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  • The World View Of Iran's Most Powerful Leader

    Full Episode

    S 2008 : Ep 0311 - 3/11/08

    Reading Khamenei: The World View Of Iran's Most Powerful Leader with remarks by Karim Sadjadpour, Mohsen Milani, and Afshin Molavi. Dr. Haleh Esfandiari moderates the panel.In a unique and timely new report, Carnegie's Karim Sadjadpour presents an in-depth political profile of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei based on a careful reading of three decades of his writings and speeches.Sadjadpour argues that "Iran's Islamic government is more powerful than it has been ever been vis-a-vis the United States, Khamenei is more powerful than he's ever been within Iran, and in order to devise a more effective U.S. policy toward Iran a better understanding of Khamenei is essential."Though Khamenei is sometimes dismissed as weak and indecisive, Sadjadpour writes, "his rhetoric depicts a resolute leader with a remarkably consistent and coherent - though highly cynical and conspiratorial - world view" - Carnegie Endowment for International Peacemoreless
  • Race and National Politics in America

    Full Episode

    S 2008 : Ep 0212 - 2/12/08

    Race and National Politics in America: A Historical Prospective with Greggory Keith Spence.Greggory Keith Spence, Professor in Professional Practice at The New School, delivers a lecture on race and national politics in the United States.Race has played a major role in national politics since the founding of the United States. The three-fifths clause of the Constitution dramatically increased the power of the Southern states: It guaranteed them one-third more seats in Congress than their free population warranted, resulted in the election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800, and gave slaveholders control of the presidency for fifty years and of the Speaker's chair and the chairmanship of House Ways and Means for forty years.During the nation's first sixty-two years, the only presidents reelected (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Jackson) were slaveholders, as were eighteen of thirty-one Supreme Court justices. Of the seven justices who delivered the majority opinion in the Dred Scott decision, a majority were slaveholders.The post-Reconstruction era saw the rise of Jim Crow, the establishment of the Black Codes, and the active suppression of the African-American vote both regionally and nationally. The twentieth century was well into its sixth decade before the rise of the civil rights movement, a progressive U.S. Supreme Court, a succession of activist presidents, and the post-War World II population migration of African-Americans from the South to the large cities of the North, Midwest, and West changed the national political dynamic.In the last twenty-five years, a number of African-Americans have risen to national prominence (Shirley Chisholm, Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Carol Moseley Braun). We will explore the implications of recent statewide races (from Doug Wilder in Virginia to Deval Patrick in Massachusetts) and of Obama's presidential candidacy both for African-Americans and for the nation as a whole - The New Schoolmoreless
  • Rethinking Fashion: The Corporate Conscience

    Full Episode

    S 2007 : Ep 1023 - 10/23/07

    Rethinking Fashion: The Corporate Conscience with discussants Ian Yolles and Mark Galbraith. Alice Demirjian moderates. Parsons The New School for Design presents a discussion with executives from Nau, an innovative new sportswear company founded by top design alumni from Nike, Patagonia, and North Face. Mark Galbraith, Vice President of Product Design, and Ian Yolles, Vice President of Brand Communications, will discuss the brand's web store front, commitment to humanitarian ideals, and design philosophy that stresses beauty, performance, and sustainability. This event is the first in the Rethinking Fashion series, which brings together industry leaders to discuss the role of sustainability in fashion - The New Schoolmoreless
  • Big Ideas, Big Gifts, Big Impact

    Full Episode

    S 2007 : Ep 0923 - 9/23/07

    Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy hosts the third Big Ideas, Big Gifts, Big Impact: A Conversation with Today's Philanthropists.Susan A. Buffett (Chairman of Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation) and David Rockefeller, Jr. (Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation) discuss the importance of giving as well as the causes they are most passionate about.moreless