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FORA Politics

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FORA Politics is a web channel from that deals with everything to do with the subject of politics. The pod casts are varied, but common in that they are all interesting and many of them bring the leaders in United States politics, and thus world politics, to viewers through the computer screen, allowing viewers to better understand how this top dogs think. Hear Senate Minority Leader McConnell’s take on repealing the 14th amendment, so that the children of illegal immigrants are no longer granted United States citizenship. Hear a highly educated professional’s opinion on what the true, often under-asserted, danger of a nuclear Iran is. Are you involved with a nonprofit? Then tune in to find out what nonprofits should know about social responsibility, as far as the high-up politicians that write the grants are concerned. Whether one approves or not, it is undoubtedly true that politics play a crucial part in today’s world and FORA Politics is thus a useful tool for keeping oneself up-to-date about politics.


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