Vain Again in the East End bathroom.
    • Typhoon
      Episode 9
      Typhoon performs White Liars at a farewell house party.
    • O Bruxo
      O Bruxo
      Episode 8
      Hands down our new favorite band in Portland. O Bruxo performs "Push Broom" from their basement.
    • Parenthetical Girls
      Parenthetical Girls debut their new song "The Common Touch."
    • March Fourth
      March Fourth
      Episode 6
      March Fourth plays "Aluta Continual" in their kitchen.
    • Summer Blones
      Summer Blones
      Episode 5
      Summer Blondes are the new winter.
    • Nick Jaina
      Nick Jaina
      Episode 4
      Nick Jaina sits down with us to perform "Maryanne."
    • White Fang
      White Fang
      Episode 3
      White Fang plays "Feeling Shitty" in their bathroom.
    • Bodhi
      Episode 2
      Bodhi plays "Warm Side" in their living room.
    • Leather Tom and The Dirty Dudes
      Episode #1 featuring Leather Tom and the Dirty Dudes at Dekum Manor.