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  • 2009
    • The Director's Cut
      Episode 97
      There's a raw juice movement sweeping the nation, as is seems to do from time to time. I remember my family briefly going through a similar craze when I was young. It seems to be a binge and purge business, there one minute, gone the next. This goes a long way toward explaining the impressive selection of juicers to be found in many suburbian rummage sale block parties. Well, color me a bandwagoner, I'm hooked. For how long it will last, no one knows. Many folks in the raw food community are onboard already, such as Phillip, Heidi, and Kris, to name just a few. Last week I wrote about my favorite fresh juice, or more precisely, about its color. This week we're showing how to make it. Without further ado, we give you‚ "The Director's Cut."moreless
    • 0.0
      This Valentine's day, we've gone buck-rogers with a racy show about aphrodisiacs! For the occasion we've concocted a pulse-pounding chocolate sauce chock-full of sensuous spices like maca, cayenne, and cinnamon to get you in the mood for love. Treat your sweetie, (or yourself!) and use it to top some of our fabulous nearly raw vegan ice cream from episode #0055, or if you live in New York, grab some awesome raw vegan ice cream from Pure Food and Wine. Feel the love!moreless
    • Valentine's Day
      Episode 95
      This episode, we take you on a quick and dirty (and occasionally bloody) history of Valentine's Day. The story of this holiday and its patron saint is still a bit of a mystery. From Roman pagan festivals (Lupercalia), to saintly love letters sent from the joint, the truth behind the origins of Saint Valentine's Day continue to illude.moreless
    • Year Of The Rat
      Episode 94
      Happy Lunar New Year! February 7, 2008 begins the year of the Rat, the first year of the Chinese zodiac, a time of activity and renewal. Today we'll take you on a quick tour of Lunar New Year basics, factoids, and food traditions. It is said that this is a good year to make a fresh start, and after the year we've had, we couldn't agree more! As uncertified joy practitioners, we here at love a good reason to celebrate and eat some delicious food. So why not wear a little red, do a spot of cleaning (a lunar new year tradition), bring some fresh blossoms into your home and enjoy some healthy, auspicious fruits and vegetables? In addition to tossing a little green, Tanja put together a wonderful, earthy, spicy parsnip noodle salad for this episode.moreless
    • How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Grapefruit.
    • Grapefruit 101
      Episode 92
      Grapefruit 101.
    • Squash!
      Episode 91
    • I Miss The Trees
      Episode 90
      I Miss The Trees!
    • Xmas Day III - Furoshiki.
    • 0.0
      Xmas Day II.
    • Analog Nog
      Episode 87
      Analog Nog.
    • #0086 - Xmas Day I
      #0086 - Xmas Day I
      Episode 86
      Xmas Day I.
    • Celery Root Soup.
    • Dinner and a New Media Circus.
    • 0.0
      The Winnies!
    • The Winnies are coming, Friday, November 30th.
    • Why is it that when raw-food health gurus go on national television, talking about all the wonderful soups, rich entrees, and magical desserts you can have on a raw food diet, so often they end up handing over to the excited and anticipating host a glass full of green glop? The green smoothie; almost invariably it's met with a nervous stare, and followed promptly by an ick face upon tasting. We could make Cacao Pistachio Florentine, Portobello Burgers, or Curried Chocolate Pudding, but instead, in a moment of mindless passion, we make green smoothies. I say we because we at Freshtopia too have made this mistake. Check out first Green Smoothie episode here, and check out our old-timey stylings.moreless
    • Fresh, ripe figs are the best. Sensuous, decadent and so delicious, it almost seems wrong . So good, in fact, that it's perhaps a little crazy to do anything to them except enjoy their sweet flavorful perfection. However, there are those times when madness and the presence of figs in your life intersect. Why not try stuffing your figs with rich, creamy macadamia filling with a burst of bright lemony flavor, and topping them with crunchy pecans and a drizzle of golden honey?moreless
    • 0.0
      Never doubt our commitment to sparkle motion! Our house had a problem; we all loved sparkling water, but hated the wasteful plastic packaging and crazy cost. Americans drink more than 55 billion liters of soda and seltzer every year, which means over 3 billion cubic feet of packaging ends up in recycling facilities or worse, landfills! We were determined not to be those consumers any more. After doing some research, Barb determined that the answer to our sparkling dreams was a home carbonating unit with reusable bottles‚ and also that there's some sort of inexplicable connection between sparkling water and yachts.moreless
    • 0.0
      Living a fresh and healthy lifestyle? Missing things like decent candy bar? Here's a recipe that will make you forget all about those high-fructose corn syrup-laden bars in their landfill-destined plastic packaging. We've taken candy to a whole other place with the addition of powerful superfoods like maca, he shou wu, and raw chocolate. It's SuperCandy! These bars will not only satisfy the naughtiest sweet tooth, they'll give you an enduring lift that old-school candy can't match!moreless
    • #0078 - Holy Mole
      Episode 77
      Today's recipe is absolutely divine! We're making Mexican mole, fresh-style! In this rich yet nutritious sauce, the delicious heat of chilies and the rich flavor of chocolate caper across the palate. Treat yourself to a dish that's fit for Aztec royalty, and so sexy, you won't believe that it was invented by nuns! Whatever its origin, be sure to give this delicious, raw vegan twist on a perennial favorite a try.moreless
    • #0075 - BBQ!
