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  • 2011
    • Alternative Realities
      Alternative Realities
      Episode 1001
      Alternative Realities With Karen Russell, Gary Shteyngart, and Colson Whitehead. Moderated by Willing Davidson. Karen Russell is the author of the collect
    • Jonathan Franzen Talks with David Remnick
      JONATHAN FRANZEN TALKS WITH DAVID REMNICK The reliable narrator. Jonathan Franzen is the author of the novel Freedom, parts of which first appeared in The
    • Peter Schjeldahl talks with Steve Martin
      PETER SCHJELDAHL TALKS WITH STEVE MARTIN All about art. Peter Schjeldahl is The New Yorker's art critic and the author of several books of criticism, incl
    • A New Yorker Night with The Moth
      A NEW YORKER NIGHT WITH THE MOTH The Moth once again teams up with The New Yorker for an evening of stories about life at the magazine. With Ian Frazier, Raf
    • The Dark Side: TC Boyle, Joyce C. Oates & George Saunders
      THE DARK SIDE With T. Coraghessan Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, and George Saunders. Moderated by Deborah Treisman. T. Coraghessan Boyle is the author of thir
    • The Cost of Neglecting International History
      There is an ever increasing tendency to imagine ourselves living somehow 'beyond history', to bask in what Francis Fukuyama termed 'the end of history'. In this
    • Spotlight 1: Abby Disney and Carol Jenkins
      Spotlight 1: Abby Disney and Carol Jenkins Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in philanthropy, politics, business, entertainment and m
    • Sustainable Health Enterprises Founder Elizabeth Scharpf
      Entrepreneur, designer, Harvard grad and founder of the global Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)-Elizabeth Scharpf developed a seemingly simple but significa
    • Getting Women off the Sidelines in Business & Public Life
      WIE Inspiration Day: Getting Women off the Sidelines in Business & Public Life Donna Karan Fashion Designer Senator Kirsten Gillibrand U.S. Senator
    • WIE Inspiration Day: Awards
      WIE Inspiration Day: Awards Mika Brzensnzinski Media Shawn Covell, Qualcomm Corporate Social Responsibility Iman Icon Marissa Mayer, Google Ente
    • Poet/Spoken Word Artist Azure Antoinette
      Preserving our humanity in our fast-paced world of bits, bytes and killer -apps- is one of the themes that Azure Antoinette embraces in her work as a poet, phot
    • What It Means to Be a Woman Now
      Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in philanthropy, politics, business, entertainment and media. Whether your goal is to make a real dif
    • Sarah Brown: Keynote
      Sarah Brown: Keynote
      Episode 0921
      Sarah Brown: Keynote Sarah Brown Global Patron of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive mind
    • Spotlight 1: Abbey Disney and Carol Jenkins
      Spotlight 1: Abbey Disney and Carol Jenkins Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in philanthropy, politics, business, entertainment and
    • Mind, Body and Sprit: Creating the Calm in the Chaos
      WIE Inspiration Day: Mind, Body & Spirit - Creating the Calm in the Chaos Donna Karan Founder, Urban Zen Foundation Courtney Ross Founder, Ross Glob
    • Handmade: The Future of Community-Based Markets
      Etsy CTO Kellan Elliot-McCrea talks about how Etsy is creating opportunities for people, and the future of "handmade" in the marketplace. About the
    • Men Playing Their Part for Women and Children's Health
      WIE Inspiration Day: Men Playing Their Part for Women and Children's Health Sarah Brown Global Patron of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Ba
    • WIE Inspiration Day Speech: Deepak Chopra
      WIE Inspiration Day: Speech: Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in philanthropy, politics, business, e
    • Jack Hidary Workshop
      Jack Hidary Workshop
      Episode 0919
      WIE Inspiration Day: Jack Hidary Workshop Jack Hidary Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in philanthropy, politics, business, ente
    • Girls Not Brides: A New Partnership to End Child Marriage
      WIE Inspiration Day: Girls Not Brides: A New Global Partnership to End Child Marriage Mabel van Oranje CEO, The Elders Desmond Tutu Archbishop of Cape T
    • Philanthropy in the Creative Community
      WIE Inspiration Day: Philanthropy in the Creative Community Katie McGrath Shauna Robinson & Ed Norton Co-founders, Crowdrise Gayle King Maggie
    • New Solutions for Africa
      New Solutions for the Developing World WIE Network is a next generation media company that aims to inspire social change through the creation of engaging an
    • AnnMarie Polsenberg Thomas: Making Tomorrow's Makers
      Tomorrow's inventors are today's children. As schools drop shop class and children spend more time watching TV than building tree houses, we need to contemplate
    • DIY U: Designing Self Organized Education
      How do we teach, learn, and credential each other outside the logic of traditional educational institutions? About the Makers Anya Kamenetz Anya writes a
    • Emeka Okafor: From Faires to Spaces for Making in Africa
      Locations for inter disciplinary cross-pollination of expertise, experience and knowledge are emerging as logical evolution of the Maker movement in the contine
    • WIE Inspiration Day: Welcome and Awards Presentation
      WIE Inspiration Day: Welcome and Awards CeremonyCynthia Garrett,TV Host and Author Zainab Salbi Founder, Women for Women InternationalBaroness AmosUN Under-
    • Making, Education and Innovation
      Dale Dougherty of MAKE magazine is joined by Tom Kalil of the White House, Francisco, D'Souza of Cognizant and Margaret Honey of the NYSCI for this conversation
    • David Giancaspro: Projects and Geek Parenting
      Raising Makers a Project Based Approach: How Geek parenting and projects can be used to help kids be makers instead of consumers. About the Maker(s) David
    • John Hodgman: Are Magic Tricks Really Magic?
