FORA Culture - Season 2003

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  • The Flaws in Higher Education
    Neil Rudenstine discusses the flaws in higher education and how education should be improved.Rudenstine was the Former President of Harvard University for ten years and former Provost of Princeton University. For many years President Rudenstine has been a commanding presence in the Ivy League and in national education.
  • Ben Stein at the Hudson Union Society
    Ben Stein, the film and television star (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Win Ben Stein's Money), advisor to President Nixon and investment guru, discussed everything from show business to Wall Street and the government - Oxonian Society
  • General Pete Dawkins
    General Pete Dawkins
    Episode 1217
    It is not often that a Heismann Trophy winner becomes a military hero and Vice-Chairman of Citigroup as well, but Brig. Gen. Peter Dawkins did just that. General Dawkins spoke on his amazing career, covering everything from football to the Vietnam war to Wall Street - Oxonian Society
  • Tom Clancy
    Tom Clancy
    Episode 0515
    Tom Clancy - the world-famous, globally bestselling author, and originator of the Jack Ryan film franchise - addresses the Oxonian Society.His characters have been brought to life on the silver screen by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, and Morgan Freeman. Mr Clancy spoke on a wide range of fascinating topics including combating terrorism and the events that inspired him to become an author.moreless
  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart
    Episode 1117
    Jon Stewart educates The Oxonian Society on television, politics, government, and comedy.Jon Stewart is one of America's most popular comedians and political commentators. The Daily Show took the world of TV by storm and Stewart has become a cult figure to millions of Americans by bringing news and politics into places they would not normally reach.moreless
  • Moby
    Episode 0515
    Moby, global music superstar and descendant of Herman Melville, discusses the high and low points of his career and what it takes to succeed in the music business.Moby has sold in excess of twenty million albums worldwide.