      Episode 76
      It could be the heat, or perhaps I'm having a blonde moment. Maybe I'm just dizzy with summer excitement, but I'm attempting to recreate, fresh-style, a dish that is quite possibly the opposite of raw vegan uncookery. I'm talking about Barbeque! It's so crazy it just might work, or is it just a delicious recipe and a great excuse for some bizarre factoids and possibly dismally inaccurate history?moreless
    • Oh man. All I wanted was to make home-grown organic sun-dried tomatoes. We just didn't know what we were in for. This tomato caper business is making us all a little crazy. Growing your own tomatoes simply isn't for the faint of heart. We've had casualties, replacements, funerals and a rather overactive zucchini plant. Here's Barb and me trying our best to talk about the garden without devolving into complete idiocy. Bonus garden tip! If you eat yogurt, or know someone who does, we've also got a great use for those empty cups. Reuse rocks!moreless
    • We're busting you into the Fort Knox of flavor! With summer's bounty rolling in on all sides, I wanted to do an easy rendition of a summer staple with a twist. You may have had gazpacho before, but did it shine? The many heirloom and unusual varieties of ingredients, like lemon cucumbers and tomatoes, are perfect for a novel color theme. It's time for gazpacho with bling!moreless
    • Today I can't concentrate, because the BOT house is under a massive attack by six-legged flying invaders. So, in order to go to a happy place, I'm hitting the couch to talk about cats. Lolcats may be so two months ago, but I'm not quite sick of it yet, and delightful new permutations continue to arise, to distract me from the problem with my slightly obese calico, Bebel.moreless
    • I'm delving into an unfortunate part of my food history here: My brief love affair with store-bought poppy seed dressing. Maybe I just fell for the wrong one, but the romance came to an abrupt end when I came to my senses and read the label. Hydrogenated soybean oil? No thanks.moreless
    • We're back in the kitchen again, turning up the heat on raw foods with South of the Border Tomatillo Rawvioli! I wanted to do a dish that showcased the delightful flavor of tomatillos, the husky green cousin of the tomato. The resulting creation is a lively celebration of Mexican-inspired flavor, beauty and nutrition that's the perfect antidote to the summertime dinner blahs! Why sift through yet another boring pile of the same old greens, or clog your arteries with yet another helping of mayo-drenched macaroni salad, when you could be enjoying a satisfying plate of fresh tomatillo sauce with light cucumber rawvioli filled with rich, spicy cashew filling?moreless
    • Last weekend while we were at Get Tough or Die Farms, we were introduced to a new summer dessert. In Sacramento, the mid-day temperature can get brutal by this time of year, and one day while we were all sitting outside sweltering, Melissa brought out a round of Watermelon Granitas for all of us. I was wowed, had two, and hinted for Tanja to use her familial leverage to get the scoop on the dish. This is surprisingly easy for a dessert that packs such a potent refreshment quotient, and with so little sweetener needed, it's shockingly guilt-free as well.moreless
    • We spent the weekend at the Get Tough or Die Farm. AKA: Tanja's mother's house. When neighborhood cats and children aren't disappearing in the "Tomato Triangle," they are dodging the assault of the trained attack rabbits, and let us not even mention the sunflowers.
