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Foreign Body

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Foreign Body is a web series about a group of Indian women brought to the United States in order to train them to be nurses. As the debate over health care rages in America, a group of medical professionals is using the rising cost of procedures to create a rather questionable overseas surgery outfit. They bring over a group of young, beautiful, idealistic, women from India, to manipulate and train as nurses for their clinic. Doctor Cal Morgan (Wes McGee) heads up the opportunistic and arguably shady group of doctors, but finds himself taken with one of his trainees, Veena Chandra (Pranidhi Varshney), and his attention to her may cause the entire operation to stutter. Nothing is as it seems in this thriller based on the work of renowned author Robin Cook as the women realize that they are getting the American dream, and before long, it is impossible to tell who is manipulating who. Produced by Michael Eisner, and written and directed by Douglas Cheney, Chris Hampel, Chris McCaleb, and Ryan Wise, Foreign Body is presented as the prequel to a book with the same name, set to release in 2011. And if the quality of the book in this groundbreaking experiment is as good as the group of 50 two-minute webisodes, expect people to talking about Foreign Body or some time.


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AIRED ON 7/23/2008

Season 1 : Episode 10.5

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Drama, Suspense


characters with hidden agendas, hospital backdrop, catfights, med school, beautiful people