First Day 2: First Dance

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  • Season 1
    • Never Saw it Coming
      Boy drama? Sabotage? Shocking twists? Rosie has repeated today so many times, she's seen it all. Now she's ready for a total crush-i-cation and a biffles-only night at the back-to-school dance. She's had 1000 chances at the night of her life-but on day 1,001, she finally gets it right!
    • Pretending Sucks Way More
      It seems like everyone is out to sabotage Rosie's Cinderella moment, but she'll do whatever it takes to make it to the dance with JT. She's got an adorbs dress, the perfect date, and a few sneaky tricks up her sleeve. This could finally be the night of her dreams!
    • More Like Honesty
      When pretending to be biffles with her frenemy backfires, Rosie decides to fight fire with fire. Her psychic dream is officially a nightmare, but she can't give up until she makes it to the dance. When Rosie gets tough the truth comes out-and it's totes tragic!
    • Friending the Enemy
      It's déjà boo all over again, as Rosie takes another shot at back-to-school-dance Friday. She's lived today so often, she has all the sucky parts memorized-but this time she has a plan. Operation "Friend the Enemy" is the perfect scheme to stop Whitney from framing Rosie. If it works, she'll finally make it to the dance with JT in Chapter Three of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.moreless
    • Deja Boo
      Deja Boo
      Episode 2
      Dreams do come true, but what about nightmares? Rosie is about to find out!
    • Totes Adorbs
      Totes Adorbs
      Episode 1
      The day of Canterbury High's back-to-school dance starts off perfectly for Rosie Rovello. As Rosie's longtime biffle Taylor would say, it def for sure has best-day-ever potential. Then, somewhere between a crush crushing back and a starting spot on the soccer team, everything goes totes wrong on the season premiere of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE. Watch what happens!!moreless