    • Believe us when we say, no chickens were hurt in the making of this episode. Our friends Raven, Baxter and Adesina have made the leap from avid backyard gardeners, to avid backyard chicken enthusiasts! Though their motivation for getting into the chicken-caper was pretty solidly egg-based, the love they have for their new feathered friends is readily apparent.moreless
    • #0066 - Road Food
      Episode 67
      Feeling zesty? Wondering how we kept our diet fresh while on the road? Not content to dine on burgers and ding-dongs, Tanja has created delicious cookies that are ready to travel and pack a nutritional punch! These cookies powered us through our trip to Pixelodeon, when the cravings for road food hit. With healthy ingredients like oats, flax, organic citrus zest and the goodness of almonds, here is an energy-rich treat you can feel good about.moreless
    • 0.0 has gone Hollywood! Well, for one weekend anyway. The Freshtopia crew went to L.A. for the festival of online media known as Pixelodeon. We connected with old friends, had one of our episodes screened, heard some great lectures and had a pixel-tastic time!
    • Entertaining this spring? Afternoon garden party perhaps? Today Tanja puts together a light, refreshing cocktail that is sure to soothe both body and mind; Virgin Ginger Mojotos. They're quick and easy to make, and contain a host of compounds that will do your body good. Make a pitcher the next time friends arrive, and take the afternoon easy.moreless
    • Welcome to our second installment of the Great Tomato Caper. This summer-long series will follow the saga of Tanja's vision for the perfect, home-grown, heirloom variety, home-made, sun-dried tomatoes. In this episode, we'll take a look at how our seven tomato starts are progressing, talk a bit about natural pest control, and discuss the merits of mulch for the home vegetable garden.moreless
    • Barb, Oscar and Tanja are tired after a big weekend of partying. All the dip has been eaten, but there's still flax crackers and nice raw veggies left! What's a fresh chef to do? Make more of the most popular dip, of course! Even though she's tired, her production manager is grumpy, and her beloved ear-muffs have turned on her, Tanja still shows you how to make delicious Creamy Garden Dill Dip.moreless
    • 0.0 has much to celebrate, so the BOT house is having a party! Tanja is making some appetizers! Today's recipe is a consummate crowd-pleaser: rich, savory pesto stuffed into tender marinated mushrooms.
    • As fate would have it, our Freshtopia kitchen got a mini-makeover featuring Ikea furnishings courtesy of the show Dream Home with the lovely host Lisa Quinn! It's now super organized and has some nice new accoutrements that we're perhaps a little too stoked about. Today's recipe is inspired by Palak Paneer, a delicious Indian spinach dish, and it's full of flavor and nutrition. Tanja has so much energy from all those healthy greens, she can't stop dancing, no matter how much you might wish otherwise!moreless
    • #0058_bees_ptII
      Episode 60
      We've had bees on the brain! dove into the sad tale of Colony Collapse Disorder, or "CCD," and its grim implications, to emerge on the other side with some words of wisdom on how to show our busy little sisters some love, and a sweet recipe to cheer us all up!moreless
    • #0057 - Bees! pt I
      Episode 59
      Despite dire warnings that they may be disappearing, bees just seem like they're everywhere lately, from the news to our neighbor's chimney. Freshtopia went on a field trip to learn more about the secret lives of these busy little critters. Peter Sinton of the San Francisco Beekeepers' Association was kind enough to give us the inside story. Keeping bees is a great way to keep your garden beautiful and healthy, as well as keep some honey on the table. It's an interesting hobby with a long history, and it's easier than you might think!moreless
    • Taking a savory break from our sweet escape to ice cream land, we've concocted a great antidote to those pesky taco cravings. Crunchy, flavorful, and packed with delicious whole-food nutrition: Behold, The Perfect Taco!!!
    • Tired of chasing the Good Humor truck? Gotta get that ice cream monkey off your back? Here's an ice cream with all the things we love: creaminess, beautiful flavors, and sweet surrender, without the things that don't necessarily love us back, like dairy and white sugar!