      JOHN HODGMAN shall present information on THE SECRETS OF FAMOUS MAGIC TRICKS from his forthcoming book of FINAL WORLD KNOWLEDGE entitled THAT IS ALL.
    • Pattie Sellers in Conversation with Baroness Amos
      WIE Inspiration Day: Patti Sellers in Conversation with Baroness Amos Pattie Sellers Editor-at-Large, Fortune Magazine Baroness Amos UN Under-Secretary-
    • WIE Inspiration Day Speech: Dr. Jill Biden
      WIE Inspiration Day: Speech: Dr. Biden Jill Biden Second Lady of the United States Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in philanth
    • The Future of Girls Education
      WIE Inspiration Day: The Future of Girls Education Wendy Kopp Founder, Teach For America Petra Nemcova Founder and Chairwoman, Happy Hearts Fund Beli
    • Moms for Social Good
      Moms for Social Good
      Episode 0919
      WIE Inspiration Day: Moms for Social Good Christy Turlington Supermodel & Philanthropist Alisa Volkman Co-founder, Babble Inspiration Day feature
    • Unstoppable Women
      Unstoppable Women
      Episode 0919
      Unstoppable Women Moderator: Cynthia Kersey Motivational Speaker & Author Fran Drescher Actress, Founder of Cancer Schmancer Victoria Jackson Th
    • WIE Inspiration Day Speech: Madeleine Lippey
      WIE Inspiration Day: Speech: Madeleine Lippey Madeleine Lippey Founder, Do Write Campaign Inspiration Day features some of the most impressive minds in p
    • David McCullough: The Storm Before the Constitution
      To cap their Constitution Day celebrations, The Constitutional Sources Project will host David McCullough for a special -members only- constitutional lecture. M
    • A. C. Grayling: The Good Book
      British philosopher AC Grayling has created a secular Bible distilling the wisdom of the great non-religious traditions as a guide for life. Who needs the Bibl
    • Crossan and Rieger: Prophecy / Economics as Religion
      Rebecca McKinsey | Staff Writer John Dominic Crossan asked the Hall of Philosophy crowd to imagine a hypothetical scenario at 2 p.m. Monday. He described
    • Crossan and Rieger: Covenant / Justice and Theologians
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger, theologians and authors, pondered the nature of God and justice as they continued their we
    • Crossan and Rieger: Jesus / Christ and the Empire
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer -So what if this Jesus that (John Dominic) Crossan is talking about, that I am starting to talk about here, is really taking us t
    • A. A. Gill and Anthony Bourdain: Food Fighters
      Devilishly-naughty restaurant critic AA Gill goes 50 minutes with -No Reservations- tv show host Anthony Bourdain upending the tables on food pretensions, culin
    • Philipp Meyer: American Rust
      Aaron Krumheuer | Staff Writer Steel. Its industry once supported entire regions of the United States. When factories starting going under, the towns they
    • Crossan and Rieger: Paul / Empire and Economics
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer Authors and theologians John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger returned Thursday to the Hall of Philosophy to discuss -The Heart a
    • Crossan and Rieger: Finale / Violence or Non-Violence
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer John Dominic Crossan addressed -Finale: Violence and Nonviolence,- and Joerg Rieger discussed -Economics and Resistance: Reshapin
    • down under/ON TOP: Tim Griffith
      "down under / ON TOP" is a series of interviews designed to shine a spotlight on Australians making their mark on the world.
    • Omid Safi: The Path of Extreme Love in Persian Islam
      Mary Lee Talbot | Staff Writer -In the past 10 years, we have listened to Muslim talking heads tell us what Islam is not. It is not terrorism; it is not suic
    • Farideh Farhi: Making Sense of Irans Contentious Politics
      Nick Glunt | Staff Writer Farideh Farhi, while working for the International Crisis Group in 2006, attended a women-s demonstration in Iran for equal rights.
    • Charles Kimball: Before and After the 1979 Revolution
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer -Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion,- Charles Kimball said. There are between 14 and 17 million Christians in the Middl
    • Karen Armstrong: Ancient Iran and Its Links With Us
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer -Our fates, from the very beginning, have been tied up with Iran,- Karen Armstrong said. Armstrong, the recipient of the 2008
    • Tea Obreht: The Tiger's Wife
      Aaron Krumheuer | Staff Writer Fairy tales are not just for children. In this week-s Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle selection, The Tiger-s Wife, m
    • Yaakov Elman: Iran, the Magi, and the Jews
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer -As a historian, there is no history without texts, without some kind of data. - Otherwise, history is just what contemporaries r
    • Chautauqua Lecture: Nicholas Burns
      Nick Glunt | Staff Writer Retired diplomat Nicholas Burns believes there are three basic choices the U.S. could make in foreign policy regarding Iran. The fi
    • On the Road with Andrew McCarthy
      Most famous as an actor, Andrew McCarthy is also an award-winning travel writer.- Here he shares his most memorable adventures on the road.
