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FORA Economy

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FORA Economy is a web channel from that focuses on anything and everything around the topic of economics. The web casts include a variety of issues of varying complexity, so that both economy buffs and newbies can find something educational. There are up-to-date segments about current economic news for the economy gurus out there, such as The Hoover Institution’s Murdoch sharing his point of view on Paywalls, Print Media, and the iPad. There are basic looks into the basis of economy for the economic amateurs out there, such as HSM Global’s Michael Howe explaining why the customer is the driver of the market as well as why that concept extends to make the customer the driver of the economy at large. Anyone who deals with money, which is almost everyone, can stand to learn about the economy and for any of those who are interested, FORA Economy is a great, easily accessible online resource.

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AIRED ON 9/21/2011

Season 2011 : Episode 0921

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