    • Welcome to the Freshtopian Garden! Tanja has a longstanding obsession with sun-dried heirloom tomatoes, and she's finally taking action! Barb Finnin,'s resident Master Composter and garden guru shows us how to plant our new tomato starts, and dishes the dirt on soil health. Welcome to the first installment of The Great Tomato Caper!moreless
    • Look out Blutos of the world, spinach is getting the Freshtopia treatment! After all the explosiveness of our last installment, Flaxploitation, we're smoothing things out with a deliciously simple rendition of a party staple; spinach dip! With the bright flavor of lemon and the nutrition of dark leafy greens, this is a great recipe for all manner of occasions.moreless
    • #0052 - Gratitude
      Episode 54
      A little different episode than perhaps you've become accustomed to from We went to Oakland's Lake Merritt to relax a bit, and reflect on the craziness of the last month-and-a-half. We have many people to thank for all of the support, kindness, prayers, and patience we've received lately. We hope this video can begin to communicate our gratitude. Thank you all. Music by Justin Winokur.moreless
    • In one of our most explosive episodes ever, we merge Flax and Action, for Flaxploitation! Tanja's delicious flax crackers have a plan to stick it to the man, while providing heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and a fiber-packed punch! Great nutritional profile and a snack to feel good about? Shut your mouth! I'm just talkin' about Flax.moreless
    • #0050 - Paella!
      Episode 52
      Some recipes are so good they require their own banner graphic. Inspired by our new friends in Luarca Spain, Tanja tried her hand at creating a raw analog to the favorite Spanish national dish, Paella. I must say, her star is really shining in this one. The dish ended up a bright, colorful celebration of fresh ingredients, honoring the spirit of Paella. Now, lest we lead you astray, it's clearly a large departure from the traditional dish, but it is a healthy departure harboring a wide range of nutrient-rich power foods. It's actually not as much work as the rather lengthy ingredient list implies, and well worth the effort. This one is good the next day as well, perhaps even better as the saffron continues to infuse the dish with flavor for up to 24 hours.moreless
    • We're back at long last with an all new show, and what a show it is! You know carrots are great for your eyes (your mom wasn't just saying that to make you eat 'em), but did you know this familiar vegetable has a history even more colorful than its nutrient-packed flesh? Did you know carrots weren't always orange? Did you know the ancient Greeks made love potions from them? Stranger than fiction is the long history of the carrot. Passion, patriotism, beta carotene‚ from windmills to Caligula, this episode has it all! Special thanks to illustrator Hyein Lee, for letting us use her wonderful illustrations in today's show. And a big hello to Javier Menendez and his English class from beautiful Puerto de Luarca, Spain, hopefully we'll have a chance to visit you soon!moreless
    • #0046 - Season II
      Episode 50
      A new I'm going to go get some sleep.
    • FTGC part III
      Episode 49
      So here it is, the third, and what will prove to be the last, installment of's mid-move reporting. Finally we're all moving in, and the new studio is shaping up nicely. Monday, we'll be starting our new season of, and there are many changes coming along with it. We'll be updating three times per week from our new studio home, and in future episodes we will introduce you to some new faces, show you around the new place, and let you in on all the exciting things that have been going on behind the scenes the last few weeks. In the jeers department, the impending event that we announced last episode has sadly, been postponed. Fate has intervened, and the redebut party will have to be pushed back a couple weeks, sorry for the mix-up. However, there should be plenty of good news coming up in the near future to tide you over, while we go pick up the party hats and kazoos. Tune in Monday, we'll let you know what all the hub bub is about. is back!moreless
    • FTGC part II
      Episode 48
      Deepest apologies for the tardiness, the move got us. We're hip-deep in boxes over here, but wanted to drop by and keep you appraised of the situation. We're off, much is afoot. For those of you in the San Francisco Bay area, be sure to stop by later this week to get details on a fun little event that will be going on next week. If the stars line up right, you'll be hanging out with the cast and crew of on Tuesday, February 20th.moreless
    • FTGC part I
      Episode 47
      With less than a week to pack, Tanja and I will soon be saying goodbye to our home sweet factory, and heading for new digs better suited to the videographer lifestyle (read: more than 17' away from BART). This move is step one in a series of upcoming changes that we think y'all will like. Alas, we're not at liberty to divulge details just yet, but suffice to say you'll be seeing some exciting improvements coming in the near future.moreless
    • According to a recent study undertaken by The Milk Processor Education Program, Americans get nearly 1/4 of their calories from sweetened drinks. The Nurses Study is an ongoing research project following the nutrition and health of over 100,000 nurses across 11 states.