    • Cradle of Gold: Hiram Bingham and Machu Picchu
      Historian Christopher Heaney relates how 100 years ago Hiram Bingham stepped into the astounding ruins of Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas.
    • Frances Mayes: Every Day in Tuscany
      Frances Mayes, best-selling author of Under the Tuscan Sun, discusses her book Every Day in Tuscany. Enjoy her Italian memoirs about her renovation of a 13th ce
    • Joan Chittister: The Divine Feminine
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer -We can call God -rock of ages,- -door of heaven,- -key of David,- -dove of peace,- -tree of life,- -father of the universe- - bu
    • Daisy Khan: Muslim Women at the Frontlines of Change
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer -Activism is difficult, and often thankless. Through the darkest times, I have been comforted by the fact that gender equality is
    • Amy Dickinson: The Mighty Queens of Freeville
      Aaron Krumheuer | Staff Writer In the Finger Lakes of New York, four hours east of Chautauqua, is Freeville, a tiny village with a population of around 500.
    • Panel Discussion: Interfaith Women Seek Clergy Equality
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer Rabba Sara Hurwitz declared, -There-s no such thing as pluralism, if one part of the population isn-t allowed to sit at the table
    • The Challenge of Non-Communicable Diseases
      Experts discuss the importance of prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, as well as the need for the United States and the United Nations to play
    • Jan Gehl: Cities for People
      An important paradigm change happened around 1960. City planning, as a concept, took off on a huge scale in response to the challenge of fast-growing cities. At
    • Dinka: Legendary Cattle Keepers of Sudan
      Thirty years of work in Africa have carried award-wining photographers and National Geographic grantees Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher across 270,000 miles an
    • Gordon Wood: The Path to the Civil War
      In collaboration with Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture The sesquicentennial of the
    •'s George Kembel: Nurturing Creative Potential
      Sparking a Culture of Creativity and Innovation Co-founder and director of the Stanford, George Kembel explains how empathy, innovation, and unconve
    • Col. Casey Haskins: 6 Myths That Block Creative Thinking
      Sparking a Culture of Creativity and Innovation Col. Casey Haskins, an extremely accomplished military officer and professor at West Point Academy, uses psyc
    • Carsten Peter: Vietnam's Infinite Cave
      Veteran photographer and National Geographic grantee Carsten Peter is also an accomplished climber, diver and caver who has photographed some of the world-s mos
    • Bulent Atalay: Leonardo's Universe
      Bulent Atalay, himself a scientist and artist, offers a comprehensive look at Leonardo da Vinci, his work, and the many ways this enigmatic genius has influence
    • Kimes: Interruption, Transformation, and the Creative Art
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer In 2003, a flood destroyed Don Kimes- Washington, D.C., studio. Among his lost possessions were letters from friends, family phot
    • McSweeny & Benesch: Soul and Story
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer The playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote plays to share his message with a large number of people, an idea that seems old-fashion
    • Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux: Inspiration and Passion
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer It-s hard to imagine a 14-year-old Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux green in the face and shaking from nerves, but that-s what the Hall of P
    • Barbara Smith Conrad: A Case For The Arts
      Nick Glunt | Staff Writer During her lecture at 10:45 a.m. Thursday in the Amphitheater, Barbara Smith Conrad did what she-s always done best: She sang. T
    • Robert Lynch: America at a Cultural Crossroads
      Nick Glunt | Staff Writer Robert Lynch-s career began with a lie. It was January 1975. He-d had his hand in the creation of the New England Artist Festiva
    • Muffitt: Chautauqua and the 21st Century Musician
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer Friday was Bring Your Violinist to Work Day. Timothy Muffitt, director of the Music School Festival Orchestra, brought violin
    • Karen Armstrong: The Theology of Revolution
      This week the 2 p.m. Interfaith Lectures will focus on the history of the multiple manifestations of religion in Iran. Lecturers will relate the story of the Ar
    • Al Staggs: A View From the Underside
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer Nazi resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer spent his final hour before his execution in the Hall of Philosophy. Clad in a makeshift str
    • Erik Larson: In the Garden of Beasts
      Aaron Krumheuer-|-Staff WriterMartha Dodd was a young, beautiful American living in Berlin in 1933. The daughter of the U.S. Ambassador, she cavorted in elite c
    • Simon Thurley: How the Middle Ages were Built, 1408-1530
      Against a background of political instability, architectural initiative was captured by a new class of patrons who built in a style that expressed confidence in
    • Gary Dorrien: Defying White Supremacism
      Emily Perper-|-Staff WriterWhen the Rev.- Joan Brown Campbell calls the afternoon Interfaith lecturer -one of the best lecturers of our time,- you had better pa
    • Geffrey Kelly: The Costly Grace of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
      Emily Perper-|-Staff WriterPerhaps no other -spy for God- is as well known as the subject of Geffrey Kelly-s lecture: Dietrich Bonhoeffer.Kelly-s presentation,
    • Frank Chikane: Daring Death to Save a Nation
      Emily Perper-|-Staff WriterThe Rev. Frank Chikane pays the salaries of his former torturers because of the influence of anti-apartheid leaders like Beyers Naud-
    • Gary Dorrien: Defying White Supremacism (Part 2)
      Emily Perper-|-Staff WriterBenjamin Elijah Mays- earliest memory was his father pleading for his life before a lynch mob.His formative experience with race rela
    • Hawa Abdi: 21st Century Women
      Women's lives around the world continue to be affected by deep-seated prejudices that create inequities and abuse. This reality robs the future of valuable asse
    • Katharine Henderson: Trouble the Waters, Heal the World
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer The Rev. Katharine Rhodes Henderson said she considers -troublemaker- and -activist- to be honorific titles, so it only made sens
    • E. J. Dionne: Does Faith Make Us Strangers or Friends?
