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Fizzy's Lunch Lab

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Fizzy's Lunch Lab is a scientific and educational web series developed by PBS that offers a fun and kid-friendly approach to teaching healthy nutrition and the need for physical activity. With crazy characters led by Professor Fizzy, a scatter-brained culinary genius, he utilizes Mixie Bot, the best kitchen gadget ever, Corporal Cup, the ingredient leader, and Sully the Cell, the personal guide to human anatomy, in order to face off against Fast Food Freddy, the Grease-monger, as he works to introduce kids to healthy food choices. The goal in Fizzy's Lunch Lab is to stop the obesity epidemic by giving children the ability to take control of their food choices by learning about all things food, including the differences between whole wheat and white bread, what goes into a well-balanced meal, the impact of fresh fruits and vegetables, and even the importance of a family dinner! Fizzy's Lunch Lab believes that the first step to combating these health problems is by being aware and fully prepared for all things healthy.


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AIRED ON 8/5/2011

Season 1 : Episode 17

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Preschoolers, educational goals, getting fit, feel good comedy, Grade Schoolers