    • Tanja's variation on this raw food standard has pleasantly surprised more than a few doubtors. I almost put the whole batch down myself. It's hard to even believe this one doesn't have any dairy or refined sugars.
    • It was a late night, but we made it! Monday morning, as promised; our first installment of what turned out to be a two-part series on Pago Pago and American Samoa.
    • Kale and collard greens are part of a group of cancer-fighting super foods. Today they combine beautifully in a collision of cultural culinary traditions spanning from China and Denmark, to African American traditions here at home.
    • #0041 - Chocolate Tart
      A little late for Christmas, but just in time for boxing day and kwanzaa. A quick note to wish all of you a very happy holiday! We had only barely recovered from Tanja's birthday, and already we find ourselves on the party wagon again. I begged Tanja to put together on of her famous chocolate tarts for the trip home to see family and friends for Christmas, and she kindly acquiesced. For reasons that escape imagination, we have never actually made this one for the show before. It's is an intense cocoa blast; rich, punchy, and not for chocolate fence-sitters.moreless
    • #0040 - Analog Nog
      Episode 41
      I was surprised to learn that cashews actually have less fat, when compared to many of its nut-cousins, as well as a healthy dose of nerve-soothing copper.
    • Here's a wonderful green curry recipe that fixed our little red wagon but good. It's one of my favorites, and the first entree we've featured in a while.
    • #0038 - Compact Flourescent Bulbs
      At a cost of $10-$20 per bulb, some people may think you mad for choosing compact flourescents (CFLs) over conventional $0.50 incandescent lights. Tell them to do the math.
    • Pumpkin Pie Soup
      Episode 38
      Ok, Pumpkin Pie Soup. It sounds a little crazy, but you should give it a shot. We're in the kitchen again today, this time making Butternut Squash Soup base with a Macadamia cream sauce and pumpkin pie seasoning. Butternut squash is in season across most of the country, and this recipe just screams 'holidays.'moreless
    • Hark! It's our first rerun! Alas, Tanja has caught a bit of a cold, and didn't feel up to filming today. We hope you'll enjoy the old-timey stylings of one of our very first episodes, Chocolate Part I, while we recoup and prepare for our Thanksgiving show. It's an oldie but a goodie, filled with tales of Aztecs, Spanish conquerors, and international intrigue. Note how much our sound has improved recently over our productions of yester-month.moreless
    • 0.0
      Prepare yourself for the Freshtopian Fixtini! Last week Daniel McVicar, host of the Late Night Mash, gave us a call because he needed a little help. He'd had a late night of chasing pink elephants, and wasn't feeling so great the next morning. In no time flat, Tanja had whipped up this post-party ambrosia. It's reasonably easy, and you may just have the ingredients lying around the house.moreless
    • We met so many welcoming, enthusiastic, ambitious people at The Vloggies that we'd like to tell you about, but it'll have to wait for the next episode I'm afraid. Many great conversations were had about the nature of this new medium, about it's strengths and weaknesses, and I'm still in the process of deciding how much of it I want to bore you with. In the mean time, with today's episode, we've tried to give our new viewers a cross section of the kinds of things they can expect in the future. Tanja has been making "apple chowder" for breakfast for months now, and finally we are getting around to share the recipe with you. It's one of my personal favorites.moreless
    • On this episode: Raw carrot cake.
    • #0032 - Long Train
      #0032 - Long Train
      Episode 33
      We've been gone a long time, but we're back and ready to please! We took a train from Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL, and traveled on to Ann Arbor MI visiting family, friends and clients along the way. Today's episode features some of the highlights from our trip.