      Emily Perper | Staff Writer-Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it,- re
    • Hampton Sides: Hellhound On His Trail
      Aaron Krumheuer | Staff Writer As a Civil Rights crusader, the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.-s fight for equality runs alongside the Week Two theme of -Go
    • Michael Sandel: Justice
      Aaron Krumheuer and Suzi Starheim | Staff Writers A longtime visitor to Chautauqua-s Amphitheater, Harvard University professor Michael Sandel returns to ask
    • The Victorians: Empire and Race
      Science and religion came together to help shape the attitudes of the British and Europeans towards the rest of the world, whose inhabitants were increasingly r
    • Masters of Modern Dance: Mark Morris
      Praised as a refreshingly irreverent master, sometimes derided as a gimmicky smart-alec, Mark Morris has earned a reputation as one of the world's leading moder
    • Masters of Modern Dance: Paul Taylor
      Paul Taylor has been redefining American modern dance for more than 40 years. His groundbreaking pieces and experiments in form have inspired generations of art
    • Masters of Modern Dance: Mikhail Baryshnikov
      Decades after he first took the world by storm, Mikhail Baryshnikov is still dancing, and now in his 60's, he is still recognized as the quintessence of his art
    • Masters of Modern Dance: Trey McIntyre
      Trey McIntyre, choreographer and founder of the Trey McIntyre Project, wants to bring dance to as many people in as many different forms as possible. It's why h
    • Masters of Modern Dance: Bill T. Jones
      Bill T. Jones has long been recognized as one of this country's leading contemporary dancers and choreographers, known for his mix of athleticism and his willin
    • James Carroll: City on a Hill
      James Carroll, considered one of the most adept and versatile writers on the American scene today, is the author of ten novels and six works of non-fiction, inc
    • Uwem Akpan: Say You're One of Them
      Aaron Krumheuer | Staff Writer The summer-s theme for the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle is challenge, and for the war-torn African children of Say
    • Howard Jacobson: Return of the Wry
      Howard Jacobson calls himself a "Jewish Jane Austen," as opposed to his critics' description as the "English Phillip Roth." Suffice to
    • Stanley Fish: A Case for the Arts
      Each morning this week, we will hear from people representing and supporting the arts, particularly those art forms represented at Chautauqua -- literature, vis
    • Britain in the 20th Century: The Road to War
      After the seeming success of the Munich Conference of 1938 it was hoped that war could be avoided. However, it gradually became clear that the territorial ambit
    • Understanding Faith Through the Eyes of Stanley Spencer
      The reputation of Stanley Spencer continues to grow. All his life he painted Christian themes with his fresh and distinctive vision. For him art was the produ
    • How the Middle Ages Were Built: 1300-1408
      England's economic success peaked in 1300 amidst a riot of architectural excess and was followed by a series of disasters which lasted much of the fourteenth ce
    • Short Cut to Nirvana
      Short Cut to Nirvana
      Episode 0714
      The Kumbh Mela is the biggest gathering of people in the history of humanity -- although few in the West have ever heard of it. More than 70 million pilgrims at
    • Rabbi Saperstein: Engaging Citizens for the Common Good
      Focusing on the areas of religion, media, government, education, and academia, the 2 p.m. Interfaith Lectures will present the ethical and moral imperatives tha
    • The Victorians: Religion and Science
      If there was any single belief that characterized the Victorian era it was Christian belief. Religion pervaded social and political life to an extent almost un
    • The Rt Revd Lord Harries: The Resurrection in Art
      This is the most difficult of all Christian themes to convey in visible form and the early church approached it with proper reticence. Whilst the Western Churc
    • Lang Lang & Friends from New York City
      World renowned pianist Lang Lang is delighted to perform alongside three of his Lang Lang International Music Foundation Young Scholars for students at PS 334 -
    • I Will Not Be Sad in This World
      An hour portrait of 94-year-old Zaroohe Najarian that explores the major turning points of this Armenian woman's life. She survives the genocide of her people i
    • Lang Lang & Friends in Chicago
      The day after his concert at Ravinia in Chicago, superstar pianist Lang Lang will donate his time to deliver a free public event for children with the Departmen
    • Adyashanti: The Inner Revolution of Spiritual Awakening
      Adyashanti's keynote presentation at the Science and Nonduality Conference 2010.
