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Films on L is a series of short features for independent minded viewers presented by L Studio, an eclectic collection site offering unique perspectives to inspire their viewers. The Films on L are the best short pieces from film festivals around the world. "No Parking," by Jeremy Brunjes, is the classic story of love at first sight. 'RedBlack,' starring Molly Ryman and Anthony Barclay, is about a London mini-cab driver who is lured on an unforgettable journey by a beautiful woman. "Finding," by the Salto Brothers, is a suspense thriller about a secret agent who goes on a quest to find a woman he has not seen in years. "Section 44," by Daniel Wilson, looks at how much a man under interrogation will give up to protect himself. In "The Clearing," a man awakens in a jungle clearing, injured and with no memory of how he got there. "Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty" is an animated feature starring Kathleen O'Rourke that tells the classic tale through the eyes of a disgruntled fairy out for revenge. Other titles include "Gargoyle," "Conrad the Wise," "Happenstance," "The Butterfly Circus" and "A Different Color Blue." Films on L are feature presentations from different genres, different artists and different countries.


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