    • We stopped by Berkeley's Women in Sustainable Agriculture lecture series. This 11-part series is intended to provide a window to learn more about organic and sustainable farming practices, as well as provide role models for those interested in participating in rapidly growing field. We had a chance to meet and talk with the participating guests, Dee Harley of Harley Goat Farms, and Ali and Brooke Budner, world-traveled organic farmers. For the next two weeks, Freshtopia will be on the road, visiting family and friends in Chicago, Detroit, and Ann Arbor. We'll be sampling the fall colors, adoring some architecture... and doing all by train! We'll only be updating once per week while on the road, but will be back in full-force in a mere 14 days. Happy Trails!moreless
    • On this episode: Berkeley Sustainable Business.
    • #0029 - Tomato Soup, That's It.
      Saturday was the fall equinox, one of two times in the year when the day and night are the same length. Celebrated by pagans, and acknowledged by the calendar as the first day of autumn, the equinox is a bittersweet time for us here at freshtopia. While we love each season in its own special way, summer has so much wonderful produce we miss during the colder months. Especially tomatoes. Sure tomatoes are around all year thanks to imports and greenhouses, but they are pale, mealy shadows of the glory of heirloom tomatoes in season! We bid a fond farewell to tomatoes for the year with a fabulous raw tomato soup that will linger in your memory even after we've all moved on to things like hard squashes...mmm.moreless
    • #0028 - Green Tips
      Episode 29
      Freshtopia is proud to present Bright Ideas - a series of simple tips to help green the world around you. Today, we'll cover a tiny DIY, lo-fi home water conservation tip, and a simple solution to leaky transformers. These tidbits, if you find them useful, will be showing up periodically in future episodes.moreless
    • If there's one dish we've made so far that you simly MUST try, it's this one. It's quite easy to make, though the recipe may require a trip to the grocery store. We hope it treats you as well as it did us!
    • So a couple of our viewers, Steelee and Jessica, tried the 'Crocodile Hunter' green smoothie from episode #0021. Hmm... turns out green smoothies are an aquired taste, much like wheat grass. They're great for you, and for the right tastebuds, blissful. However, if you've got friends you're trying to turn on to healthier eating, you may want to consider holding back the green smoothie card for a bit. First, seduce them with our rave-reviewed plum tart... then hit 'em with the green smoothie while they're not lookin'.moreless
    • After a couple days on the farm, we were ready to head to the Sun Gallery in Hayward, California to take a look at a 'green' installation that we had been hearing a lot about. We'll be back Monday with the news. Have a great weekend!
    • We had a great time at Knoll Farms. Kristie and Rick Knoll were generous with their time and information, and their farm is a verdant wonderland full of beautiful plants and trees. "Tairwa" is the name they coined for their produce, from the French word terroir meaning "the essence of place." The essence of this farm is surely its lovingly cultivated soil, which imbues their crops with a uniquely delicious flavor. Devoted to keeping their commerce local, Tairwa produce is scarcely available outside the Bay Area, but if you find yourself in San Francisco on a Saturday morning, definitely stop by the Ferry Plaza farmer's market to get some of their exquisite figs, herbs, flowers, tomatoes and greens!moreless
    • On this episode: Knoll Farms.
    • The biographical short on Dr. Johannes Geiss that we've been putting together has been eating up all of our time the last several days. That said, it's coming along nicely. It will be finished this weekend, and we'll be back on schedule Monday with our show on Knoll Farms and a full blog set. Incidentally, Swiss physicist Johannes Geiss is the chap responsible for the first experiment on the moon. Apollo 11, 1969, Neil Armstrong & posse took Dr. Geiss' experiment up and planted it immediately after taking a small step for man.moreless
    • #0021 - Freshtopia, as seen on TV!
      Alas, we have been forced to temporarily don our secret identities and re-enter the work world - there is a documentary to be finished! As such, there will be no blogging today. Oh how we long for an overworked, underpaid (or, unpaid) journalism intern to abuse, torment and eventually shape into a videoblogging superstar. Hell, if you threw in a video intern as well, freshtopia's host and director might even end up getting some sleep at night. For more green smoothie recipes and information on the importance of having plentiful greens in your diet, try checking out Victoria Boutenko's "Green For Life."moreless
    • On this episode: The Worm Wranglers.