    • How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics
      Steven J. Ross tells an important story that has escaped public attention: the emergence of Hollywood as a vital centre of political life and the important role
    • A Conversation with Wes Moore and Michel Martin
      The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, the Center for American Progress, and the Open Society Foundations host a conversation with Wes Moore, New
    • Building Open Societies: Soros in Conversation
      George Soros, the Founder of the Open Society Foundations, joins OSF President Aryeh Neier and Gara LaMarche of the Atlantic Philanthropies for a conversation t
    • Michael Graves: A Grand Tour
      Michael Graves: A Grand Tour MICHAEL GRAVES Architect; Fellow, The American Institute of Architects Entering its seventh year, the Aspen Ideas Festival w
    • David Kelley: Creative Confidence
      Creative Confidence: Cultivating the Mindset of Today's Innovators DAVID KELLEY Founder and Chairman, IDEO; Professor and Founder, Hasso Plattner Institute
    • The Arts, and Our Kids
      The Arts, and Our Kids AARON DWORKIN Founder and President, Sphinx Organization WU HAN Artistic Director, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center DAV
    • From Argument to Advocacy: Urban Debate
      From Argument to Advocacy -- Delivering Academic Success Through Urban Debate MICHELE MAYES Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Allstate Corpo
    • How Do We Design The Learning Environments of the Future?
      Game Changers: How Do We Design The Learning Environments of the Future? GREG FARRIGNTON Executive Director and William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Chair, Ca
    • The Making of Modern Celebrity: Famous for 15 Minutes
      The historian Daniel Boorstin famously defined a celebrity as "a person who is well-known for his well-knownness." A person who is famous for simpl
    • The Impact of Parental Mental Health on Children
      This lecture examines the impact of parental mental illness on children. There are 175,000 young carers of parents with mental illness in the UK but maybe as ma
    • The Victorians: Gender and Sexuality
      "Victorian" came in the twentieth century to stand for sexual repression and social convention. Personal life was governed by complex and rigid rules
    • 92Y and Tim Gunn
      92Y and Tim Gunn
      Episode 0621
      Tim Gunn talks about his work as a mentor on "Project Runway," his sense of style and becoming an overnight sensa-tion after 25 years in the business.
    • Katherine Dunham on Overcoming 1940s Racism
      Legendary dance artist and activist Katherine Dunham describes the historical moment in 1944 when her dance company was asked to perform for a segregated audien
    • Renata Salecl: The Paradox of Choice (Animated)
      In this new RSAnimate, Professor Renata Salecl explores the paralyzing anxiety and dissatisfaction surrounding limitless choice. Does the freedom to be the arch
    • 92Y: Gayle King in Conversation with Jonathan Tisch
      Experience talks, conversations and readings from the 92nd Street Y-s vast archive, featuring Nobel Laureates and world leaders, giants of literature and scienc
    • Britain in the 20th Century: The Economic Crisis of 1931
      Fears about the fiscal deficit and the possibility of a run on sterling caused MacDonald and Snowdon to take drastic action in the economic crisis of 1931. Howe
    • Uncommon Knowledge: Andrew Ferguson
      Andrew Ferguson: Crazy U A speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush, Andrew Ferguson is now a senior editor at the Weekly Standard. The author of Fools-
    • Lang Lang: 101 Pianos
      Lang Lang: 101 Pianos
      Episode 0609
      The 101 PIANISTS performances aim to inspire the next generation of music lovers and performers by engaging 100 young pianists in a unique social musical event
    • The Rt Revd Lord Harries: The Passion in Art
      There are no surviving depictions of Jesus on the cross in the catacombs, but by the middle ages it had become the definitive and defining image of Christianity
    • Charlie Chaplin: Bridging Three Centuries
      The phenomenon of Chaplin's mythical status not only in film, but in world cultural history. This lecture will trace the creation of the myth to Chaplin's Brit
    • Robert Kurzban: Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite
      Leading evolutionary psychologist Robert Kurzban visits the RSA to argue that there is no "I" but that instead each of us is a contentious "we&qu
    • River Out of Time: A Journey Through Tanu Tuva
      A travel film blending ethnography and adventure in remote Soviet Asia by filmmaker John Knoop. Tuva was once part of the Mongolian Empire. It-s lush valleys we
    • We Are Here Together
      We Are Here Together
      Episode 0604
      We Are Here Together, a one hour documentary film, tells the story of a group of teenagers who weren-t happy with school, so they started their own. They wanted
    • Memories of the Hunt
      Memories of the Hunt
      Episode 0604
      The cave paintings of Baja California by filmmaker John Knoop. From Faultlines: A Nomad Filmmaker's Journal: Tim Means has discovered a fantastic old charact
    • Ashley Judd: All That Is Bitter and Sweet
      Ashley Judd presents her memoir All That Is Bitter and Sweet. Ashley Judd is an award-winning film and stage actor known for her roles in both box-office hits a
    • Exploring the Thrills and Challenges of the Modern Deli
      The beloved institutions of Jewish Deli continues to disappear. But a few brave delis are breaking up canons of the dying model. Saul's Restaurant and Deli in B
    • Get Inspired with MythBuster Adam Savage at Maker Faire
      MythBuster Adam Savage talks about inspiration with attendees of the 2011 Maker Faire Bay Area. What inspires you?
    • Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Chats with Makers at Maker Faire
      TechShop, the first membership-based DIY workshop and fabrication studio for makers, welcomes Mike Rowe to Maker Faire, the world's preeminent DIY festival.
    • Marable's Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention
      Join Cornel West, Leith Mullings, Stanley Aronowitz, and Gary Younge as they discuss Manning Marable's new biography, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, and the
    • Press Coverage of Mental Health and Suicide
      A reflection on press coverage of mental health issues and suicide in the US and UK over a 25-year period and, in some cases, much earlier - as far back as 1900
    • Keith Mueller: The Ten Most Common Shop Accidents
      Thousands of students pass through the City College of San Francisco's automotive, engineering and art classes each year. In the limited time they are on campus
    • San Francisco Annual Spring Luncheon
      This year, the 56,000 children in San Francisco-s public schools need your help more than ever. The underfunding of their education continues, while the city-s
    • The Rt Revd Lord Harries: The Nativity in Art
      The nativity is one of the richest themes in art. This review of the theme shows an amazing development of associated ideas and images from the earliest Christi
    • Prof. Richard J. Evans - The Victorians: Life and Death
      The nineteenth century, above all in Europe, was the age of the 'demographic transition', from high birth and death-rates to low ones; people's health improved,
    • English Architecture: Reaching for Heaven, 1130-1300
      During the thirteenth century Jerusalem surplanted Rome as the inspiration for English architecture. Huge national wealth led to an outburst of building of grea
    • Rodes Fishburne: Going to See the Elephant
      Author Rodes Fishburne discusses his first book, Going to See the Elephant. Rodes Fishburne is a journalist, playwright and novelist. For over ten years, he
    • Racial Profiling in a 'Post-Racial' America
      Racial profiling is an unspoken but pervasive problem throughout the United States. It stigmatises and criminalises people of colour from as early as their pre-
    • The Right Reverend Lord Harries: Jesus in Art
      Early Christian carvings depict Jesus as a beardless Roman youth. Yet the image with which we are familiar is very different. This lecture explores the dominant
    • Michael and Kitty Dukakis in Conversation
      The San Francisco School is honored to welcome Michael and Kitty Dukakis. Michael is the former three-term Governor of Massachusetts and the Democratic nominee
    • The Story Prize Awards Ceremony 2011
      The three finalists Anthony Doerr, Yiyun Li, and Suzanne Rivecca, will read selections from their respective work, Memory Wall; Golden Boy, Emerld Girl, and Dea
    • Landscape: Seen, Remembered and Imagined
      A panel discussion with artist Clifford Ross and critic Robert Storr based on a screening of Harmonium Mountain, an animated, computer-generated landscape video
    • Sea of Cortez
      Sea of Cortez
      Episode 0510
      A voyage through the Gulf of California by filmmaker John Knoop. From Faultlines: A Nomad Filmmaker's Journal: We go on several great trips to the most beaut
    • Jodi Picoult: Sing You Home
      Of all the hot-button issues Jodi Picoult has explored in her bestselling novels, probably none is more divisive and emotional than the one at the heart of her
    • Howard Jacobson: The Finkler Question
      Julian Treslove and Sam Finkler are old school friends. Despite a prickly relationship and very different lives, they've never lost touch with each other, or wi
    • Cokie & Steve Roberts: Our Haggadah
      When Cokie and Steve Roberts met in college, they believed their different traditions--she is Catholic, he is Jewish--would prevent them from getting married. F
    • Rabbi David Rosen in Conversation with Bob Elman
      Rabbi David Rosen in conversation with Bob Elman at the American Jewish Committee.
    • Ian Morris: Why the West Rules -- For Now
      A Malaysian lawyer told a British journalist: "I am wearing your clothes, I speak your language, I watch your films, and today is whatever date it is becau
    • True Grit: When the Story Bites Back
      Panel Topic: True Grit: When the Story Bites Back "Tainted Justice" is a Pulitzer Prize-winning series by Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman of the P
    • WikiLeaks: The Fallout
      Panel: WikiLeaks: The Fallout Intro to the Shield Law vs. Wikileaks Unplug WikiLeaks? Enact a Federal Shield Law Instead -- Commentary by Peter Scheer
    • Matt McAlister: Collective Work
      Collective Work Generative Media Network This interactive slide show is the work of Matt McAlister and looks at the challenge journalism faces with the ri
    • Panel: The State of Nonprofit Investigative Reporting
      Panel: The State of Nonprofit Investigative Reporting Journalism School Library, North Gate Hall Democracy's Watchdog "Investigative Shortfall"
    • Investigative Reporting Seminar: How the Sausage Is Made
      Investigative Reporting Seminar: How the Sausage Is Made. Children for Profit "Cashing In On Kids" is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative repor
    • Words and Pictures: Mixed Encounters with Jenny Uglow
      This beautifully illustrated lecture explores the connections and interactions between British writers and artists. As children, learning to read, we look fi
    • Slavoj Zizek: Catastrophic But Not Serious
      The Committee on Globalization and Social Change will launch with a special lecture by philosopher and critic Slavoj Zizek who will speak on "The Situation
    • Miral: Is This the Face of a Terrorist?