    • Be sure to check out the follow up entry below for the full details on how to start your own worm composting station at home.
    • 0.0
      For our field trip today, we ended up straying not too far from home. We visited SOL, a cooperative garden promoting sustainable living and food production in the heart of East Oakland. SOL works with various community organizations, bringing fresh, affordable vegatables to an urban environment. Nice to meet you, neighbors!moreless
    • On this episode, the birth of a blog.
    • 0.0
      Well, it's official. Pluto is out. This one falls outside of the realm of environmentalism... hell, it's not even terrestrial, but it's too important to pass up. Apparently, 424 guys in Prague get to decide for the rest of the world that Pluto, our long-term friend for 76 years now (if a cold and distant one), is no longer a planet. There's also a quick and easy green tip inside, as well as a simple recipe for when you're craving something spicy. Enjoy!moreless
    • #0015 - Plum Tart
      Episode 16
      Back to the basics: pie. Or, tart as the case may be. Today, Tanja shows us how to make a raw plum tart, with almond crust and a coconut creme filling. And, it's Oscar's Birthday!!
    • 0.0
      We at Freshtopia aren't generally a sarcastic lot, but today's news of DNA-mutating hotdogs got the best of us. Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to learn about the unsettling contents of hotdogs, and their dangerous side effect... satire. We'll also revisit Off The Grid, to see what Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman are up to, and you'll meet German Gridder, Udo, and learn about his quest for exotic junk food.moreless
    • #0001 - Spaginni
      Episode 14
      The OCA milk boycott, Tanja makes spaginni.
    • 0.0
      Well, it's taken us some time, but we've finally put together a review of our trip to Robert Scoble's Off The Grid. We had a great time in Montana at OTG, and were priveledged enough to learn from the video blogging masters. In this episode we also review an uncooking workshop we held last weekend in Oakland.moreless
    • Episode #0012
      Episode 12
      The fine folks at Off the Grid and the Node101 BBQ taught us a lot over the last week or so. We've been scrambling to include all of upgrades and so far, I think we're doing a bang up job. We're bound to have a few bugs, so if you spot one, please let us know.moreless
    • Episode #0011
      Episode 11
      Durian in, cleaver out. We go the to kitchen today to make Durian pudding. We ruin and stink our way to a rare and cosmopolitan treat, then Tanja goes crazy.
    • Episode #0010
      Episode 10
      We go to Oakland's Chinatown to buy a durian. The rich, complex flavor of this spiney, exotic tropical fruit is best enjoyed from 407 foot distance. Today, will give you the background. Go out and pick one up - in the next episode we'll show you what you can do with it.moreless
    • Episode #0009
      Episode 9
      Bloody hell. It ain't easy being an urban video blogger. Amid planes, trains and automobiles, we attempt to review our debut party and give thanks to all those that attended.
    • Episode #0008
      Episode 8
      Conneticut gets a green clean. Brazil makes mad biofuel. The great green vicar of England.
    • Episode #0007
      Episode 7
      Washington State University unveils their new organic agriculture program. UPS teaches us that two lefts don't make right, but two rights make a green. And cucumbers, they're not just for breakfast anymore!
    • Episode #0006
      Episode 6
      We take chocolate out of antiquity and into the kitchen. We'll make aphrodisiac maca balls, and the most simple, decadent, healthy discovery yet to come out of the Freshtopia laboratories... raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough!
    • Episode #0005
      Episode 5
      A brief and fun history of our most sinful blessing, chocolate. It's an action-packed tale involving aztecs, spaniards, plunder, intelligencia, human sacrifice and corn. Enjoy.
    • Episode #0004
      Episode 4
      Walmart puts on a greener face, Tanja makes the raw marinara sauce to match the spaginni from episode 0001.
    • Episode #0003
      Episode 3
      Freshtopia's first tech day! We geek out a bit and poke a little fun at Vista. Oh, and Australia bans free plastic bags. Happy Birthday Melissa!
    • Episode #0002
      Episode 2
      Sunscreen review, jellyfish, fresh summer pesto.
    • Episode #0001
      Episode 1
      The OCA milk boycot, Tanja makes spaginni.
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