      Moderated by Professors: HAMID DABASHI, Professor of Iranian Studies & Comparative Literature, Columbia University HELGA TAWIL-SOURI, Professor of Me
    • Wanda Meloni: What Is Gamification?
      Gamification is on everyone's lips these days. Using game-like mechanics and systems to increase fun and engagement is a relatively new and expansive topic, sub
    • Jane McGonigal: How Games Can Change The World
      More than 174 million Americans are gamers, and the average young person in the United States will spend ten thousand hours gaming by the age of 21. According t
    • On the Front Line: The Best and Worst of Gamification
      Products and services with gamification elements are attracting funding, buzz and loads of marketer interest. Everyone knows they are out there and some work be
    • 20th Century Britain: Responses to Decline, 1895-1914
      It was during these years that British statesmen first came to appreciate that her international and economic position was under threat. The growth of German an
    • Amanda Vickery: What Did 18th Century Men Want?
      Such is the gloom that surrounds settling down today and the glamour that attaches to mature bachelor freedom, it is hard to imagine that there was a time when
    • Making England in the Shadow of Rome, 410 - 1130
      Making England in the Shadow of Rome, 410 - 1130
    • The First Christian Art and Its Early Developments
      The First Christian Art and Its Early Developments
    • The Harlem Gospel Choir: A Multicultural Shabbat Concert
      The Harlem Gospel Choir: A Multicultural Shabbat Concert
    • What Is a Jewish Question?
      What Is a Jewish Question?
    • Michael Showalter: Mr. Funny Pants
      Michael Showalter, the writer and star of The State, Wet Hot American Summer, The Baxter, and Michael & Michael Have Issues, combines funny anecdotes, stori
    • Karen Armstrong's Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life
      In Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, the best-selling author and authority on comparative religion offers concrete ways of enhancing our compassion and putt
    • Men's Wear Industry CEO Summit Highlight Reel
      Men's Wear Industry CEO Summit Highlight Reel
    • HMX Group's Doug Williams and Joseph Abboud
      DOUG WILLIAMSCEO, HMX GroupJOSEPH ABBOUDPresident & Chief Creative Officer, HMX GroupWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has n
    • Herbert Mines Associates CEO Harold D. Reiter
      HAROLD D. REITERChairman & Chief Executive Officer, Herbert Mines AssociatesWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been
    • CEO Andy Dunn
      ANDY DUNNCo-founder & CEO, Bonobos.comWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. The new Fairchild Fashion Gro
    • Case Studies: Brand Stories
      JAMES GARDNER CEO and Co-Founder, Createthe Group ALEX GONZALEZ Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, AR New York TREY LAIRD Chief Executive
    • Men's Gilt Groupe President John Auerbach
      JOHN AUERBACH President, Men's, Gilt Groupe With new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. The new Fairchild Fashi
    • Roundtable: Designer-Brand Collaboration
      STEVEN ALAN Founder, Steven Alan LOU AMENDOLA Chief Merchandising Officer, Brooks Brothers Inc. ARI HOFFMAN President & CEO, Gant USA Corp. With
    • 92Y: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong with Michael Mayer
      Experience talks, conversations and readings from the 92nd Street Y's vast archive, featuring Nobel Laureates and world leaders, giants of literature and scienc
    • Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. CEO Emanuel Chirico
      EMANUEL CHIRICOChairman & CEO, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp.With new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. The new Fai
    • Roundtable: Retail Opportunities
      ROBERT BURKEPresident & CEO, Robert Burke Associates -- LeaderKEVIN HARTERVice President of Fashion Direction, Men's, Young World, Home Furnishings & Bl
    • Global Vice President of Gillette Austin Lally
      AUSTIN LALLYGlobal Vice President & Franchise Leader, Gillette, Procter & Gamble CompanyWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear categor
    • Hippo in a Tutu: Dancing in Disney Animation
      Author Mindy Aloff shares stories from her recently published book Hippo in a Tutu: Dancing in Disney Animation along with screening brief film excerpts that il
    • Net-a-Porter Group's Natalie Massenet and Jeremy Langmead
      NATALIE MASSENETChairman & Founder, Net-a-Porter GroupJEREMY LangmeadEditor-in-Chief, Mr PorterWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear cate
    • Draftfcb Institute of Decision Making's Matthew Willcox
      MATTHEW WILLCOXExecutive Director, Draftfcb Institute of Decision MakingWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter.
    • Uman Founder and Caruso SpA CEO Umberto Angeloni
      UMBERTO ANGELONIFounder, Uman, and Partner & CEO, Caruso SpAWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. The new
    • Saturdays Surf NYC Founder Josh Rosen
      JOSH ROSENFounder, Saturdays Surf NYCWith new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. The new Fairchild Fashion Group Me
    • Levi Strauss & Co. President Robert Hanson
      ROBERT HANSONPresident, Global Levi's Brand, Levi Strauss & Co.With new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. The
    • Esquire's David Granger and Clad Inc.'s Will Swillie
      DAVID GRANGEREditor-in-Chief, EsquireWILL SWILLIEPresident, Clad Inc.With new players and retail environments, the men's wear category has never been hotter. Th
    • Jane McGonigal: How Games Can Make a Better World
      Can problems like poverty and climate change by fixed through games? Visionary game designer Jane McGonigal thinks it can. With more than 174 million gamers in
    • 92Y: Rosanne Cash: The Lyricist's Voice
      "Driven by a deep love and obsession with language, poetry and melody, I had first wanted to be a writer, in a quiet room, setting depth charges of emotion
    • 92Y: Annette Insdorf and James Franco
      Acclaimed for his work last year in 127 Hours, James Franco is one of our busiest actors, whose past performances include James Dean (Golden Globe winner), Spid
    • 92Y: Annette Insdorf and Robert Duvall
      Legendary actor Robert Duvall is interviewed by Annette Insdorf. In addition to clips from his previous work, Get Low (2010) is screened. Duvall plays an ornery
    • 92Y: Christopher Hitchens and Salman Rushdie
      Introduced by Graydon Carter at the 92nd Street Y, Jun 8, 2010, Hitchens was interviewed by Salman Rushdie. They spoke of Hitchens' searing memoir entitled Hitc
    • 92Y: Pioneer Women of Television
      They are the legendary women of television who strolled, sprinted, fought, laughed, cried and loved through worlds that took viewers to places past, present and
    • 92Y: Adam Carolla
      92Y: Adam Carolla
      Episode 0402
      Adam Carolla is a comedian and the host and creator of "Loveline," "The Man Show" and "Crank Yankers" and author of In Fifty Years
    • Balenciaga and Spain Symposium
      Balenciaga and Spain Symposium
    • Kate Betts: First Ladies and Their Impact on Fashion
      Every first lady makes an impression, whether she means to or not. Some arrive at the White House already well versed in the sartorial requirements of the job -
    • 92Y: Lucie Arnaz with Rex Reed
      92Y - Lucie Arnaz with Rex Reed
    • Chris McDougall: Born to Run
      Vibram FiveFingers and Paragon Sports are excited to present an Evening with Christopher McDougall, author of the New York Times Bestseller Born to Run.Christop
    • John Malkovich in Conversation with Jim Sharman
      In this delightful, wide-ranging conversation with Jim Sharman, a respected and enduring artist in his own right, Malkovich speaks about his recent collaboratio
    • Dan Charnas: The Big Payback
      Dan Charnas presents his new book, The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop. Charnas takes us from the first "rapping DJ" in 1970s New
    • Does Philosophy Still Matter?
      A distinguished panel addresses this question on the occasion of the publication of Professor James Miller-s new book, Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsch
    • The Practice of the Wild
      Poet and naturalist Gary Snyder has been at the center of cultural changes which transformed the modern world. Along with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, he wa
    • Architect Frank Gehry in Conversation
      Frank Gehry is not your average architect. He has a history of creating bold, innovative and often controversial buildings that stand out, such as the Guggenhei
    • Design Preis Schweiz Opening Discussion
      Swiss designers are known for style, creativity, and detailed execution. In February, the best of Swiss Design comes to California with the biennial Design Prei
    • SF Giants: Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean
      Now that they're the World Series champions, how can the San Francisco Giants stay on top and orchestrate a repeat performance in 2011? Come meet the people who
    • Landscape: Seen, Remembered ... Imagined
      Landscape - Seen, Remembered ... Imagined
    • Geared Up to Spend Down: Foundation Sunsetting
      Joel Fleishman, professor of law and public policy at Duke University, and Tony Proscio, a long-time philanthropic analyst and author, deliver short presentatio
    • Janice Y. K. Lee: The Piano Teacher
      Acclaimed author Janice Y. K. Lee was at Warwick's on Thursday, January 7th, to discuss and sign her bestselling novel, The Piano Teacher.In 1942, Will Truesdal
    • Jesse Redniss: USA Networks Has Gamified
      The Vice President of USA Networks, Jesse Redniss talks about how the company has "gamified" its properties in this in-depth case study.
    • Sir Ken Robinson: The Element
      Sir Ken Robinson is an expert in creativity, innovation, and human resources. He works with governments in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and with interna
    • Rick Prelinger: Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 5
      Rick Prelinger, a guerrilla archivist who collects the uncollected and makes it accessible, presents the fifth of his annual Lost Landscapes of San Francisco sc
    • Lenore Skenazy: Is Freedom Too Dangerous for Kids?
      Here in this delightfully theatrical talk at the Sydney Opera House, Lenore Skenazy explains how the rise of experts, fear of litigation, and the media have all
    • Richard Walter: The Business of Film and TV Writing
      Screenwriter Richard Walter shares business and film strategies, news, and success stories. His students have written more than 10 projects for Steven Spielberg
    • WikiLeaks Press Conference with Julian Assange
      WikiLeaks Press Conference with Julian Assange
    • Regina Spektor Talks with Michael Specter
      Regina Spektor was born in Moscow and emigrated with her family when she was nine. After settling in the Bronx, she became active in the East Village's anti-fol
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